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W88.com Game World

Participating in the game world to win the cash prize of 12,888 yuan. I wish you all the four squares to enjoy the fortune, and the God of Fortune is rich and endless, immediately rotate the game!

Rule and Terms

    Effective bet is limited to the Golden Club – the game will start at
  1. on May 6, 2019, and in 2019 On May 12, 23:59 ended.

    Heroic immortal dinosaur king auspicious monkey gourd baby

    Golden Pig Skill Legend to Legend League League Lin’s Legend

    Drilling Drill Hero Battle Magic Nissu Cat Sheriff

    Zhongzi Diamond Tower Crazy Monkey Frog and Flies

    Medusa’s Cursance Disappeared Buddha Temple Beauty Vegetic Eight Immortals

    Diamond Cabin Geming Fortune Imperial Dynasty, congratulations

    Ultimate brave hand to welcome God of God, Aladdin’s heritage, gold dolphin

    Dragon Palace Young Danji Fu Star Year Daji

    Shark Total Mobilized Small Door 5 Pirates Chili Drain

    Crazy 8 Golden Dragon More Monkey Silver Lion

    Death Day Wealth Small Sakura Cheese Dragon

    Sea Godi HD Wealth Turn Transfer Super Baby Lucky Paying

    Golden Amaziaon (123)

    After the event is over, the bonus will be distributed according to the total betting of the members during the preferential period.

  2. The minimum effective bet requires: 5,000 yuan.

  3. The winner of the concession is 25 before the list, and the top 50 members are only displayed.

  4. The list of the winners will be announced within three days after the end of the offer, and the platform will remain at any time, suspend, or cancel offers.

  5. W88 is generalTerms and rules apply to this offer.
  6. Rank

  7. Number of winners

bonus 1 1RMB 3,888 1RMB 2,188

1RMB 1,588

1RMB 1,188 1RMB 1,088 6 – 10 5RMB 238 11 – 15 5RMB 138

16 – 25
10RMB 108 W88W88.comW88W88.comW88 official website discount activities slot machine

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