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The architecture prize:
1-50:798 RMB 798 / person

Premier league matches 3 recommended w882017-2018

Beijing time on August 26, 2017 7:30, the 2017/2018 season in the premier league third round, bournemouth vs Manchester city for upcoming, bournemouth will be at home to Manchester city.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017 /8/26 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.bournemouthManchester city 2017/8/26 (Saturday)22:00The crystal palaceSwansea 2017/8/26 (Saturday)22:00Ha,Southampton 2017/8/26 (Saturday)22:00NewcastleWest ham 2017/8/26 (Saturday)22:00watfordBrighton 2017/8/ 27 (Sunday)00:30Manchester unitedleicester 2017/8/27 (Sunday)Manner ofChelseaeverton 2017/8/27 (Sunday)Manner ofWest bromStoke city 2017/8/27 (Sunday)23:00LiverpoolArsenal 2017/8/27 (Sunday)23:00spursburnley

bournePortsmouth VS Manchester city in

The team analyzed


In midweek cup engineers away 2-1 defeat slouches Birmingham, stayed in a row, confidence restored.Bournemouth home attack is still stable, 19 premier league last season at home to three white, white for the middle and lower reaches of the premier league team home of the lowest rates team, and is averaging 1.53 ball efficiency are high on the premier league.

Bournemouth start to collapse, the new season 2 in the premier league defeats, and competitive forces is not too strong, and is white to lose, rightA blow.

Manchester city,

Manchester city beat bournemouth is heartless, abuse of food four premiership clash are all wear plate of victory, and only 1 ball, power was too obvious.Strength of the Manchester city squad, built for the key to strengthen this season, 51.5 million euros from tottenham right-back walker, introduced 58 million euros from Monaco goalkeeper door, 28.5 million euros from real Madrid defender danilo, introduced 12 million euros from Brazil midfielder Douglas. Louis, team always worth 615 million euros, 1 in the premier league.

Manchester city newSeason for limited state actually warm-up before the showdown against the odds are not low, 2 in the premier league 1 win 1 draw, play must absolutely flat strong everton, also is not bad.

【 match analysis 】

Advantage from history in the game, Manchester city is very large, even in city road, but the small make up is bullish on Manchester city on the power.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Manchester city for the game 1 ball games.

Recommend w88.com west re-scheduled week 2, 2017-2018 matches

Beijing time on August 26, 2017 02:15, 2017/2018 season for the second round in la liga, the royal society for upcoming game vs villarreal, the royal society will be at home to villarreal.Royal society vs villarreal tournament is the west re-scheduled week 2 rounds a powerful strong dialogue, win the first round of the royal society in the face of the first round of a shock loss to go up hopes waterlooville villarreal, will give each other the wound and another of salt?

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 26/08/2017 (Saturday)02:15The royal societyVilla, ray, 26/08/2017 (Saturday)04:00betiscelta 27/08/2017 (Sunday)00:15Allah’sBarcelona 27/08/2017 (Sunday)02:15groningenmalaga 27/08/2017 (Sunday)02:15levantedeportivo 27/08/2017 (Sunday)04:15Las parmaAtletico Madrid 28/08/2017 (Monday)00:15Mr Anwarbilbao 28/08/2017 (Monday)00:15The SpanishHe in

28/08/2017 (Monday)02:15getafesevilla 28/08/2017 (Monday)04:15Real Madridvalencia

The royal society VS villa ray.

The team analyzed

The royal society in la liga this season the first round of the competition lastedSeason the strength of the play, although roadies against celta in gomez twice took the lead for celta but slowly but surely, the royal society ultimately rely on is going to leave in January next year striker made Bella penalty, William pressure scores, and off the celta away from 3 to 2.Royal society coach Isaac waziristan, as the representative of the Barcelona coach would transmit the exquisite control and paranoid attacking football transplantation to the Basque team.The team first round match in addition to the landing at the dog. Martinez to injury also to carry on the team last season, missed because of injury in the first round of the Spanish jia Mr Karzai’s also hope that in the gameIn appearance.The royal society vs villarreal, the team’s performance is worth looking forward to.

