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W88 casino DE virtual reality baccarat – VB1

New virtual reality cool baccarat, grand new apple iOS on four one client!Sexy and attractive classical virtual reality lotus officer, the game more fun for you, there are realistic and costly game scenes, let you deeply.Immediately download apple’s iOS optimal DE four one client, carefree experience new hundred coke ~

Virtual reality VB1 baccarat: game like ordinary baccarat, currently only in apple’s iOS 4 and the client to provide.

Login, click on the “real casino”, chooseChoose the VB1 baccarat 】, choose the betting lines into the game you want to, the following graph:

Virtual reality baccarat of pumps and pumping of betting options.

Avoid pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

Pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

As shown in the above, the virtual reality baccarat table straightforward, betting respectively zhuang, idle, idle house have nine points, sent home, banker have nine points, have eight banker have and spare pair home and banker on at 8 o ‘clockSon,, and.

Such as in the game you need to change the betting limits, can according to the following steps:

Switch right arrow mark, simply click on the page below:

Left click on the game page to view information and game related account, containing [change quotas], [history], [the report], [rule], [home], [mail] (station), the “my account”, “money management”, “return water/rescue gold”, “bonus points” and “contact us”.You can according to their own needsView, the following figure:

See a better introduction, feel easy to get started?Then quickly take out your iphone login, and beautiful virtual lotus officer win cash together!

If you encounter any problems in the game, you are welcome at any time consulting us 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Recommend w882016-2017 west re-scheduled week 29 matches

Beijing time on April 3, 2017 02 am 45 points, the 2016/17 season in la liga round 29 focus is fighting wars.Barcelona’s match against granada, aim at the championship, Barcelona and granada in deep avoid relegation mire, it will do our best to both.For barca, messi just face suspension in the national team, he’s performance in la liga is very interesting.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/1 (Sunday)02:45The Spanishbetis 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00celtaLas palmas 2017/4/3 (Monday)02:45granadaBarcelona 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00malagaAtletico Madrid 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00osasunabilbao 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00Real MadridAllah’s 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00The royal societyHe in 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00sevillagijon 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00valenciadeportivo 2017 /4/2 (Sunday)23:00villarrealMr Anwar

Granada VS Barcelona in


In the history of la liga, the two sides were between 45 times, 36-4 flat 5, Barcelona goal for 120-40.In the final round of last season, away to a 3-0 victory over Barcelona, granada and pressure at one point advantage force real Madrid win.The two sides meet for the first time this season, granada has made a lot of trouble to Barcelona, at the nou camp, home 1-0 win over BarcelonaRana.

State resolution:

At present in the premiership, Barcelona played a game more, two points behind real Madrid still, if you want to the la liga champions, any one game for error.Last season, has helped real Madrid to Spanish away games.This year, he also sponsored the F1, the snooker masters in Germany and other sporting events.The focus of the competition for international football, have been very concerned about.Its observer mission in the Spanish sports event notice when forward-looking analysis, on a road, Barcelona 2-1 unexpected defeat to deportivo la coruna, it is also a road, barca need to be cautious.The game ofIn Barcelona, is very important, because in April, the Barcelona in la liga and the champions league double.

Granada are second from bottom, the team wanted to avoid relegation is very difficult, they lag behind the fourth from bottom was added in as many as seven points, the league with 10 rounds, granada need a victory, but it met with Barcelona.Granada has suffered three defeats in the league, at home to Barcelona, they want to get points need to be the miracle.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Barcelona let the game 2 ball games.

Recommend w88.com 2016-2017 bundesliga 28 matches

Beijing time 02:30 a.m on April 8, 2017, in 2016-17 bundesliga 28 rounds, Frankfurt vs. werder Bremen.Frankfurt since February, state then fell sharply, already there are eight consecutive games, table down from third to eighth, also need a win to stop.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/8 (Saturday)02:30FrankfurtWerder Bremen 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 21:30RB leipzigBayer leverkusen 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 21:30Schalke 04Wolfsburg, 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 21:30cologneThe door is popular 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 21:30Hamburghoffenheim 2017/4/8 (weeks6)At 21:30freiburgmainz 2017/4/9 (Sunday)00:30Bayern MunichBorussia Dortmund 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:30Hertha Berlinaugsburg 2017/4/9 (Sunday)23:30Because of the gore TuesdaydaTuesday’s

Frankfurt vs. werder Bremen

event analysis

1, the game was a matinee events in the bundesliga.The matinee events, the author has always been very cautious, because of the lower plate is more, is also more than psychological upset.

