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Recommend re-scheduled week 34 matches w882016-2017

Beijing time on April 29, 2017 02:45 points, Atlanta, vsJuventus in , Atlanta is fifth championship in serie a, leading sixth AC milan, 5 points gap is not large, if you want to secure champions league qualification, the team still need to get points.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45Atlanta,Juventus 2017/4/30 (Sunday)02:45Turin,Ted sampley the 2017/4/30 (Sunday)18:30The Romanlazio 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00Genoachievo 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00Within the g’sAC milan 2017/4/30 (on Sunday)At 21:00cagliaripescara 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00bolognaudinese 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00PalermoFlorence 2017/4/30 (Sunday)21 p.m.empoliMr Solow 2017/5/01 (Monday)03:45interNaples

The game analysis:

Round of league, Atlanta has home, first-half lead, Mr Lu le point after follow up the double volley, during once to outdo each other.Atlanta, grasp the rhythm in the second half, the score in the final 3-2 to keep up to the final, Atlanta, three points at home to keep.At home, nearly 10 games in Atlanta serie aHome, won 16 goals in seven games, at home in good condition.

Over the past six games against Juventus in the league, failed to win in Atlanta.In terms of paper strength, Atlanta’s chances to serie a giants Juventus won, but out of relegation desire, Atlanta will spare no effort, firing against Juventus.

Juventus are in the top of serie a, leading second Rome eight points and obvious advantages.Round of league, Juventus won three goals in the first half, lead first marchisio munoz from blunder, di and Mr Barak Zhu JiHas successively, in the second half bo Mr Into a ball again, final revenge Juventus 4-0 victory over Genoa, continue to lead cost.And last round win over Genoa Juventus this season in serie a at home to 17 in a row, if coupled with season, Juventus have won 33 straight serie a.In all competitions, juve’s home also have been 49 unbeaten, won 43 6 grades.Road, Juventus away less than at home, but the dominance of this does not affect the team win their confidence.

More it is worth mentioning that the team in 93 Argentinian striker barakHe is known as Lionel messi the best successor.Di bala messi but it wasn’t as strong dribbling breakthrough ability, but his movement, his gold left foot, his passing ability has mei his shadow.The existence of absolute for juve will bring great help.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: let 0.5 recommended juve win the game.

Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west yet 35 matches

Beijing time on April 26, 2017, 02 am 45 points, west yet 35 rounds, Villa ray. Al in madrigal stadium against Sporting gijon, .On one game, the yellow submarines away 1-0 victory over atletico Madrid, he assists soriano scored the winner, villarreal double atletico this season, currently ranked fifth championship, continue to retain hope of contend for four, are missing any team in the next game.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45Villa, ray,Sporting gijon 2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 19:00The royal societygranada 2017/4/29 (Saturday)”Real Madridvalencia 2017/4/30 (Sunday)00:30Mr Rappaport masAtletico Madrid 2017/4 /30 (Sunday)02:45The SpanishBarcelona 2017/4/30 (Sunday)18:00osasunaDeportivo Wayne rooney 2017/4/30 (Sunday)”betisAllah’s 2017/5/01 (Sunday)0:30Mr AnwarHe in 2017/5/01 (Sunday)02:45celtabilbao 2017/5/01 (Sunday)03:00malagasevilla

Match analysis:

Villarreal emerging in the new century, as the Spanish football a force to be reckoned with, and on behalf of SpainFootball in Europe, write down the new European mythology.Just more than 10 years after the promotion to serie a team in the intertoto cup championship, the uefa cup semi-finals, the champions league semi-finals and la liga runners-up honor, created a series of “European football miracle”, a biography is implemented.By Chinese fans known as Juan Roman riquelme, diego forlan, giuseppe rossi, pato and other international has been working for the team.

On a round of league, sporting gijon home draw with espanyol, 39 minutes, victor direct free kick right foot shot, the ball into the goal, the lower left gijonAthletic 1-0 lead.55 minutes, carrillo straight through ball sent out assists, moreno in large area of central left foot shot the ball into the goal the middle, the two sides eventually also with 1-1 shaking hands.Sporting gijon after it has been unable to win six consecutive games, the team continue to deep in relegation mire, and 17 leganes gap to 6 points, can’t see any hope from relegation.

