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W88 casino DE virtual reality baccarat – VB1

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Virtual reality VB1 baccarat: game like ordinary baccarat, currently only in apple’s iOS 4 and the client to provide.

Login, click on the “real casino”, chooseChoose the VB1 baccarat 】, choose the betting lines into the game you want to, the following graph:

Virtual reality baccarat of pumps and pumping of betting options.

Avoid pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

Pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

As shown in the above, the virtual reality baccarat table straightforward, betting respectively zhuang, idle, idle house have nine points, sent home, banker have nine points, have eight banker have and spare pair home and banker on at 8 o ‘clockSon,, and.

Such as in the game you need to change the betting limits, can according to the following steps:

Switch right arrow mark, simply click on the page below:

Left click on the game page to view information and game related account, containing [change quotas], [history], [the report], [rule], [home], [mail] (station), the “my account”, “money management”, “return water/rescue gold”, “bonus points” and “contact us”.You can according to their own needsView, the following figure:

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Recommend w882016 32-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time 02 a.m. on May 6, 2017, 32 of the bundesliga round, a game of Cologne, Will be in the home match against werder. Werder Bremen .Torn between the two teams ranking in the war zone, both sides are expected to win next season’s champions league qualification, the game, the two teams meet ShiYao cologne to rivals.

Date of whenRoom ,The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)02:30cologneWerder Bremen 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia Dortmundhoffenheim 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30The door is popularaugsburg 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30frankfWolff, 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayern MunichDarmstadt tower 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Eng starkBayer leverkusen 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:30Hertha BerlinLai than red bull 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:30Hamburgmainz 2017/5/7 (Sunday)23:30freiburgSchalke 04

Cologne profiles of

Cologne high on nine of the bundesliga last season, this season and last season was flat, with 10-12-9 42 points ranked eighth place, behind the European theater club werder Bremen 3 points.Cologne on the wheel’s challenge borussia Dortmund, two teams finished goalless with the game ended 0-0, cologne to harvest two draw, nearly round straight flat 2 negative hardly well.15 rounds of the season at home, cologne, 7-6-2 a mediocre, scored 23 goals, goals conceded in 14 balls, team still work well.

Bremen general situation of

Werder Bremen in 13 of the bundesliga last season, the season ranking soared, with 13-6-12 ranks sixth championship, only seventh freiburg 1 point lead, lead the 3 points, champions league qualification is not insurance.Last round home game against hertha Berlin, werder Bremen limit the opponent to play well, and scored two goals, the final 2-0 victory at home, in the past 8 wins and two draws unbeaten league with 10 games.Werder Bremen away also very trustworthy, is obtained in the recent six road 4 win 2 draw, unbeaten during tappingInto 16, but five games in the sheet, defensive problems still exist.

event analysis

From record, two teams really close, six meetings, cologne 1-4-1 and neck with rivals, including both at home and harvest the draw, play the first leg of the season, cologne’s 1-1 draw with rivals.

The game against both sides are expected to appear next season on the European theater, so both sides for the game are determined.From the recent state, werder Bremen performance obviously on opponents, the outside world to cologneOpen flat hemisphere, afternoon on the plate water level improved, in the face of such a strong team, under the condition of the outside world can still to cologne on main dish, it is a good sign for the team.

But over the past two home games, cologne and werder Bremen a tie, the visiting team status is better, although it is given priority to with flat hemisphere, but with a state of cologne, such positions will be convinced that therefore support the momentum better than werder Bremen.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Bremen to 0.5 the game ball.

W88.com method recommended re-scheduled week 36 matches. 2016-2017

Beijing time on May 6, 2017 at 2, St. dean, vsBordeaux War, both sides nearly six times, st. dean 1-2-3, into the 8 ball, 9 ball, ball 2 times, small ball 4 times.Last time against law currently sit at the end of the season 1 round, st. dean lost 2-3 on the road to bordeaux.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)02:45St. deanbordeaux 2017/5/6 (Saturday)23:00Saint germainbastia 2017/5/7 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,caen 2017/5/7 (Sunday)2:00lorientangers 2017/5/7 (Sunday)2:00guingampDijon 2017/5/7 (Sunday)2:00lillemace 2017/5/7 (Sunday)2:00NancyMonaco 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:00RyanMontpellier, 2017/5/7 (Sunday)23:00Lyonnantes 2017/5/8 (Monday)03:00marseillenice

Match analysis:

St. dean currently ranked seventh in the league with 49 points, and rob Europa seats has little hope.St. dean recent performance and the wheel on the French 2-0 victory away at guingamp, nearly five wars 2 win 1 draw 2 negative record harvest.But poor play games at staples center, nearly five mainGame 3 flat and missed a lot of the three points.

