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W88.com mobile optimal DE real casino – “super high”

Mobile version of optimal DE reality offering the latest play great hall 】 【 – “super high”.Ultimate luxury enjoyment, the top online entertainment!A variety of game fun, bring you unusual gaming experience.New features, more fun, best to help you to win all eight to

Real super high and low of

Super high game is composed of 52 CARDS, in the beginning, 5 zhang Ming, will first and then bet on time to start for the first time, betting on 6 CARDS.When betting meterWhen at the end of the card will be 6 and for compensation, and so on, until leave 15 CARDS after the end of the game.

Optimal DE W88 real casino – excellence “super high” game hall, only provide mobile phone a client (android, apple).Your mobile phone in you to download the client to view and into the game.如下图:

Enter the “super high” select bet limit to the game.如下图:

Super game page.The diagram below:

inGame hall page left for menu function keys, click enter to go see the 】 【 change bet limit, and game betting record history 】 【 [total betting report/win] and [game].The diagram below:

At the upper right of this page button to close the video, click on the “camera” icon can be closed.If you want to return to the casino lobby, click the camera button above.The diagram below:

[pay] Compensation characteristics: “super high” in the game has no fixed compensation, eachA bet transformed the odds according to the result of the card type.

The compensation scope is as follows:

Bets on item Minimum at largest odds High, low, single and double0.52 :12.64 :1 “7″6.93 :138.24 : 1

Betting type

1. The betting “low” :
When the results for the card: A, 2,3,4,5,6, devote to “low” to win.When the results of 7, it is to lose.

2. The betting “high” :
When the results for the card: 8,9,10, J, Q, K, devote to “high” to win.When the results of 7, it is to lose.

3. The betting “single” :
When the results for the card: A, 3, 9, J, K, betting for the “single” to win.When the results of 7, it is to lose.

4. The betting “double” :
When brand results as follows: 2,4,6,8,10, Q, betting for the “double win”.When the results of 7, it is to lose.


5. Betting “7″ :
When the results for the card: 7, betting “7″ is to win.

If you encountered any questions in the game, please consult our 7 x24 hours online customer service in a timely manner.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88 casino real casino – longhu trio

Traditional dragon play, more exciting experience, three table Long Huren you select, random betting, more exciting optimal real entertainment city longhu trio to meet you, immediately log in the game!

Dragon “is one of the most popular casino card class projects. In the position of the” dragon “and” tiger “factions of a card, more size, points of one party to the victor.

The oldest order to K, and A minimum, regardless of the color.Card the size of order is as follows:

K (13), Q(12), J (11), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,

(1) A

“Dragon” and “tiger”,

“Dragon” or the “tiger”, to gain points older for the winners.When you bet on “dragon” or the “tiger” either side, and win, will not be take any commission.Unless the result is a draw, will devote 50% of the amount as commission is extracted.


“Dragon” and “tiger” to get the same points (no color), is the draw.

Single/double dragon and tiger


Bet “dragon” or the “tiger” single card for the “single” or “double”.Will not take any commission.

When the “dragon” brand surface is 7 PM, betting “dragon” and “double dragon” (no color)
When the “tiger” brand surface is 7 PM, betting “tiger” and “tiger” (no color)

Bets on single/double dragon and tiger single/double only 35 before every shoe brand bureau to participate in.

After the diagram below, log in the game, you can be a reality page, longhu trio of the stateThe game] directly into the game.

You can be in three Zhang Longhu tables any betting game at the same time, increase your profit opportunities.


W88 casino optimal DE club – roll treasure (GPI)

Dice treasure is an ancient Chinese dice game, have become particularly popular in ancient times.Players bet three rotation of the rotation of the dice in the dice cup.You can also bet on one or more Numbers on the surface of the table.Game tables divided into several parts bets “area”, each area representative is not the same kind of dice results or combination.

Gameplay: At the start of the game, chip is placed anywhere on the surface of the table represents one or more dice combinations.After the completion of the bet, equipped with the dice dice cup will begin to spin, the results will showIn the upper right of the screen.