Villarreal almost five rounds of league win 4 games, overall state well.They are currently ranked fifth championship, and five points behind champions league zone, and higher than that of the 7th athletic bilbao on four points.In the leagueUnder the condition of the last four games remaining, Huang Qian one and only keep Europa, shock champions such a goal.The last round league well embodies the team strong desire to get points.League league now nearly 6, 17 round away 14 games, including 12 games single-game scoring at least 2 grain, the offensive end state is quite hot.But it is worth noting that five rounds of lost the ball, they nearly six rounds of home home game 1 ball, line quality remains to be improved.

Data analysis:

Asian data companies generally with villarreal master the game one and a half/ball high water, we can from both sidesFormer ranking analysis, villarreal last round for a crucial victory, the team played a game more and four only five points, but behind the royal society and athletic bilbao, Huang Qian now have to win every game, this war in el madrigal meaning no doubt.Besides Huang Qian last ten games had 7 about 3, so the stability of the state to the team very confident.Sporting gijon is team avoid relegation, but upon them no relegation fight and confidence, averaging lost count up to three goals, so I’m afraid not escape relegation performance of bad luck.

optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend villa ray let the game 2 ball games.

W88.com: 2016-2017 in 31 matches of the bundesliga is recommended

Beijing time on April 29 at 02:30, Bayer leverkusen, vsSchalke 04Trend, the recent six games, bayer leverkusen passive, with only 1-2-3, schalke 04 record is 2 wins and two draws.Past has too much every time the two sides met records, clash nearly five times, bayer leverkusen’s record is 4-1.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:30Bayer leverkusenSchalke 04 2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Werder BremenHertha Berlin 2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 21:30mainzThe door is popular 2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia Dortmundcologne 2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Darmstadt towerfreiburg

2017/4/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Lai than red bullEng stark 2017/4/30 (Sunday)00:30Wolff,Bayern Munich 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:30augsburgHamburg 2017/4/30 (Sunday)23:30hoffenheimFrankfurt

To review:

And compared to last season’s league third place, the situation of bayer leverkusen this season is passive, the current team with only 10-6-14, ranked 12th.Schalke 04 season league situation is not stable, and the strong weak trend is distinct and add to distraction from Europe, 30 of the current league, the team’s record is only 10-8-12 negative, 11th.The recent six gamesPassive competition, bayer leverkusen movements, with only 1-2-3, schalke 04 record is 2 wins and two draws.Past has too much every time the two sides met records, clash nearly five times, bayer leverkusen’s record is 4-1.

Match analysis:

The game and the plate of the current issue is the home team let flat pan, the dish popular with both water injection, the current road situation stable, expected later in the change is not big, after the champions league, the team’s center of gravity began to shift to the league, marked achievements were scored in the home, nearly three games unbeaten home team can, including wheel and bayern bharata at the stadiumBlack of the first world war, with the score 0-0, defence, and schalke 04 in the near future in all four games at all is lost, and itself this season their away fighting strength is very weak, the only to win two games, such as record clearly not much, ever since this battle Suggestions after plate bayer leverkusen.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend bayer leverkusen to 0.5 the game ball.

Premier league matches 35 recommended w88 casino2016-2017

Beijing time 22:00 on April 29, 2017, Southampton in vsHull city, League against hull city, Southampton get 8-3-2, nearly all four home clash, mental advantages.

Date of Time The home team “The strong> the visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00SouthamptonHull city 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00Stoke cityWest ham 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandbournemouth 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00West bromLester 2017/4/30 (Sunday)00: 30The crystal palaceburnley 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 19:00Manchester unitedSwansea 2017/4/30 (Sunday)21:05evertonChelsea 2017/4/30 (Sunday)21:05Middlesbrough,Manchester city 2017/4/30 (Sunday)23:30spursArsenal 2017/5/02 (Tuesday)03:00walterfordLiverpool

Match analysis:

Southampton dozen recent trend to open, close to 16 matches played 13 games ball, than earlier in the season of dozen has more passion, recent defeat opponents are traditional strong teams, in the recent 5 scenes of the middle and lower reaches of the team had 4 win 1 draw, the team has just encounter with Manchester city and Chelsea have two defeats, rebound fighting spirit back home are not low.Main striker and byd, who returned from injury.