Bordeaux is currently ranked fifth in the league with 56 points, just boarded the Europa last bus, high morale.Bordeaux almost a stage performance, the round trip play ping 0-0 with Dijon, nearly four rounds of French won three wins and a draw.Bordeaux away recently began to rebound, 3 in a row after the harvest 1 win 1 draw.

St. dean substitute striker soderlund’s horse, main defence and defence this case to injury, because send defensive tactics, lead to damage of mediocrity, after 34 games only 38 goals.BohrMore right-back PuEnJie, substitute midfielder toure, continued absence because of injury, the new number one striker diego. Roland to injury, defensive line, for four wheel ligue 1 clean sheets.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: bordeaux recommend this game to 0.5 ball games.

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W88.com recommended – NBA matches the thunder versus the clippers

In 2016, at 10:30 on 10 March The thunder versus the clippers The two sides are expected to start: Thunder: Adams, the barca, Kevin durant, Robertson, wei less;The clippers: Small Jordan, Jeff Greene, Pierce, riddick, Paul.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: thunder – 5.5.

durant recently become a subject, there are rumours that if not into the finals this season thunder, durant will leave.Durant to rumours, but still unable to refrain from the outside world for his future this summer.As a professional player, Kevin durant can only rely on game, against the clippers game is an opportunity.The thunder in the game against the clippers on March 3, suffered a reversal, had 22 points, leading in the race before the final eight minutes and 16 points advantage, has been the clippers win.Durant in that game although scored 30 points, 11 rebounds 5 assists, 5 blocks, but the fourth quarter, the last 3 minutes after mistakes lost opportunity to win the game.againTime the clippers, for durant is a war of revenge.

Battle with the bucks, on the road on the thunder team out of the embarrassment of losing streak, encouraged the team morale, recently this period of time show a downward trend of thunder, the team situation is very bad, but no injury problems at present, this team and the team this season at home as much as 25-8 of operational performance is fairly reassuring, now handle, durant has completely recovered attack, brooke, three pairs of god frequently sent for, and if it in such as the barca, Canterbury, wei winters and singh and others can play a proper role, thunder at homeRemnants of the clippers is a cinch.

The clippers in recent 5 battle 4-1 in the achievements, the team condition is quite good, compared with the thunder, the clippers are now suffering from griffin wound lacks the plight of the less is averaging 23.2 points and 8.7 rebounds and five assists the clippers after the absolute core of the overall strength by weakening, especially the strength of the inside, is sell at a discount greatly, but Paul, nickelodeon drew – Jordan and riddick valiant efforts by the Lord, the team was able to have had such a good record, in a recent battle on the battle with the mavericks, the three people together to send out the 72 minutes and 26 rebounds, it this several people play is still fastThe key to ship the outcome.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended thunderbolt to 5.5 points.

W88 optimal DE w88 】 【 the Italian football league round of 27, 2015-2016

Beijing time on February 28, 01:00 (Sunday), is approaching 2015-2016 in the Italian football league’s 27th round, here small make up take you preview event arrangement in advance.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/28 (Sunday)01:00empoliThe Roman 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:45AC milanTurin, 2016/2/28 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Palermobologna 2016/2/28 (Sunday)22:00Carl skinAtlanta, 2016/2/28 (Sunday)22:00chievoGenoa 2016/2/28 (Sunday)22:00sampdoriaMr Rossi’s inside 2016/2/28 (Sunday)22:00udinesedBarcelona 2016/2/29 (Monday)03:45JuventusInter milan 2016/3/1 (Tuesday)2:00lazioMr Solow 2016/3/1 (Tuesday)04:00FlorenceNaples

AC milan VS torino

28 at 3 in the morning Beijing time, re-scheduled week 27 rounds of focus of A battle, AC. milan in home match against torino.This is the approach of this season milan left three group of opportunity, if the red and black army no longer hold, then among the opportunity for next season’s champions league will become even more remote.

