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W88.com – champions league Barcelona VS Paris st germain

Beijing time on March 9, 2017 (Thursday) morning 03:45, 2016-2017 season one 8 uefa champions league final to continue the second round, Barcelona in the nou camp stadium against Paris saint germain.Barcelona expedition were French 0-4 slaughter, first leg of the champions league knockout score also appear 58 times in history, no other times round the home team to pull away, the visiting team promotion probability 100%, can that Barcelona at home magic counter attack.

BarcelonaROM the VS Paris st germain

History of engagement:

History of the two sides met 10 times, Barcelona have 4-3-3 grades.1994-95 season in the quarter-finals of the champions league draw Barcelona home and away is a 2-1 loss to Paris.Europe, 1996-1996 season winners semi-final, Barcelona 1-0 to win.2012-13 season in the champions league quarter-finals, with Paris draw Barcelona objective.In 2013-14 sail champions league, Barcelona away defeats at home is 2 to 1 victory.2014-15 season champions league four pointsOne of the final, Barcelona 3 to 1, the 2-0 win at home.With Barcelona first leg defeat, the two teams on the trailing more balance.

The recent record:

Barcelona last weekend league at home against celta, Lionel messi in the first half to complete several people break drama, he then assists in maldives to expand the score;Messi reentry 1 ball and assists in the second half um deedee a debut goal, lucky vidic also.After the final victory over Barcelona home celta, a friendly, Barcelona 60 points in the league, still lead with a real one.

Paris st germainLeague last weekend at home to Nancy, in the first stage, both offensively, but failed to break the team of two teams, 45 minutes before the game with a 0-0 draw.Easy edge to fight again, Paris striker cavani kick, then both sides have no accomplishment, Paris final 1-0 win over south tin.

Look out for:

Red and blue first-leg defeat suffered 0 to 4, the game, the performance of Lionel messi are regarded as Barcelona lost the culprit.However, messi last weekend league dedicated 2 goals and 2 assists and managed a goal, helping the team beat crossSweep slouches celta, have 4 consecutive scoring goals for Barcelona won at the same time, the state is very hot, messi’s status will be the key to Barcelona could perform miracles.

Suarez is the European golden boot winner last season, he scored 23 goals league top scorer.But in the list of the European golden boot, the current leader is scored 27 goals of card varney.Ibrahimovic after leave, cavani kicked off the world-class level at center.This Uruguay double gun ii is also the focus of the field.

This season’s Paris st germain invited Mr Merry teaching purpose is to hope to be able to in the champions leagueThe breakthrough, but Mr Merry’s seven four wins three champions league unbeaten, for European competition capability became apparent, but Mr Merry nine times in the history of fell at the nou camp have this led power and status are not losing to Barcelona greater expedition to the nou camp again, can you break this embarrassing record, for the first time from the nou camp and worthy of attention.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Barcelona let the game 1.25 ball games.

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Recommend w88.com west yet 20, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time at 19:00 on January 29th, the 2016/17 season, west yet 20 rounds of focus is fighting wars, real betis at home against Barcelona, Barcelona’s recent league form, while betis encounter strong weak, it is difficult to give it the home team Barcelona makes them.Lionel messi and suarez at present state, two people have hope again at the same time.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/28 (Saturday)03:45osasunamalaga 2017/1/28 (Saturday)00 PMvillarrealgranada 2017/1/28 (Saturday)Hands onAllah’sAtletico Madrid 2017/1/29 (Sunday)01:30Mr Anwardeportivo 2017/1/29 (Sunday)03:45He incelta 2017/1/29 (Sunday)19betisBarcelona 2017/1/29 (Sunday)Hands onThe Spanishsevilla 2017/1/30 (Monday)01:30bilbaogijon 2017/1/30 (Monday)03:45Real MadridThe royal societywill 2017/1/31 (Tuesday)03:45Las palmasvalencia

Betis VS Barcelona in

In league history, a total of the two sides met 101 times, Barcelona 61-20 level 20, the goal for a 231-109.From the point of historical record, Barcelona has obvious advantages.In addition, the two sides in the first leg clash of the season, 6-2 victory over Barcelona at home betis, jareA hat-trick, while messi scored 2 goals, too.

State resolution:

Difficulties at the same time at real Madrid, Barcelona has rediscovered the state, in the league, their last two games madness has scored nine goals, rival las palmas and Mr Anwar basic didn’t strike back.Currently, Barcelona played a game more than two points behind leaders real Madrid, ranked third, the championship is still promising, but the premise is that Barcelona are not wrong.

Betis 13th at present, the last two games, they lost 1-0 to atletico Madrid, 0-0 draw against sporting gijon, this season, betis have never winning streak in the league, were explained the team strength is limited, and illustrates the team form volatile ups and downs is bigger.Apart from 2 to 6 defeat to Barcelona, betis face real Madrid and atletico Madrid and sevilla teams all lose, is clearly a encounter strong, the weak team.