Betting type:

1, and “small”
And “small” to win, the sum of points of the three dice to 4 PM to 10 PM (not including bonus).
If three dice points the same plane, the lot.

2, and “big”
So “big” to win, the sum of points of the three dice for 11 to 17 points (not including bonus).
If three dice points the same plane, the lot.

3, and “single”
And “single” to win, the sum of points of the three dice for 5,7,9,11,13,15,17 point (not including bonus).
If three dice points the same plane, the lot.

4, and the “double”
And “double” to win, but must be four,6,8,10,12,14,16 three dice points (not including bonus).
If three dice points the same plane, the lot.

5, and “force”
In the bottom of the deskArea, you can bet on any 6 points.According to the number of the three dice in so many multiples decided to pay.

6, and “roll” around
Bet to win, “around the roll” shall be three dice points and the points you selected the same plane.

7, and “all around”
And “roll” to win, but must be within a bit until six o ‘clock, three dice points the same plane.

8, and “points”
Bet to win, “points” of sum of the three dice plane points and the points you selected is the same.

9, and “for”
And “subsidiary” to win, must be at least two plane in three dice points is consistent with the pair you selected.

10, and “pai gow type”
And “pai gow type” to win, but must be at least two plane in three dice points combined with the two of you selected.

* * * * note: if the three dice points the same plane, the winner-take-all big/small and single/double each note.

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, as long as the flexible application in the practice game dice game skills,Good at summing up experience and lessons, and then beat makers become a big winner is not a dream.Many people think that dice game is a game of luck, no skills;And roll the dice game to banker is too large, the advantages of idle house is very difficult to win money.That obviously has less persuasive, cannot explain why dice treasure more widely popular among players.In fact, the dice points of belonging is a probability problem, this is the science of ingredients, nature also have rules to follow.

Below small make up recommend a few practical dice game skills, in order to you in the game more handy.


1, dice game low-risk betting strategy take the low risk betting strategy

Take the low risk betting strategy, that is, as far as possible in the banker advantage small bet bet area, such as bet size (banker is only 2.78% of advantage) and digital.Low risk, of course, also means that low returns, so play ripe after return for higher dice treasure strategy should be considered.

2,Dice game treasure medium risk betting strategy

Moderate risk of dice treasure betting strategies suit to want to win a lot of money but don’t want to risk is too big players.The dice treasure strategy mainly adopt combination bet and increase the opportunity to win money.Results, for example, if the two dice is 1 point, so the sum total of the three dice may be 3,4,5,6,7 or 8, it can’t be 9, 11 or 12.So if you are in the total area of more than 8 bet, might as well also to 1 in the next note, so guess more likely.If you want to and the total pressure best 9, 10, 11 or 12, because that the combination of several sum up, the highest probability.The betting strategy is a good choice:
(1) under the sum to 9 district three yards, injection on 1, 5, two note under the six yards (a total of nine units of code),
(2) under a total of 12 district three yards, injection on 1, 2, two note under the six yards (a total of nine units of code),
Why do you bet?If the guess sum won 18 note code;If the pair guess win 20 yards.This return is relatively high., of course, will be lost if guess miss nine note code, visible has a high risk.Therefore, the betting strategy for players to have certain risk to bear ability, namely the dice game treasure is already familiar with players who play and not satisfied with the size.

3, dice game
high-risk bets strategy

When you meet a lucky, might as well using dice treasure betting strategy of high risk.High risk often means high returns, especially when you are in luck, you risk to bear ability is relatively improved.Risky bets on strategy andAs in the risk strategies, or bets in dice total points and their combinations, when dice total of 8, impossible to 4, 5 or 6, but it may appear to 1, 2 or 3, we can bet:

(1) under the sum of 8 area three yards, injection in for 1, 2, 3 two under each note code (a total of nine units of code),

(2) in total for 13 under section 3 yards, in under the 4, 5, 6 each two note code (a total of nine units of code) so bet, because if you guess, won 24 note;If you guessPairs, win 20 note code;If all guess, winning 44 yards.Returns of risky dice treasure strategy is very high.