For the last three: milan recently with a good record, double nearly 10 win wars and draw four unbeaten, five home 4 win 1 draw the excellent record.Is, therefore, red and black army and shouted out the slogan of “struggle for between three to finally”.However the situation is still grim, milan is 44 points, eight points from the third gap of Florence, four points from fifth international milan still have the gap.Season coming to an end stage, and finally 12 rounds of eight points is not easy.This is a good opportunity to fiorentina in Naples, inter suffered a juve (website) figure, if milan was able to get 3 points (note: milan are open on Saturday, local time, inter milan Juventus, fiorentina game was the next day), the red and black army would bring great pressure to fight three rivals, so as to have the opportunity to reel).

Midfield backbone: this war, milan captain montolivo will because cumulative suspension.Receive the Tory woburn successful transformation of the season, from a “literary” minced into midfieldBeast.Serie a this season, montolivo is averaging two steals, averaging intercept ball 4 times, averaging a total of six snatching the ball, the data in the team ranked second, behind only 6.2 times of abate, even coontz card (4.6) is better than not.The sky think, montolivo’s absence, will let milan 442 system very balanced by a certain impact, sinisa mihajlovic would be able to cope with this problem?

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended milan to let the game 0.5 1 ball games.


W88 casino optimal DE w88 】 【 wheel 26 of the Spanish football league fixtures, 2015-2016

03:30 on Saturday, Beijing time on February 27, will soon celebrate the Spanish football league 2015-2016 in six games, 20 below small make up take you to preview in advance the arrangement and the analysis of the event in .

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/2/27 (Saturday)03:30Mr AnwarLas palmas 2016/2/27 (Saturday)23:00Real MadridAtletico Madrid 2016/2/28 (Sunday)01:15getafeCelta vigo 2016/2/28 (Sunday)01:15Sporting gijonThe Spanish 2016/2/28 (Sunday)03:30Real betisThe column of kano 2016/2/28 (Sunday)05:05The royal societymalaga 2016/2/28 (Sunday)At 19:00villarreallevante 2016/2/28 (Sunday)23:00valenciaAthletic bilbao 2016/2/29 (Monday)01:15Deportivo la corunagranada 2016/2/29 (Monday)03:30Barcelonasevilla

Mr Anwar VS las palmas

The home team are

After the Spanish 25 round, Mr Anwar is 36 points was ranked seventh, just two points behind the war zone.Though Mr Anwar in front against integral bottom levante success three points, but in the last round against celta, s. peres and dry your goals too late, the team eventually 2-3 defeat to rivals.Mr Anwar is now able to climb to the upstream of the premier league, had done so well, which is closely connected with excellent performance of the bath, as in his league chief striker has scored 16 goals for the team.Mr Anwar at home this season strong, 13A league game 7 win 3 flat 3 negative, averaging only 0.92 goals conceded.

The visitors are

Las palmas is currently ranked third from bottom in the Spanish championship for the 21 points, three points is needed to escape the relegation zone.On a round of league, las palmas in the 2-1 home defeat to Barcelona, a three-game skid.Although the team lost to Barcelona, but they do well in the match, has made a lot of trouble to rivals, including goalkeeper blas is against all kinds of high, door god, specular highlights.Las palmas are quite weak, nearly 8 rounds of league, they just made1 victory, also lost five games, the team at present no state.Plus the team has been on the offensive and defensive problems, their league has averaged goal number less than 1, while averaging 1.58 goals, it is so badly affect the team’s offensive and defensive performance record.More worryingly, las palmas is currently away record the worst team in la liga, 12 league win 3-0 3 flat nine outings.


Both sides in recent 10 meetings, las palmas 6 win 2 draw 2 negative record temporarily leading, 14Ball lost 11 slightly ahead.

Las palmas in la liga is only two so far away to never win teams, the strength can be seen, but recently Mr Anwar, round recovered but face celta upstream team still can’t win quite a pity, but for now on confidence, still is expected to win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the total goal is greater than the game 3 balls.

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