Huang Qian injured seriously,

Villarreal in the team the first round of a shock, a serious spell on the sidelines of the team away shock 1 ball lost hopes go up waterlooville, surprising.This card for suspension and vallejo and he can be returned from injury to help a lot to the team, the team of several important signings oona, barca, verner, also in the first round starts, but in the team’s midfield is adverse to the passive cases they also failed to stand up and making too much chance.This boss ace kerry is pressure,For qualification to the champions league this season Huang Qian, if start to encounter two defeats the situation in the whole season is quite bad.

event analysis

The royal society vs villarreal match how to predict?The game does the small plait feel the strength of villarreal, face reply out, cumbria and cassidy vallejo team can avoid losing streak on the road, after at least draw the royal society.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended villa ray let 0.5 1 ball games.

W882017-2018 recommended re-scheduled week 2 matches

On August 27, 2017, Beijing time 00:00, 2017/2018 season’s serie a second round, Genoa for upcoming v Juventus, Genoa will be at home against Juventus.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/08/26 (Saturday)23:59Mr Text Joebologna 2017/08/26 (Saturday)23:59GenoaJuventus 2017/08/27 (Sunday)02:45The RomanInter milan 2017/08/27 (Sunday)23:59Turin,Mr Solow 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45AC milancagliari 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45chievolazio 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45Within the g’sverona 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45Florencesamp 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45NaplesAtlanta, 2017/08/28 (Monday)02:45ferraraudinese

Genoa Juventus VS

The team analyzed


Genoa are good at home, the team last season is at home to have more than two-thirds of the integral, including home victory over Juventus last November to opponent season 3.

Genoa last season’s defensive performance is very bad, 38 league games have been scored 64Ball, ranking league last 5, 11 round after only 1 time.

Juventus in

Juventus in recent 10 times against Genoa have seven wins and a draw 2 record, last season’s second leg 4-0 home win over successful revenge.Home to the premier league last week in the first round 3 to 0 victory over cagliari, obtains the good start, the team in good condition, still show the dominant power in the premiership.

【 match analysis 】

Although Juventus advantages in strength compared with history records is very big, but Genoa last season 3-1 at homeWins the juve game a lot of people still remember, don’t know the Genoa will continue to create wonders, overcome the current momentum is Juventus, let’s wait and see.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended to draw the game.

W88.com: 2017-2018 method recommended yet four matches

Beijing time on August 26, 2017 02:45, 2017/2018 season 4 rounds, ligue 1 Paris saint germain VS st. dean will go to war, Paris saint germain will be at home the dean.On Saturday early morning, a new method of season yet four rounds will take the lead in their shoulders, against the two sides for the Paris saint germain and st. dean, competition will take place in the home.Though the latter were pretty good season, but compared with the former, there are still certain strength gap, together with the bad road, st. dean ‘first encounter new season defeat is inevitable.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/08/26 (Saturday)02:45Paris st,St. dean

2017/08/26 (Saturday)Hands onnantesLyon 2017/08/27 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,Ryan 2017/08/27 (Sunday)2:00amiensnice 2017/08/27 (Sunday)2:00bordeauxtroyes 2017/08/27 (Sunday)2:00DijonMontpellier, 2017/08/27 (Sunday)2:00caenmace 2017/08/27 (On Sunday)At 21:00guingampStella, 2017/08/27 (Sunday)23:00angerslille 2017/08/28 (Monday)03:00Monacomarseille

Paris saint germain VS st. dean

The team analyzed

Paris saint germain in

This summer, let all people know the local tyrants, in everybody for millions of haggle over every ounce, Paris saint germain throw hundreds of millions of direct hit to the world’s biggest stars in maldives, spends the air is also very confident in players, in the new season in ligue 1, heroism foaming at the mouth of the Paris saint germain and all the players played a real battle effectiveness, all in the first three rounds of league wins, and into the goal than for 11 more than 2, outstanding performance on both ends to make them become the ligue 1 title this season.Strong battle effectiveness at home has always been the pride of the Paris saint germain, last season they allSeason unbeaten home league golden body, the home team for the first 2 rounds of the season league success of averaging can be scored four goals at the same time, so well at home to damage of the plate should be sought.Squad, aston villa midfielder’s suspended punishment;Injured midfielder Lou k Moravia.