2, the home team in the last game of the game, the loss of the colon is 0 to 1.Rivals strength is good, we lose no unforgivable, but this is the Frankfurt 8 consecutive games without a win.

3, Frankfurt only 2 points in the recent eight games, and it is 0-0 home draw with Hamburg the relegation zone.

4, werder Bremen recent games flew to the cloud.They are on a field is the score in the 3-0 win against schalke.Plus the away win over before freiburg.Frankfurt scored more than three more games.

5, Frankfurt in recent matches damage is the main reason why they can’t get score.Frankfurt has been no lack of good players, but only eight matches scored a goal, perhaps coach should bearTake part of responsibility.

6, werder Bremen in the recent 3 games all have more than three goals.G lowther scored four goals and 1 assists.And they may also be in top scorer of the naboo short of war.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended werder Bremen refusal under hemisphere wins the game.

W88.com: 2016-2017 method recommended re-scheduled week 29 matches

Beijing time on March 11, 2017, in the morning method currently sit round 29 officially, loch vs caen.Nice in allianz rivera pitch against caen.On one game, nice with Ann’s goal in the heap, 1-0 win away to Dijon, team four wins in five games, status, current of Monaco in third behind the leaders.

Date of Time the home team, The visiting team 2017/3/11 (Saturday)2:00nicecaen 2017/3/11 (Saturday)03:45marseilleangers 2017/3/11 (Saturday)23:45Monacobordeaux 2017/3/12 (Sunday)03:00Montpellier,nantes 2017/3/12 (Sunday)03:00Nancylille 2017/3/12 (Sunday)03:00guingampbastia 2017/3/12 (Sunday)03:00RyanDijon 2017/3/12 (Sunday)22:00St. deanmace 2017/3/13 (Monday)00:00LyonToulouse, 2017/3/13(Monday)04:00lorientSt germain

Nice VS caen,

Intelligence analysis:

Caen last 2-3 home defeat to Angus, team although in the beginning was to throw a ball, but wonderful de-lin luo goals helped team equalised, but unfortunately, the team defense mistakes for many times, finally unable to pull away, caen row in the middle position of the premier league now.

Data analysis:

Nice nearly twice in the face of caen was lost,The team the game to revenge.Nice 14 home games this season, of course, 11 wins 3 flat, unbeaten at home on a roll, be able to win the game.Caen lost four games in six games, pretty bad, are extremely hard at allianz rivera stadium to get points.Taken together, the game loch is expected to take all three points at home.

Match analysis:

1, nice round away 1-0 victory over relegation team Dijon, recently, keep 3 successive premiership in recent 5 rounds of league 4 win 1 draw, the recent 9-6-1, 16 games only to leaders of moabThe elder brother.

2, nice recent 10 8 wins and two draws consecutive unbeaten league games at home, averaging scored two goals, a total of 6 goals, not round on the number of sheets during more than 1 ball.

3, caen on 2-3 rounds home by devastating angers, stayed two wins in a row, 4 win 1 draw 5 negative nearly 10 games, averaging a scoring less than 1 ball.

4, about 10 league caen road 7 minus 2 win 1 draw, 10 games a total of only 8 goals, nearly four away 2 win 1 draw 1 negative, only false to Dijon.

5, caen the season openerA 1-0 victory over loch, nearly two meetings to keep two wins in a row.

Nice 14 before 11 home victory this season 3 flat unbeaten so far, they and Paris st germain is currently the only two French home still unbeaten team, and they also are second league goals conceded fewer teams.Nice the disabled midfielder include the shooter and defender ricardo.

Caen now just four points lead the demotion of Dijon.Caen and vice President lorient is the ligue 1 draw with the least amount of time (28 round draw four).Caen on wheel in the home game against angers increased the woundedMidfielder draper les.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended caen 0.5 1 ball games.

W88 optimal DE club – black jack (GPI)

Blackjack game is a very interesting game, first appeared in the 16th century, started in France.If you get A “dirty” “A” and “dirty”, “J” will give bonus, English name is black jack (Blackjack).