W88 optimal DE club – black jack (GPI)

Blackjack game is a very interesting game, first appeared in the 16th century, started in France.If you get A “dirty” “A” and “dirty”, “J” will give bonus, English name is black jack (Blackjack).


Blackjack game is the player and the four tables location and banker gambling game.Can hold an unlimited number of players in the game in four players playing table location.A number of playersYou bet on the same position.Bet if two players in the same position, one of the players can choose suspension of another player can choose to continue to.In this case, the banker will send CARDS from other locations, but choose suspended players will not receive a card.

The rules of the game:

  • Blackjack game target is the player and banker’s card which is closer to 21 points, more than 21 points do not count
  • In 21 points can calculate into 1 or 11 o ‘clock, A male brand company at 10 a.m.,Other according to its value corresponding to the CARDS.
  • Combination of ace for A A and numerical brand of black jack for 10 o ‘clock, winning bets will be 1.5 times
  • players to bet

  • If the player points than the banker points closer to 21 points, the players to win an equal amount of bet amount
  • If points higher than the blackjack player blast card lost this bureau,
  • If the player and have the same points from the banker CARDS (17-21 points), will be returned to the principal.

“The strong> 21 points in the rules of the game to follow the golden club rules of the game, the following rules to add other rules:

  • 17 points were suspended
  • zhuang

  • Players cannot break up already open hand of CARDS.
  • Only faces to the talent points for A or 8
  • In points allowed after double
  • Banker in any circumstances are not allowed to interrupt 21 points.If the player and banker with 21 points, will be returned to the principal.
  • Double only allowed in the first 2 CARDSThe
  • points to 11 o ‘clock

  • If the player and banker double the first card point value is 10, banker won 21 points, players only lose first bet.
  • In theory to eight consecutive CARDS without blasting card case, your hand will automatically win, unless the banker is black jack (21 points).

How the game:

  • Within a limited time to bet, once selected betting position banker will put the card distributed with a specified placeCan also be betting on the card.
  • Players will initially have 2 CARDS, banker will get 1 card is
  • Start at the start of the game from the desktop 1 Po card can choose: To brand, suspension, double And in situations where it is necessary to buy Insurance
  • When selecting Double , you will see your bet to double, double the amount will be deducted from your balance.
  • You must be within a specified timeIf there is no choose betting type, select the system will be automatically suspended.In case of need to deal if there is no selected distribution system will automatically default to give up,
  • If a position players blasting card (if all players choose to brand and blasting) automatically end this round.Banker’s second card will come out will not begin the third card.


Based on the optimal strategy, only the combination of A and 8 will be automatically activated points.This case, you can choosePoints or to abandon by default.If you don’t want to points card will choose to give up, you will leave the game, full refund of the principal.Out if you choose points CARDS, card will pay the same amount of bets, points card bets will be deducted from the account balance. Points after every hand can choose brand, suspended, or double.


  • A card points CARDS only points
  • at A time

  • A card points after CARDS and other 10 of 21 points as ordinary 21 points instead of black jack. “
  • If you don’t have enough money to deal, the system will not be assumedRow as giving up

The best strategy:

In the case of points card, can choose to CARDS, suspension, give up or are based on the optimal strategy on the basis of

Player 2 CARDS beforeYou can choose Ace, AcePoints, give up 2, 2To brand, suspended 3, 3To brand, suspended 4, 4To brand, suspended 5, 5To brand, suspended 6, 6To brand, suspended 7, 7To brand, suspended 8, 8Points, give up 9, 9To brand, suspended 10, 10To brand, suspended J, JTo brand, suspended Q, QTo brand, suspended K, KTo brand, suspended

The double:

The current two board surface points to 11 o ‘clock, allowed to double.Bet to double (stakes out from under the account alone), distributed bets after double banker will only 1 card.