Hull city 33 34 premiership has the ball in the second half, and at least two goals in as many as 23, after great success rate in the second halfHigh.Attack is strong weak, ball has soared, recently hit seven 2.5, eight premiership game 1 also has two goals, including five 3.5 super ball.Although many injured players, but they are all old injuries, the recent rebound credited with no injuries, the squad is complete.

Southampton in the premiership, veteran teams play well but in the way of attack, insufficient stability verification, the season 11-7-14, 9 tied for the premiership.Newly promoted hull city hard power is very weak, record this season, slag, but change effect is obvious, the current premier league 9-6 level, for the premier league last 4, leading the relegation zone 2 points.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Southampton, let the game 1 ball games.

W88 casino2016 currently sit 35 matches – 2017 method is recommended

Beijing time at 2 April 29, 2017, 45, yet 35 rounds of Angers vsLyon in , angers the main may rotate, the angers 7 points above the relegation zone, avoid relegation pressure is not obvious, there is no clear of relegation battle.

Date of timeThe home team The visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45angersLyon 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45MonacoToulouse, 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00maceNancy 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00nanteslorient 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00guingampSt. dean 2017/4/30 (Sunday)02:00bastiaRyan 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,lille 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00caenmarseille 2017/4/30 (Sunday)23:00Dijonbordeaux

2017/5/01 (Monday)03:00niceSaint germain

Angers status:

Angers midweek attended the French cup match, the result they won at home, the team full in midweek, the tournament over the weekend, there is no consider and Lyon, after all, now they already avoid relegation in the league success.

Observation about angers recent game rule, it is not hard to find, as long as the team and team training game, they generally lose itTeams including in marseille, Monaco and Paris st germain, now the team the scoring 39 points, although before the end of the season in theory is not completely avoid relegation, but according to the ligue 1, line this season, they have already quite safe, and the next team fixtures and lorient and montpellier, both easy and can take it at any time, so the week in a physical fitness back under the premise of this team should not set any obstacle for Lyon.

Lyon are:

Lyon Europa league also strong promotion to the final four strong, but very difficult to win, the team still need to make sure that European warSeats, the present situation of the team is more optimistic, with a game under the premise of a point of bordeaux.

Round of league although home to resist, but eventually, the score of the 2-1 defeat by Monaco, Lyon this season in the showdown between actually, apart from in front of their old rivals marseille can keep unbeaten, really don’t see any advantage in other game, but the French real teams which is two, the rest of the team can say Leon all not afraid.This team in terms of fitness dominant, and in terms of the game itself, and they also have a good relationship and angers, fitness dominant under the premise of road difficultDegree is not big.


Both sides in the history of a total of five meetings, angers made 2 win 1 draw 2, but in recent 2 meetings all ended in Lyon victory.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game Lyon to 0.5 ball games.

The premier league matches recommended 37 w882016-2017

Beijing time at 2 May 13, 2017, 45, the 37, Everton vsWatford, , the game is the penultimate round of the English game, but everton’s fighting spirit is not strong.Everton have encountered two defeats, currently 58 points ranked seventh.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/13 (Saturday)02:45evertonwatford 2017/5/13 (Saturday)03:00West bromChelsea 2017/5/13 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.Manchester cityleicester 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00bournemouthburnley 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00middlesbroughSouthampton 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandSwansea 2017/5/14 (Sunday)00:30Stoke cityArsenal 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 19:00The crystal palaceHull city 2017/5/14 (On Sunday)whenWest hamLiverpool 2017/5/14 (Sunday)23:30spursManchester united

Everton are:

Everton have encountered two defeats, now 58 points ranked seventh, sixth united seven points behind, while west brom team behind him and they have 13 points, so the team this season’s final ranking is the seventh, and sinceManchester united won the league cup, Chelsea and Arsenal meet fa cup final, in fact they are sure to get the qualification for next season’s champions league cup.The game team and rasiej, Coleman, Murray, McCarthy, Bessie, schneider, such as the wounded Lin lennon because of personal reasons will not play again this season.In addition on the round abruptly axed barkley is expected to return to the starting line-up for the game.