Look out for:

La liga this season a interesting phenomenon, top scorer of two goals in the same common lead, but the two men is not messi and cristiano ronaldo, but messi and his teammates suarez, the situation in world football league is very rare, for now, Lionel messi and Sue god are scoring 15 goals, has alreadyBy the third leading cristiano ronaldo three goals.It, Lionel messi and Sue god who can dominate worthy of attention.

As a result of the real Madrid game a day late, if can defeat Barcelona betis, integral can lead against real Madrid.In addition, the day when the annual lunar calendar, the Barcelona fans in China, where many if Barcelona win, also be gave barca fans of the Chinese New Year gift.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game make Barcelona 1.5 2 ball games.

Recommend – Belgium VS Ireland w88 European championship tournament

Beijing time on June 18th evening at 21:00, group E euro 2016 second round, Belgium and Ireland will compete in bordeaux stadium.Belgium unbeaten Ireland in recent 50 years, this time they also want to be able to win victory occupy the initiative.

Belgium VS Ireland

Against history. “

Belgium the FIFA rankings is second, Ireland’s FIFA ranking is 33.In the countryA level of history, Belgium and Ireland had 13 meetings, Belgium has achieved 5-5-3, scored 25 goals, lose 13 goals.

Belgium at the European championship opener against Italy, the team had the upper hand in the opening a period of time, but has been ascertained in tactics after the appearance of many with improper error, finally they lost 2-0 and back, the team morale hit.Belgium is now the biggest two core azar and DE brow internal communication is not much on the course and play at the same time also failed to produce a good chemistry, gestures are dissonant sounds coming from the teamMood is not very harmonious, although coach motz majesty, but only to force balance, coaching ability being questioned.Belgium lack of passion in the game, all depends on the individual skill and performance offensive, defensive end impatience and not cooperate, present a slick signs.Belgium never lost to Ireland for 50 years.In the competition in the face of Ireland recorded 2-5 flat unbeaten.

Ireland E team in Europe are the weakest team, but the overall performance of the first side gained the upper hand, the team has the strong will to fight and war, opening to obtain one point also can let the players haveMorale boost.Ireland there is no history of the clash against Belgium in recent years, but the current squad consists of most of the premier league, the core players have quite familiar to the Belgium, should have enough psychological preparation, not disadvantage on the situation.Irish nearly five European championship events recorded two wins and two draws, ball rate 20%, win plate rate was 80%.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Belgian 0.5 1 ball games.

W88.com’s euro 2016 final 1/8

Then there is 1/8 of the tension/final, Beijing time on June 25 at 21:00 on Saturday, for the first time in Switzerland will against Poland, who will win?Let’s wait and see!

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe home team 2016/6/25 (Saturday)At 21:00The SwissPoland 2016/6/26 (Sunday)00:00walesNorthern Ireland 2016/6/26(Sunday)03:00CroatiaPortugal 2016/6/26 (Sunday)At 21:00The FrenchThe Irish 2016/6/27 (Monday)00:00GermanySlovakia 2016/6/27 (Monday)03:00In Hungary,Belgium 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)00:00ItalySpain 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)03:00EnglandIceland

Swiss VS in Poland

In the first game will be in 1/8 final strength close to between Switzerland and Poland.Which team if you speak more, then, with the German golden boot mili gram of lai and ajax waist front of Poland on the offensive end clearly will be more sharp.

The Swiss group 1 win 2 draw, the team the second line.Conceding two goals in the group, 1, team offense.But the team can draw host 0:0The main French, also manifests the defensive ability.Polish group 2 win 1 draw, the team the second line.Two goals in the group clean sheets, defensive ability is stronger.From the point of two groups of opponents, level.

Switzerland VS Poland historical confrontation record:

The two teams have met 10 games in history, Switzerland 1-4 flat 5 at a disadvantage, lost 11 goals in 20 goals;No clash in two teams in the history of the record;Two teams have met eight games in the friendly, Switzerland 1-2-5 at a disadvantage, conceding 11 goals in 16.Two team strength.

rickEuro and team record: 1-2-0 Switzerland total goal: euro 2

Poland’s euro record: 2 win 1 draw 0 negative Poland for European cup goals: 2

Switzerland and Poland are the finish of second knockout, two team strength in equal, of course in terms of team name, lai wan, lead Poland or more than Switzerland.Game with no results, the possibility of Poland’s unbeaten is larger.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game like PolandWins.

W88 casino2016 European cup quarter-final

03:00 Beijing time on July 1 the morning, the coming of the quarter-finals, cristiano ronaldo led against Poland, Portugal will bear lead the challenge of wales, Belgium, Germany and Italy a pair, the host France will face the dark horse in Iceland.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/7/1 (Friday)03:00PolandPortugal 2016/7/2 (Saturday)03:00walesBelgiumThe 2016/7/3 (Sunday)03:00GermanyItaly 2016/7/4 (Monday),03:00The FrenchIceland

A euro v Portugal the Poland was a real dark horse

Poland is one of the last, the host of the euro, but they haven’t appeared from the group, the European championships this year they have a higher expectation, they scored 33 goals in qualifying, and isThe highest scoring team.Lai wan] is well-deserved hero, his harvest 13 goals in the qualifiers.