  • Double handing out a card only after
  • If you don’t have enough amount of money betting on a double, the system will automatically cancel the double betting

Side note:


In 21 points insurance is considered to be a kind of its own strategy.If the card is A piece of A banker, do you have A chance to buy insurance.When you buy insurance, do you have a gambling banker 21 points.If you think banker may have a 21 point, this lets you try your best to protect themselves.Buy insurance, insurance “by clicking the button, the money you have for your first bet half the gold time.If the banker does have 21 points, you will be the odds of 2-1 by insurance bets get bonuses.If banker no blackjack, you lose the insurance bets.


  • Insurance devote time and other betting
  • types of bets at the same time

  • If you don’t have enough amount of bets insurance, the system will cancel insurance betting

Perfect for brand:

Perfect for brand is betting on the player 2 CARDS or banker before the 2 pair of CARDS, can also betting on banker to the card or player to the brand.

Player perfect for / zhuangPerfect for brand

Betting rules are as follows:

  • Perfect player to win a card need players before 2 CARDS are “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”,
  • Banker is perfect for brand banker before 2 CARDS are required for success “perfect brand” “the same color to” brand “mix the CARDS”
    • Perfect sent color odds to win a brand according to the desktop odds, need the players or banker CARDS are the perfect pair, for example, a square 4
    • For card sent with the color on the oddsAccording to the desktop odds, need players or banker is the same color on the card, such as square 4, and the hearts of 4
    • Mixed color for CARDS sent color odds in accordance with the desktop odds, need players or banker is mixed color to the brand, such as: square 4 and 4
    • of spades

  • Can be betting on a player at the same time to the brand and banker to
  • No betting regular note can’t bets by before


pay Win the games1-1 insurance2-1 Black jack (21 points)3 of 2 Give up points card100% of the principal returned Give up points card6-1

The same color on card12-1 The same color on card25-1


  1. Pin card
    • Each round of four CARDS will not be used in the game before
    • If there is no able to pin card, the game result is invalid.If there is no influence the outcome of the game, it will be corrected later in
    • manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
  2. The public brand
    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

    • In all the games, in any game betting exposed CARDS (except pin card) boots
    • results will be regarded as invalid

  3. Out of the extra card (away)
    • In the game after the start of redundant CARDS will not affect the results of
  4. Drop the card
    • CARDS in the reshuffle process did not show in the video, will pick up the pin and reused.
    • If exposed to the outside didn’t see the video card will be used again.Otherwise, the specific match invalid, brand boots start again.
  5. Sent the wrong card
    • Wrong card will separate out on the spot, to send CARDS.
    • Managers have reserves the right to cancel this hand.


  6. Licensing machine card
    • Licensing machine card manager shall have the right to repair in time, after the manager reserves the right to cancel this hand.
    • If before licensing machine card blackjack game has already started to send CARDS, banker CARDS the first card not 10 points, or A, while the winner will still send the color.
    • If prior to licensing machine card has won the CARDS, bonuses will still send the color.
  7. bolt
    • Under the condition of the bolt, the system will default, were suspended in pointsThe system will default to give up

Questions about the game please contact online customer service 24 hours a day, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88 and reality lotus officer play three games

Small make up to you to introduce a new kind of real casino games: thereof.Three (3 Face / 3 Picture) is baccarat play a deformation.Members and the banker bet points, gambling card number, can also bet on special card type.Bet, rhythm and lively, simple welcome in the new game.The game’s goal is to try to get the highest card type!

Three games is consisted of a deck of CARDS.All the male card (K, Q, J) and 10 calculated at zero;Other according to the card to calculate points (A means1).

System issue three CARDS to each player and, in turn, zhuang;Such as “three fairs”, “double male 7″, 9 “high card point” and so on each kind of card type has its corresponding to the size of the order.

The biggest card type are “three fairs”, is composed of three card male;Other card type, are calculated according to three seats on the board surface to points, the highest is 9 points (total score 10 or 20, need to minus the corresponding beyond) respectively.