Watford are:

Watford now 40 points ranked 15th, leading the bottom third of hull team 6Points, but they had three games left, as long as the game get a points can determine the relegation success, so from the fighting spirit, they are superior to the everton.But recently the team suffered three losses, the road is a five-game losing streak and haven’t scored a goal, the state is not very good.Pereira, Sarah, Watson, Kabul, brito, cathcart and gas injury is Mr Walter mazzarri in the end of the season to 352, but they did not do well in both ends, the team last season and let the black wind force double evil spirit apart, the harlow made super, and his status damagingly, only in the premier leagueScored 10 goals, the game should be hard into the starting lineup.

The game analysis:

Fighting nearly six times, everton 3-2-1 slightly better.This macau give to the Lord for one and a half ball/dish, the concession is higher than the past a few times at goodison park play, for this season at home to everton 12-3-4, or look up a line, but the offer I’m afraid the heat is not low, the cost in the note after cut flat to compensate, cautious, both teams have no strong fighting spirit.

optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend everton let the game 1 ball games.

Recommend w882016 yet 37-2017 method matches

Beijing time on May 15, 2017, at 3 o ‘clock, 2016-2017 method yet 37 round began.Monaco In Louis ii stadium against April .Round of league, Monaco 3-0 sweep road south tin, team ushered in the start of fantasy, the game 3 minutes, straight from his teammates after the ball, germain cross near the bottom line, caused the buddy’s own goal, Monaco 1-0 lead.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00Monacolille 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00St. deanParis st, 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00DijonNancy 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00maceToulouse, 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00nantesgumpokada 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00bordeauxmarseille 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00Montpellier,Lyon 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00niceangers 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00bastialorient 2017/5/15 (Monday)03:00caenRyan

Match analysis:

1, Monaco damage this season, the league’s current goal number reached 98 goals, it is the most for the league, with this advantage, the current team leading ligue 1 with 86 points.

2, lille this seasonDirection is mediocre, currently with 12 wins July 17, 11th.

3, after the last round away after the 3-0 victory over south tin, Monaco recent league even take six wins, goal and proportion.

4, lille in six games is 3 record, a mixed bag.

5, there have been a number of results, two teams past, almost 10 times in the Monaco record 4-3-3 negative, odds: 40%, win disc rate: 30%.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended in the gameTwo ball games, the transferee.

W88.com premiership matches 36, 2016-2017 is recommended

Beijing time on May 6, 2017 03:00 points, West ham united in VSTottenham Nearly 10 meetings, the two sides, west ham have made 4 win 1 draw 5, these sides gap is not big, the basic equal shares, the two sides.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)03:00West hamspurs 2017/5/6 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.Manchester cityThe crystal palace 2017/5/6 (Saturday)22:00bournemouthStoke city 2017/5/6 (Saturday)22:00burnleyWest brom 2017/5 /6 (Saturday)22:00Hull citysunderland 2017/5/6 (Saturday)22:00leicesterwatford 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:30Swanseaeverton 2017/5/7 (Sunday)Manner ofLiverpoolSouthampton 2017/5/7 (Sunday)23:00ArsenalManchester united 2017/5/9 (Tuesday)0300,Chelseamiddlesbrough

Events recommended:

West ham last season as giants killer, but this season, the recent three consecutive draw opponent, so far a total of 39 points ranked 15th in the league, basically avoid relegation, but do not look down on nerve knives like the hammers.Tottenham 23 this season – 8 flat 3 total score 77 points from the blues 4 points behind the leaders, from the tottenham after round fixtures against team has the leicester city and west ham united, Manchester united and hull city 】 only against the red devils are home, rest is the guestField operations, the reds are favourable for 4 competitors, will not easily let tottenham points, hull city’s team avoid relegation.

At the beginning of the season, the spurs win over 10 successive premiership Manchester city, in January, and the leaders Chelsea won 13 straight, suspense to retain the title.Tottenham in the battle of the two key performance is impressive, Mr Perez insisted on localization, younger team of harvest results.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended spurs the game 1 ball games.

Recommend w882016 32-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time 02 a.m. on May 6, 2017, 32 of the bundesliga round, a game of Cologne, Will be in the home match against werder. Werder Bremen .Torn between the two teams ranking in the war zone, both sides are expected to win next season’s champions league qualification, the game, the two teams meet ShiYao cologne to rivals.