St. dean,

Start to the season fans satisfaction, they have to beat the loch, caen and amiens hao league win, with French two giants Paris saint germain and Monaco became the only the first three rounds of three new season remain undefeated team.But keep in mind, the in the recent 10 times withParis saint germain, st. dean one win is hard to find, only one and losing nine bad performance, and nearly six times in both sides of the sheet ratio of 3 to 16, this shows the strength of the gap between the two teams is different, the battle for Paris, st. dean if you want to continue the possibility of success is remote, even to all has the certain difficulty.In addition, st. Anne 19 matches away lost nine of them, this is also more to st. dean fans at the prospect of hard to look good.Squad, defender Florence, pogba and striker had BaiJi, soderlund are absent because of injury.

game analysis

Paris saint germain nearly 10 7 win 1 draw 2 at home, st. dean away nearly 10, included 4 win 2 draw 4 negative, trailing on the dominant position in the Paris saint germain, nearly four winning streaks and team fighting spirit is good, small make up think this might as well look up a line of Paris saint germain.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Paris saint germain let the game 1 ball games.

Recommend w882017-2018-2 of the bundesliga matches

Beijing time on August 26, 2017, and the German bundesliga 2017/2018 second round match for upcoming Frankfurt vs wolfsburg, Frankfurt will be at home against wolfsburg, the game will be in the commercial bank stadium, Frankfurt league last season, ranking the middle but the German cup runners-up, harvest in good Wolf fort by coach position of chaos by demotioneing run hard against relegation play-offs, finally only offseason Wolf fort again this summer, the team scored the first of the season?

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/8/26 (Saturday)02:30cologneHamburg 2017/8/26 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayer leverkusenhoffenheim 2017/8/26 (Saturday)At 21:30FrankfurtWolf fort 2017/8/26 (Saturday)At 21:30augsburgThe door is popular 2017/8/ 26 (Saturday)At 21:30Werder BremenBayern Munich 2017/8/26 (Saturday)At 21:30Stuttgart,mainz 2017/8/27 (Sunday)00:30Borussia DortmundHertha Berlin 2017/8/27 (Sunday)At 21:30laiRed bullfreiburg 2017/8/27 (Sunday)23:59Hannover 96Schalke 04

Frankfurt VS wolff,

The team analyzed

A. The home team head stuffy freiburg,

Last season, Frankfurt, the German cup runners-up harvest, the confidence is a huge leap to the team.In the new season the first round of the bundesliga, methodHenri Frankfort at freiburg challenge last season for Europa league qualification.Due to Frankfurt in person, on the offensive line now coach Nick kovacs had to send was born in 96 the Japanese talent flow field of the earth, and this summer from Utrecht cost 7 million euros forward haller as a start.Although the game’s Frankfurt have more scoring opportunities, but due to lack of ability to put an end to the Frankfurt ultimately failed to score against rivals, and freiburg 0-0 draw against.Scored the Frankfurt VS wolfsburg, can return home in Frankfurt to hand over more wonderful performance?

The second

. The Wolf fort shakeup opener rout

Last season, wolfsburg also experienced a tumultuous season, the last fall in the playoffs, even hard to two 1-0 scoreline rick Brunswick, success in the bundesliga.In the summer of this year, according to team coach and let Kerr intend to modify.Now, the team suffered a serious injury crisis in defence that new signing this summer of Brooks and blue horse 2 big centre-half are absent because of injury, and the season opener, face in a variety of transfer rumours borussia Dortmund, wolfsburg, paid the price, for their own young and inexperienced.Obama MeiYang,The west and Roland barthes pull to get wolfsburg’s goal to the bottom place, in the absence of a few defender, Frankfurt VS wolfsburg game of the game, the Wolf fort will probably encounter greater difficulties.

3. The home team offensive line intensive affected

spell on the sidelines

Currently, Frankfurt attacking appeared a lot of injuries, including the captain “eagle king” Alexander mayer’s injury woe for the team’s influence is very big, and another attack core Marco – Fabian injured also let Robert kovac of choose and employ persons on the offensive line.In the last round againstFreiburg in the league, Robert kovac sent attack combinations are two this summer to join the new signing flow field of the earth and to Mr Harrer, a combination of fast high seems strong, but because of the lack of tacit understanding, the effect is not good.If mayer to can’t return, lack of a powerful fulcrum, perhaps Frankfurt offensively situation will be in the game to the Frankfurt VS wolfsburg continued exposure.