  • In our platform game, there are three sent home, and a banker.Licensing order spare 1, 2, 3, and three CARDS in sequence.
  • Players can bet three spare any one;The calculation of winning or losing depends on the CARDS — the facing ratio.
  • In our three games we don’t charge a commission, bet win/lose, win prizes is 1 to 1;In addition to the following two special case is 2-1 to pay compensation (50%) :
    • Betting “win”, any combination of idle to 6 win (type card # 11 and # 12 and # 13);
    • Betting “lost”, zhuang in any combination of win at 6 (type card # 11 and # 12 and # 13);
  • Results when the bureau is flat, betting on “win/lose” will be returned.
  • Side note 1 compensate 18. Draw a draw, when idle faces — the size of the same size as CARDS, for example: single male draw at nine o ‘clock
    • Player: J of spades, hearts, 3 square. “6
    • Zhuang: spades Q, ten of hearts,Square, 9
  • Side note “three fairs” 36-1.”Three fairs” J, Q, K three winning any three of the
  • “To the above” is to provide the three idle (idle 1/2/3) as well as the team’s bets.Odds and rules are as follows:
    • Flush: Refers to the three pieces of the same color in hand and continuous.For example: 8 has, has 7, 6 has
    • Article 3:Refers to theThe three card as the card in hand (color).For example: 10 ♠, has 10, 10 ♣
    • Shunza: Referring to the hand of continuous three CARDS (both colors), A but can small.For example: 8 ♦, 7 ♣, 6 has
    • With the cost: There are three kinds of refers to the hand of the same design and color CARDS (continuous) is not required.For example, has 10, 4 has 2 has
    • Child: refers to a on the surface of the CARDS have two copies of the same hand.For example: A ♣, A has, 8 ♦

Members can bet has the following options:

Idle 1: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Idle 2: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Spare 3: win, lose, and, thereof, to more than
Banker: the brand more than


note: the above each bet as well as to the brand odds please see send instructions.

Card points:

Thereof to points to compare the size of the combined CARDS, plus the male card (J, Q, K) to change the size of the card type.
Male and 10 points to “0″, other CARDS can be calculated by card points, total more than 10 or 20 to take its bits figures.

Male brand with “P” to represent, 1 card and shown as “P”, two male card shown as “P” 2, 3(three) is shown as “3 p”.

Card for display methods of “brand + points”, such as get card male with points 1 and 8, shows the P8, card male with points and 2 to 0, shows “2 p0″.

The biggest type as the “three fairs”, followed by “double male 9″;Without public card in the card type, the biggest type of 9 points, the design and color of poker without any influence.

Both points with male card number for and at the same time, the emergence and card, membership if bets “lost” or “win” the return on the forehead.

The baseThis type of brand size:

Thereof (3 p) J, Q, K for double male 4 (2 p4) 2 card for, another 1 CARDS for 4,

Double male 9 (p9) 2 2 card for, another 1 CARDS for 9 single male 4 (P4), one card for total points is 4,

Single male 9 (P9) one card for, 4 (4) the total points is nine total points is 4,

The definition of “for the above”:

Flush: hand in 3 CARDS for continuous and the same design and color CARDS, such as “10, J, Q”, A but can usu. in two lines.

Three: hand 3 CARDS are the same brand of the brand, such as “10,10,10″.

Shunza: hand continuously for three of the CARDS, such as “10, J, Q”, regardless of design and color, A but can usu. in two lines.

With flowers: hand in the 3 CARDS are the same color (need not be continuous), such as “2, 7, Q”.

A pair of:Hand of 3 CARDS two points at the same time, as a pair, such as “10, 10, Q”

Note: The biggest type “flush/shunza” to “Q, K, A”, the smallest card type for “A, 2, 3″, no “K, A, 2″ this combination.

W88 optimal DE club – super color bucket roll treasure (GPI)

Super color bucket roll treasure and the difference between ordinary dice treasure in so based on the surface of the grain of 12 dice from 3.Each number color is also different.Today, small make up to you to introduce how to play the super color bucket roll.