Blackjack game is the player and the four tables location and banker gambling game.Can hold an unlimited number of players in the game in four players playing table location.A number of playersYou bet on the same position.Bet if two players in the same position, one of the players can choose suspension of another player can choose to continue to.In this case, the banker will send CARDS from other locations, but choose suspended players will not receive a card.

The rules of the game:

  • Blackjack game target is the player and banker’s card which is closer to 21 points, more than 21 points do not count
  • In 21 points can calculate into 1 or 11 o ‘clock, A male brand company at 10 a.m.,Other according to its value corresponding to the CARDS.
  • Combination of ace for A A and numerical brand of black jack for 10 o ‘clock, winning bets will be 1.5 times
  • players to bet

  • If the player points than the banker points closer to 21 points, the players to win an equal amount of bet amount
  • If points higher than the blackjack player blast card lost this bureau,
  • If the player and have the same points from the banker CARDS (17-21 points), will be returned to the principal.

“The strong> 21 points in the rules of the game to follow the golden club rules of the game, the following rules to add other rules:

  • 17 points were suspended
  • zhuang

  • Players cannot break up already open hand of CARDS.
  • Only faces to the talent points for A or 8
  • In points allowed after double
  • Banker in any circumstances are not allowed to interrupt 21 points.If the player and banker with 21 points, will be returned to the principal.
  • Double only allowed in the first 2 CARDSThe
  • points to 11 o ‘clock

  • If the player and banker double the first card point value is 10, banker won 21 points, players only lose first bet.
  • In theory to eight consecutive CARDS without blasting card case, your hand will automatically win, unless the banker is black jack (21 points).

How the game:

  • Within a limited time to bet, once selected betting position banker will put the card distributed with a specified placeCan also be betting on the card.
  • Players will initially have 2 CARDS, banker will get 1 card is
  • Start at the start of the game from the desktop 1 Po card can choose: To brand, suspension, double And in situations where it is necessary to buy Insurance
  • When selecting Double , you will see your bet to double, double the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • You must be within a specified timeIf there is no choose betting type, select the system will be automatically suspended.In case of need to deal if there is no selected distribution system will automatically default to give up,
  • If a position players blasting card (if all players choose to brand and blasting) automatically end this round.Banker’s second card will come out will not begin the third card.


Based on the optimal strategy, only the combination of A and 8 will be automatically activated points.This case, you can choosePoints or to abandon by default.If you don’t want to points card will choose to give up, you will leave the game, full refund of the principal.Out if you choose points CARDS, card will pay the same amount of bets, points card bets will be deducted from the account balance. Points after every hand can choose brand, suspended, or double.


  • A card points CARDS only points
  • at A time

  • A card points after CARDS and other 10 of 21 points as ordinary 21 points instead of black jack. “
  • If you don’t have enough money to deal, the system will not be assumedRow as giving up

The best strategy:

In the case of points card, can choose to CARDS, suspension, give up or are based on the optimal strategy on the basis of

Player 2 CARDS beforeYou can choose Ace, AcePoints, give up 2, 2To brand, suspended 3, 3To brand, suspended 4, 4To brand, suspended 5, 5To brand, suspended 6, 6To brand, suspended 7, 7To brand, suspended 8, 8Points, give up 9, 9To brand, suspended 10, 10To brand, suspended J, JTo brand, suspended Q, QTo brand, suspended K, KTo brand, suspended

The double:

The current two board surface points to 11 o ‘clock, allowed to double.Bet to double (stakes out from under the account alone), distributed bets after double banker will only 1 card.

  • Double handing out a card only after
  • If you don’t have enough amount of money betting on a double, the system will automatically cancel the double betting

Side note:


In 21 points insurance is considered to be a kind of its own strategy.If the card is A piece of A banker, do you have A chance to buy insurance.When you buy insurance, do you have a gambling banker 21 points.If you think banker may have a 21 point, this lets you try your best to protect themselves.Buy insurance, insurance “by clicking the button, the money you have for your first bet half the gold time.If the banker does have 21 points, you will be the odds of 2-1 by insurance bets get bonuses.If banker no blackjack, you lose the insurance bets.