Lai wan, in the national team now can get more support, ajax striker meters Cleveland scored five goals in qualifying, sevilla midfielder kerry jovi arc also right, on the other hand, by the skin what chuck and rush schaefer, right corridor is enough to make a lot of teams composed of intimidation.

The first 1/8 at euro 2016 finals, Poland and Switzerland a 1-1 draw at 120 minutes, 5-4 penalty shootout Poland thrilling promotion.The 39th minutePoland kubah scoring lead, the 82th minute volley side hook world wave equaliser dempsey.Penalty war Swiss firm card second played the ball kicked up, promotion in Poland penalty all eight.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend it let the game 1 ball games.

W88.com’s euro 2016 semi-finals

Euro 03:00 Beijing time on July 7, the morning, to the semi-final.After 48 games, European now only four teams still fighting on the battlefield.Portugal, wales, Germany, and France became the final four.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 20167/7 (Thursday)03:00Portugalwales 20167/8 (Friday)03:00Germanymethodcountries

Portugal vs. in wales


And wales, according to uefa’s official Portugal clash three games, the Portuguese 2-1 have the upper hand, seven goals in four balls.The three games are all friendly, the most recent one in 2000, is a 3-0 victory over Portugal.

Watch a: C McCullough European history the first person?

The European championship, cristiano ronaldo scored 2 goals in the third group, swept away before unloading into depression.The two goals helped Portugal in the group into the round of 16.One 8 finals against Croatia, although ronaldo not scoring, but his shot was saved just had dead goal of ricardo quaresma.Portugal on penalties in the quarter-finals of the beat Poland, cristiano ronaldo to resist pressure into the first penalty.

In four European championship, ronaldo has scored eight goals, his total score ranking first euro distance platini only 1 ball.Semi-final against wales, ronaldo will match or even break platini’s record?

What to watch for2: create bell rate team?

One of the main aspect is can bear the game tied Glenn boltzmann.After three group games, bell every game, scoring three goals, he is also the most popular of the European cup top scorer.One 8 finals, although the bell had no goals, but it was his passing from Northern Ireland iron WeiMaiKao oolong, to win the Derby victory of England wales, into the top eight.The quarter-final, bell didn’t able to score.

After the bell had ambitious goal is to win the European championship, wales cross Belgium this line, bellTeam, the game will usher in the strong Portugal, bell will score close to Glenn boltzmann charts thanks position?It is worth mentioning that bell and cristiano ronaldo has become a real civil war.

However, in the game and Belgium, ramsay got a yellow card, therefore, he will miss and Portugal’s semi-final, you know, the euro, Aaron Ramsey has sent out four assists, assists the top ranked, his absence to overestimate the impact of wales.This also because of accumulation of suspension, Davis cannot attend the semi-final.

Third point: PortugalPortugal’s six consecutive draws into the finals?

Group three games, the Portuguese lian, Austria and Hungary, Iceland, with four grades the best team in the third identity into the top 16, 1/8 finals, Portugal in 90 minutes and draw with Croatia, quarter finals, Portugal and Poland guild wars still draw with 120 minutes, their five games are within 90 minutes to draw!The game, Portugal will not draw in 90 minutes and wales?The 2011 copa America, Paraguay’s in the final, Portugal will follow the footsteps of Paraguay?

optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend wales let the hemisphere wins the game.

W88.com’s euro tournament recommended – Germany VS France

03:00 on July 8, in 2016Germany VS France Double the starting as follows, Germany: Neuer, kimi, boateng, Mr. Wade, Hector, cross, bastian schweinsteiger, drax, every chapter, ce, mill;France: Lori, sagna, Yu M’s first, coase, patrice evra, boba, misty cherniy, edie, momo sissoko, Glenn boltzmann, peja, giroux.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Germany – 0.

The second semi-final will be euro in marseille WeiLuoDe roma stadium, the tournament so far, France scored 11 goals in total, is the most goals in the top 24 teams.In addition, the French and European championship is a joy first team scored five header, the previous record was four goals in Portugal at euro 2000.And Germany is the tournament goals conceded the fewest team, currently only 1 ball.This contradiction, a classic battle worth waiting for.


last eight against Italy, Germany’s best efforts, finally, penalty ended the contest for Italy be awkward record.Epic showdown that, however, also let Germany broadcast nearly eviscerated, defender hummel, suspensions, gomez and khedira seriously injured, and the three men were after Germany’s main players, especially gomes, on the frontline role is difficult to replace, in the face of the majestic host, Germany’s apparently disadvantage.

The host of the successive European championship team a total of four finalists, of which three times, including 1984 French trophy at home, but thenEuro of 32 years, never win the hosts records, in 2004, is the best results when Portugal lost Greek runner-up.The last two European championship, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, hosted by the Swiss team all out.France after the local contest held 17 unbeaten (15 wins and two draws), that they can win as host again, first of all need to break through the German.On the top scorer of the tournament, lattice boltzmann lead with four goals, giroux, payette each rank into 3 ball tied for second place.This time against Germany, the three musketeers in France also hopes to take goalGolden boot.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended French tied the game disc.