Each number color as follows:

Red: 1/4/9/12
Blue: 2/5/8/11
green: 3/6/7/10

Betting type

1, small:
Betting “small” win, must be opened three dice points sum to 3 to 19 points (including rolls around), according to 1:1 to pay
Points for 13, as a draw

2, big:
Betting big win, must be opened three dice points total of 20 to 36 points (including rolls around), according to 1:1 to pay

points of 26, as a draw

3, single:
Betting “single” to win, it should be three dice for,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35 points sum to 3 (including rolls around), according to 1:1 to pay
Points for 13, as a draw

4, double:
Bets “double win”, should be opened three dice points total of 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36 (including rolls around), according to 1:1 to pay

points of 26, as a draw

5, specific monochromatic bets:
Red, blue and green bets in this type.Win monochromatic special bet must be consistent with the dice color and betting on.Such asFruit for two or three dice color and selected betting color is consistent, is regarded as

6, specific double-color bets:
Double red, two blue and green can spend in this type.Win the double color special bet must be two dice color and betting on the same color.If leave one or three dice color and selected betting color is consistent, is regarded as

7, specific trichromatic bets:
Three grain of red,Three grain of blue and green grain can bet on this type.Won three color special betting must leave all three dice color and selected betting the same color.

8, arbitrary meet color:
Win any meet color betting must be the same for all three dice color.

9, fu lu shou:
Won fu lu shou betting must be the result of the combination of red, blue and green dice.

10, shunza:
When out of three dice results for continuous order to win.Pay 12 121998871611219982387Example: 1/2/3 and 10/11/12 * 11/12/1 or not as 12/1/2 junko,

11, any roll of
Win any compound roll betting must be the same on all three dice plane points.

12, arbitrary pairs of #
Win any two double number must be three dice plane points out there are two same.

13, a specific number
Double 1, double 2, double 3….., the double 10, 11 and double double 12 can bet on this type.Win the double number special betting must offer three dice are consistent with the selected number.

14, Chinese zodiac,
All Chinese zodiac betting this type again, each animal has a corresponding number range.Win the zodiac betting need three dice plane points combined results in the range.

W88 optimal DE club – super fan-tan (GPI)

Optimal DE real casino super fan-tan game, use 12 CARDS instead of white buttons, reality three tables for the lottery basis.Super reality fan-tan game, the breakthrough tradition fan-tan, simple and novel, play, small make up for your detailed interface gameplay and skill.

Fan-tan is a traditional Chinese ancient zhuang game, game use white button, tureen, sticks;By the banker in tureen covering a certain number of buttons, all bets, open the tureen, 4 as a set of buttons, use sticks distribution buttons, residual amount less than or equal to 4, the player bets on the number of the last remaining buttons.

Super fan-tan diligence on the original style, using 12 CARDS, from A – K respectively represent different points, points to the sum of, divided by four, betting on the remaining points.Dice, 12 points for 8 or 9 bureau paid into the bonus.

Fan-tan bet way and with rate details are as follows:

Bet, bet a single number, open to win, the rest is lost.

Betting type Pay Bonus pay Was 12.85 :13:1 Was 22.85 :13:1 His 32.85 :13:1 Was 42.85 :13:1

Betting read: betting two Numbers, one to win, one for and, another two for the lose.

Betting type Win Draw The odds of Read 1 2121.90 :1 Read 1 3131.90 :1 1 read 4141.90 :1 2 read 1211.90 :1 2 read 3231.90 :1 2 read 4241.90 :1 3 read 1311.90 :1 3 read 2321.90 :1 3 read 4341.90 :1 4 read 1411.90 :1 4 read 2421.90 :1 4 read 3431.90 :1

Betting Angle: the Angle betting two number, for any one to win, the rest is lost.