Date of whenRoom ,The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)02:30cologneWerder Bremen 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia Dortmundhoffenheim 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30The door is popularaugsburg 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30frankfWolff, 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayern MunichDarmstadt tower 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Eng starkBayer leverkusen 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:30Hertha BerlinLai than red bull 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:30Hamburgmainz 2017/5/7 (Sunday)23:30freiburgSchalke 04

Cologne profiles of

Cologne high on nine of the bundesliga last season, this season and last season was flat, with 10-12-9 42 points ranked eighth place, behind the European theater club werder Bremen 3 points.Cologne on the wheel’s challenge borussia Dortmund, two teams finished goalless with the game ended 0-0, cologne to harvest two draw, nearly round straight flat 2 negative hardly well.15 rounds of the season at home, cologne, 7-6-2 a mediocre, scored 23 goals, goals conceded in 14 balls, team still work well.

Bremen general situation of

Werder Bremen in 13 of the bundesliga last season, the season ranking soared, with 13-6-12 ranks sixth championship, only seventh freiburg 1 point lead, lead the 3 points, champions league qualification is not insurance.Last round home game against hertha Berlin, werder Bremen limit the opponent to play well, and scored two goals, the final 2-0 victory at home, in the past 8 wins and two draws unbeaten league with 10 games.Werder Bremen away also very trustworthy, is obtained in the recent six road 4 win 2 draw, unbeaten during tappingInto 16, but five games in the sheet, defensive problems still exist.

event analysis

From record, two teams really close, six meetings, cologne 1-4-1 and neck with rivals, including both at home and harvest the draw, play the first leg of the season, cologne’s 1-1 draw with rivals.

The game against both sides are expected to appear next season on the European theater, so both sides for the game are determined.From the recent state, werder Bremen performance obviously on opponents, the outside world to cologneOpen flat hemisphere, afternoon on the plate water level improved, in the face of such a strong team, under the condition of the outside world can still to cologne on main dish, it is a good sign for the team.

But over the past two home games, cologne and werder Bremen a tie, the visiting team status is better, although it is given priority to with flat hemisphere, but with a state of cologne, such positions will be convinced that therefore support the momentum better than werder Bremen.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Bremen to 0.5 the game ball.

Recommend w88.com re-scheduled week 35, 2016-2017 matches

On May 7, 2017, Beijing time 00:00, re-scheduled week 35, Naples, Face in Sao PauloCagliari, , first leg clash napoli away 5-0 sweep, this home must kill again.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:00Naplescagliari 2017/5/7 (Sunday)02:45JuventusTurin, 2017/5/7 (Sunday)18:30udineseAtlanta, 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00chievoPalermo 2017/5/ 7 (Sunday)At 21:00empolibologna 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00Genoainter 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00lazioTed sampley the 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00pescaraWithin the g’s 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00Mr SolowFlorence 2017/5/8 (Monday)02:45AC milanThe Roman

Intelligence analysis:

Re-scheduled week 35 rounds, SAN paolo stadium in Naples against cagliari.On one game, Naples went to SAN siro against inter milan.Pick to 42 minutes, because the west’s on the left box, long friends on mis-kicked it, hong card column directly volley successful, napoli lead, easy to edge to fight again, both sides have no accomplishment, Naples after win crucial battle, currently between Rome and only one point.

greatMaradona is napoli hero, players age led napoli won two serie a titles, one uefa cup champion.Napoli President DE laurentiis has long wanted maradona in the club, diego said in an interview with Italian media Amici willing to coach napoli, maradona said: “I will coach napoli? If they want me to teach, yes.”His can lead to Naples peak, believes the fans will be concerned about.

Cagliari last home 1-0 win over pescara, 22 minutes, fSilver box handball foul, the referee penalty decisive decisions.Then had – pedro fencing all hit the upper left corner.With this goal, 1-0 win over cagliari, the latter four rounds to determine in advance the drop.The cagliari on 41 points in the middle reaches of the premier league position, without wanting to get too team, who believe that will not cause Naples too much trouble.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Naples let the game 2 ball games.