  • Insurance devote time and other betting
  • types of bets at the same time

  • If you don’t have enough amount of bets insurance, the system will cancel insurance betting

Perfect for brand:

Perfect for brand is betting on the player 2 CARDS or banker before the 2 pair of CARDS, can also betting on banker to the card or player to the brand.

Player perfect for / zhuangPerfect for brand

Betting rules are as follows:

  • Perfect player to win a card need players before 2 CARDS are “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”,
  • Banker is perfect for brand banker before 2 CARDS are required for success “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”
    • Perfect sent color odds to win a brand according to the desktop odds, need the players or banker CARDS are the perfect pair, for example, a square 4
    • For card sent with the color on the oddsAccording to the desktop odds, need players or banker is the same color on the card, such as square 4, and the hearts of 4
    • Mixed color for CARDS sent color odds in accordance with the desktop odds, need players or banker is mixed color to the brand, such as: square 4 and 4
    • of spades

  • Can be betting on a player at the same time to the brand and banker to
  • No betting regular note can’t bets by before


pay Win the games1-1 insurance2-1 Black jack (21 points)3 of 2 Give up points card100% of the principal returned Give up points card6-1

The same color on card12-1 The same color on card25-1


  1. Pin card
    • Each round of four CARDS will not be used in the game before
    • If there is no able to pin card, the game result is invalid.If there is no influence the outcome of the game, it will be corrected later in
    • manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
  2. The public brand
    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

  3. Out of the extra card (away)
    • In the game after the start of redundant CARDS will not affect the results of
  4. Drop the card
    • CARDS in the reshuffle process did not show in the video, will pick up the pin and reused.
    • If exposed to the outside didn’t see the video card will be used again.Otherwise, the specific match invalid, brand boots start again.
  5. Sent the wrong card
    • Wrong card will separate out on the spot, to send CARDS.
    • Managers have reserves the right to cancel this hand.


  6. Licensing machine card
    • Licensing machine card manager shall have the right to repair in time, after the manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
    • If before licensing machine card blackjack game has already started to send CARDS, banker CARDS the first card not 10 points, or A, while the winner will still send the color.
    • If prior to licensing machine card has won the CARDS, bonuses will still send the color.
  7. bolt
    • Under the condition of the bolt, the system will default, were suspended in pointsThe system will default to give up

Questions about the game please contact online customer service 24 hours a day, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88.com exclusive mobile version of poker, and place one hand play chang

Unique Android (Android)/apple (IOS) mobile version of poker, one-handed chang anytime and anywhere to play, especially experience in only the optimal DE W88, login immediately experience!

Duang & # 8230;Duang & # 8230;Duang & # 8230;Mobile version of poker client is launched ~ anywhere at any time to enjoy your favorite games, the only poker application allows you to instantly experience the fun!

Takeaway: phone now is we have no in modern lifeMethod from the “joy”, some people sleep in addition to basic are all holding the phone in the play.Now you convenient for phone fast reading and game has a fresh way, for the majority of players to provide optimal DE W88, also the latest poker mobile client, suitable for android and iphone.Follow the rhythm of small make up, we will take you into the mobile phone card “fast” era!

How to download the mobile version of poker client?

Method one:

Please log in the websiteClick on the [poker] icon, select your mobile phone system [android version download] or [iOS version download 】 synchronous after download to your mobile phone.The diagram below:

Method 2:

You can through the professional version “qr code scanner to scan code to download.


If you are using “WeChat scan” tools code, please click on the page of “corner” icon.


Click on the rightOn the Angle, select “open in a browser.


Page will pop up “make the action way” remind, please select: “always”.


Page, please click on the “download”.


Click download immediately after confirm download information will pop up, please click on: “sure”.


If you click: “how to start,” page will appear the operation steps, you can follow the steps page to download and install.


Step one:

Step 2:

Three and four step:

Step 5:

Install the application.


You are setting up.


Application has been installed successfully, click: “open”.


Download after a successful poker client icon will be displayed on your mobile phoneThe desktop.


After the download is complete, you can be happy to open the door to “age”.Enter your “username”, “password”, “verification code”, click on the red box landing immediately.


After entering the game page, mobile phone left sliding Settings page appears, there are “account information”, “checkout”, “Settings”, “online customer service,” and “exit” button.Click to enter according to their own needs.


After you click “change password”, enter yourThe information can retrieve password.