Betting type Win The odds of 1 and 21 or 20.95 :1 1 and 41 or 40.95-1 2 and 32 or 30.95 :1 3 and 43 or 40.95 :1

Bets small/large/and: according to the total points of 12 CARDS betting

Betting type Win The odds of big86-1441:1 small24-82 -1:1 and83, 84, 857:1

Bets on single/double: remaining points bets.

Quick bets: devote three times, as shown.

Betting type Win Odds single1, 3,0.95 :1 double2, 40.95 :1

“bonus bureau” function

After pot bets as 12 surface open card before the system will randomly throwing dice (1-12).Results such as roll or eight to nine points, the bureau will be regarded as “bonus”, open result accords with a condition, as long as all the betting players will have the opportunity to benefit from the adjusted odds.


if you have any questions, please contact 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88.com optimal DE W88 reality club IOS version download the installation instructions

Optimal DE W88 reality club now iphone apple IOS version, easily download, speed game, playing fruit machine.Small make up take you to easily download and install, the game immediately.

Step 1: download scan qr code to download, or scan to download in the download area to choose optimal DE club.

Step 2: you need to enter the “Settings” to choose “general” choose “equipment management” as shown in figure, click on the “XingLong County KangXing EnvironGetting Protection Co., Ltd “= & gt; trust this application can be completed.

Step 3: you have successfully download and install, login immediately relaxed game!!!!

More details welcome consulting 7/24 hour online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88.com android four unity (new) – WeChat deposit seconds to account

Four unity android mobile, provide casino slot machines, and happy four colour and sports products, new version does not need to discharge, you can directly install the game!New circulation desk, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and history hand, relaxed entertainment!More explosive optimal DE W88 exclusive WeChat step deposits, unique, alone!Optimal DE W88 help you master the betting anytime and anywhere, gain points minutes!Four unity chang to play games, the second mention them all in the palm!

Four unity chang to play games, the second mention them all in the palm!


How to download and install

Download and install

If your phone has been installed CLUB W client, without having to uninstall, can be installed.If you do not install, small make up to help you to easily download installation.

Login optimal DE W88 website to scan the qr code to download mobile pages 】 【.At this point you can use the “qr code scanner to scan qr code to download accordingly, the following steps:

Download the installation, then the game.The diagram below:

Dang dang dang dang!New feature, the reported, hand!allUse feeling and web version is!


Landing pages to increase the function of “accounts”, mobile phone easily registered!Operation and web version!

Home page on the left side of the menu bar, updated as follows:

[the report] : select you need to query the start time and end time, click: magnifying glass icon, but the total query you bets and win/lose situation.

[rule] : drop-down menu to view all the rules of the game in the real casino game.

The cashier’s desk 】 : deposit, transfer, withdrawal, the circulation desk history, four payment function.

“Deposit”, now offers the easiest WeChat payments.Single limit 20.00 1000 yuan.

Small make up will give you a grand introduction, Mobile phone WeChat new depositsStep, the real deposit seconds to zhang!

[transfer] : function and site operation, you can show or hide balance, choose the purse money transfer immediately.

【 withdrawal 】 : enter your corresponding drawing information, click: submit.

To the account successfully!You can through the query to the cashier’s history 】 【 payment situation, as shown in the figure below.

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W88 casino reality offering new features – roulette triple tables

Optimal DE W88 reality entertainment city, the top online entertainment!Ultimate luxury to enjoy, to bring you the unusual gaming experience.Now add roulette triple tables, a variety of play fun, let your game surprises on the road!New features, more fun, best to help you to win all eight to

Roulette trio: use European standard roulette rule, by real people dealer using real roulette table opening, single table can accommodate seven players online games at the same time.Multiple tables can be selected at the same time three desktop to bet, as it were, in the real casino.

Login mode, select the website home page [real casino].The drop-down menu, click directly into the game immediately 】 【 roulette trio.As shown in the figure below:

Real games page.You can be in three roulette table to play at the same time, increase your profit opportunities!As shown in the figure below:

Style simple, easily bets!A new function not to be missed, immediately login game ~

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