4. The visitors’ defence has tottering

This season, lost two general, wolfsburg in the defence team goalkeeper and captain boehner Leo join in Monaco, first-choice right-back, and at the same timeIs team has R, go to Italy to join AC milan, although the team has introduced the buruma, Brooks, such as reinforcements.But the current team serious injuries, the Wolf fort defence is tottering.Brooks, buruma, trevor and Sebastian – formed a complete injury of defence, and it is also let Kerr ideal start back.This Frankfurt VS wolfsburg, wolfsburg’s shaky defence may bring a defeat to the team.

The game analysis 】

The game, although the two sides on the player is worth gap is larger.butDue to the degree of team working and injury factors, Frankfurt or slightly ahead.Wolfsburg defender injury is too dense, let he also feel out of puff.Despite losing his captain and Robert kovac mayer, but there are many solutions can deal with it.So this Frankfurt VS wolfsburg, small make up like Frankfurt home win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Frankfurt, let the game 1 ball games.

W88 congratulations PT member slots awards

Warm congratulations to membersW * * L * YIn PT slot machines in the game, the king of the high speed 】 【 win $1000400 mega millions!Asymmetric is not just a dream!Hope good luck can also with you?Login immediately superior DE W88 chang win ~

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Please click “slot machine”, when it enters the website into [Andy club].Enter the menu search page to view the king of the high speed 】 【 to the corresponding game.The diagram below:

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W88 golden real club – new game hall

Golden hall, the new club without downloading the game.Computer web + mobile phone web page, simply enter url can play in the golden real casino chang infinite!Chang win withdrawals hand anytime and anywhere!What are you waiting for, a optimal DE W88 website immediately!

Golden club based on the classic game hall, has added a new game hall.

New game interface.

After log in the game, page can choose the game type: dragon baccarat baccarat,Dice, roulette.The diagram below:

Above 2 for golden wallet balance, click on the above 1 menu function keys, specific information is as follows:

Video: adjust the picture clarity.

Sound effects: switch the background sound.

Support center: jump to game help page, you can view all the reality of the game rules of the game.

Figure 3 lucky sorting table, the system will randomly into a table for the selected game type.Pictured above page chose longhu baccarat games, click lucky selected units, system can followMachine into a dragon game of baccarat table.

Figure 4 instant betting, click enter to view the selected type of game table, a table can bet at the same time.Such as page chose longhu baccarat, click on the “instant on”, will show more Zhang Longhu game of baccarat table.The diagram below:

1, return to the game page

2, add the same type of game table, as follows:

3, betting area & amp;The lottery

for details

Figure 5 selected game platform, the system will only be randomTurn a longhu baccarat table.

Figure 6 details is to choose the type and the lottery game.

Above 1: the display name of the game and ramadhin, click optional bet amount.This show is the table of the current number of bets.

Above 2: according to a recent issue of the lottery results,

Above 3: display the current game table of the way.

After entering the game, the page shows as follows:

Above 1, click can choose to replace other game table.


above 2 from left to right are: the picture sharpness adjust, update the page, the rules of the game, to return to the game hall.

Above 3, display the current balance, and the current amount of bets.

Above 4, click is baccarat dragon way switch, click is idle and the size of the zhuang way switch.

Above 5, view the betting history

After above 6, click show more than a game table, can bet at the same time.The diagram below:

1, each small game on the table will display name and ramadhin game, click can switch itThe game table.
2, click on the small table top right corner, you can switch to the middle screen.

The game currently supported browser and version is as follows:

Mobile phone system: apple (IOS 8 and above), the android (4.4.1 and above)

Mobile browser: apple – & gt;Safari, android – & gt;Google (native browsers support individual)

Individual support native browsers refers to the following device’s browser:

The Samsung note 5 】 【 s6 edge 】 【 s6 edge + 】 【 s6 】 【 s5 】

Computer web pages:

Windows XP and above system, the use of Google, firefox and safari.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88 optimal DE w88 lottery – painted ghost feet [mobile]

New lottery games according to south Korean popular painting painting ghost foot 】 【 ghost game based on foot.Predict ladder, win the prize.Exciting games and mysterious veil, you, refuses to fight!!!!!!!!!