After you click “checkout”, you need to enter your “account” and “password” to log in.

You can choose to suit your deposit payment, in accordance with the requirements for the page.


After you click “Settings”, you can choose to “language” and “options”, click on: “sure”.


After you click: “customer service”, can enter the customer chat window.When you meet with any game orOther questions, you may click into the consulting our online customer service 24 hours a day.


After you click “exit”, you can select the “ok” or “cancel” option.


We offers a rich variety of games, meet your needs all kinds of games.Texas poker game you can click on “open tables” view.


“All-in or discard” game, more super rich “JACKPOT” cumulative prize pool.



“Omaha” game.


“Mega Spin” roulette.



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W88.com android client latest WeChat, pay treasure to deposit

Optimal nickelodeon zhuo mobile version of the client, new [WeChat 】 and 【Pay treasure to Login 】 for saving, convenient and quick, immediate experience top-up –

Here small make up to you to introduce how to use a mobile phone client how to deposit!

First, please login the android mobile version of the client, his fingers sliding at the far right to left, from the pageNow after the navigation bar, please click on the “deposit” button in the navigation bar.

After clicking will jump to deposit page, will show “WeChat 】 and 【Pay treasure to 】 deposit button, then enter the amount you want to deposit, click on your choice of way of deposit.(warm prompt: use pay treasure to pay 1% handling charge oh ~, such as deposit 100 yuan to 99 yuan.)

WeChat deposit

After the click WeChat payment, just wait a few seconds later the page will automatically jump to WeChat page, and then under the “Immediate payment of “Oh ~

The pay treasure to deposit

Warm prompt: if this is your first payment, the page you will be prompted whether to open alipay, please select “Allowed


After click the “pay treasure” page will automatically jump to pay treasure, click on the below “Confirm the payment of “After a password can complete top-up!

Easy steps can deposit successfully!Whether very easy and convenient, the horseThe login attempt!

If you any problems encountered in the process of the deposit, please contact our 24 hours online customer service consulting, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Mahjong – GPI w88 casino Texas summer tournament win a prize of $300000

The good news!The good news!The 88 day GPI summer tour has perfect present!Optimal DE has intimate prepared rich format and favorable for you, waiting for you more bonuses to take!Could win up to 300000 yuan total bonus!High this summer, let your game not alone!Come on optimal DE W88 compete with players from all over the world!!!!!!!!!

Recommended – eagle VS w88NBA matches the raptors

08:05 April 08, 2016, The eagle VS the raptors The two sides are expected to start: The eagle Moore: teague, warren, buzz, Paul milsap, horford;The raptors Lowry, demar derozan, Powell, scola, lance out

The game best western sports datakeeping: the eagle - 6 points.

This season, 3 wins from Toronto to Atlanta, there are two raptors won the double digits.Over the last eight meetings, the raptors have won seven of them, the double-digit wins in five games, advocating singles the raptors is the bane of the eagle point operations team.In two team team in history, however, they met 78 times, the raptors won the winning 36 times.The raptors 39 times challenges on the road the eagle, won 17 times winning percentage fall in the wind, also play away nearly three times the raptors wins.

The eagle is 32 record for 46 victory in the east third, but with the celtics behind himCompetition is fierce, Miami, New Orleans, between the third and sixth only one wins.And the eagle remaining opponent will not be easy, the next second raptors, next is directly to rival the celtics, but also want to go away after challenge knight finally and hears playoff wizards fight again.

The raptors currently ranks the second east, the next two games they will face the eagle could be their second round of the playoffs, and it is a great probability of the indiana pacers will be encountered in the first round.And the raptors conventional three games after the game opponent of the knicks, and 76 people respectivelyWith the nets, schedule makes them easily at the end of the season, there is enough time to get the key players to dwell, tomorrow they can get out to strive for a sweep.

Optimal DE ,W88Western sports remind: the game to recommend the eagle let 6Points wins.

W88 kanaike club – for Halloween (GPI)

Celebrating Halloween is a 5 axis 50 line slot machines online game.Games include: “dispersion pattern”, “free rotation 10 times”, “round” gambling, etc.Every time rotation axis 2, 3, 4, 5, 2 additional joker pattern will appear, up to 1000000 COINS.Double new experience, strength great new games, immediately log in rotary experience!

A free demo