The game is introd컑121998871111219982387Painted ghost feet is a according to south Korean popular game “painted ghost foot” innovation to improve the lottery game.The game in the ladder way from start to finish.The game randomly selected on the left or right as the starting point of the ladder and length (3 or 4 feet).

Game play

Before the start of the ladder, cover the ladder to hide their feet.The

Before the start of the gym membership in the following any or all of the different betting type bet: the starting point, leg number, the number of goals and objectives and foot combination.

The ladder began, will show the ladder.After, the game will choose a starting point, and then went up the ladder, eventually reach the odd or even.Climb the ladder, if game with horizontal line, Must be After the line to get to the other a vertical line, and continue to climb down until reach the destination.

In the following explanation of betting type bets.

Official results distillation time strictly corresponds to the areas of the game to extract.In the following cases, the game platform reserves the right to cancel or abolition of the ladder results.

  • Long time not getting
  • official party results

  • In the system results released official so we have
  • before it was shut off

Please input your phone betting links: M.w88.com Into the web page, click login state “lottery”, select the painting ghost feet] games.

Select bet limit into the game.

Game main page contains betting options, the lottery results, as well as the total betting information, etc.

Game page [3] of the upper left to view began betting, historical records, the lottery results, reports, information such as the rules of the game, on/off sound.

Betting typeThe starting point 1.

The starting point of choice the ladder crawling.

Left: A ladder from the left.

right: A ladder from the right beginning.

For example:

Members choose betting on the right as a starting point, betting @ 100 yuan, the odds @ 1.95

A ladder from the right beginning, members will win 195 yuan [100 X 1.95] 100

2. At the end of

Select the end of the end of the ladder.

Singular: The ladder from the left end.

The number: A ladder from the right end of

For example:

Members choose betting dual, betting @ 100 yuan, odds @ 1.95

A ladder from the right end, members will win 195 yuan 【 100 】 100 x1. 100

3. The foot number

Choose betting crawl ladder 3 or 4 feet.

3: will climb the ladder of parallel the feet.

4: The ladder to climb over the four parallel feet.

Devote 3, for example: member to choose betting @ 100 yuan, odds @ 1.95

The foot of the ladder to climb three parallel, members will win 195 yuan 【 100 】 100 x1. 100


This is the end (singular or dual) and the number of feet (3 or 4) the combination of betting options.

The number X feetThe number 3 (double 3), : The ladder to climb over the three parallel legs and from the right end.

The number X feetThe number 4 (double 4) : The ladder to climb over the four parallel foot and from the right end.

Singular X feetThe number Three (3) : The foot of the ladder to climb over the three parallel and from the left end.

p.The number XLeg number Four (4) : The ladder to climb over the four parallel foot and from the left end.

For example:

Members choose betting Single 3@ 3.88

, betting @ 100 yuan, the odds

The foot of the ladder to climb three parallel, members will win 388 yuan [100 x3.88]

possible combinations


When the draw at the end of the countdown began, showing for the animation, the game will choose the starting point – the left or right.The ladder on the number of legs will be solved – three or four.The game will be down the ladder into the end from the starting point.

The symbol of

When the game ends, symbol will show results.operatorHave two round number, the representative of the larger end, smaller number represents the starting point and the ghost feet.

For example,

Profitable bets:

Starting point =
on the leftLeg number = 3
The finish = the number
End point X feet number = the number X feet three (3),

A new game, carefree experience, log on to the mobile version chang win ~


If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time. 7 x24Hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88.com – BO spittor club platform

Spittor club “BO” slot machine shock hits, the new platform on the hot new 19 stimulate interesting slot machine game.Cool new platform, super fast game loading speed.Gorgeous screen, high bonuses, web phones can chang to play, the game immediately win endless wealth!

Booongo BO platform, namely the slot machine game, created a rich provides players with the best quality gaming experience.We aim to through the amazing artistic and cutting-edge game design to make the high quality of HTML 5 games.

We are a group of passionate lovers slot machines, through innovative and exciting game bonus function to get the best entertainment experience.

Spittor BO new platform, game transfer will also be added to the optimal DE reality + other 】 【 wallet.You need to purse transfers from the city centre to playing the game the purse.(with GNS, PS, MRS platform) as follows:

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