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W88 casino meet optimal DE 2.14 western valentine’s day (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

Meet W88, optimal DE elaborate valentine’s day gift for you!Betting optimal DE W88 any products that have the opportunity to obtain 214 yuan’s bonus.Flowers gifts and blessing, it is better to send the money is enough!Also at etc. What about up to

Rules and terms: The

  1. Activities began in On February 13, 2017, 00:00:00And by the end of 23:59:59 on February 19, 2017, (Beijing time).
  2. This offer is applicable to all the registered active members.
  3. Activities during the period, to be single at least successful deposit of 2017 yuan, can participate in this offer.
  4. During the activity, betting optimal DE W88 arbitrary categoryGame products, if you bet the number four is [1314], and this note that at least 100 yuan effective note sheet, can obtain 214 yuan’s bonus.
  5. Meet the needs of the members, preferential in preferential period to send mail to [email & # 160; protected] email application, overdue invalid.
    Email title: meet the best DE 2.14 western valentine’s day of
    Content: your user name, the game product and name, effective note single number, as well as the complete screenshot attached with a note number.
  6. The lover’s bonus will be preferential within 2 working days from the end of the distributing center purse to you best.
  7. Bonuses only three times as much water withdrawals (except poker).
  8. Optimal DE W88, don’t allow any bet bets, once found will be abolished to confiscate the corresponding amount of dividends and earnings.
  9. Optimal DE W88, provide the offer only applies to recreational players.Optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.
  10. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

W88 casino optimal DE brings new market to 15 seconds happy color & # 038;20 seconds happy color

Lottery new upgrades, minutes bet win over!15 seconds happy color & amp;20 seconds happy color, and the average speed the lottery every 10 seconds, not discontinuous bets a day.Chang shuang multiple game bet methods, emotion experience, win a high bonus ~

15 seconds happy color & amp;Happy 20 seconds

Optimal DE two happy color brings new market to 15 seconds color & am happyP;Happy for 20 seconds.Without waiting for, fast experience!

15 seconds happy color & amp;20 seconds happy color area in the lottery game products 】.The diagram below:

Login screen, choose your state enter the game hall [betting limit].The diagram below:

【 betting area 】 More convenient market page, follow control.This period the lottery results, next the lottery results, the countdown, route map, the types of bets, betting area & amp;For details,Manually enter bet amount, etc.Meet the needs of our members for various bets.The diagram below:

Happy color 15 s – just 15 seconds countdown to

Happy color 20 s – just 20 seconds countdown to

Every region of the results of the lottery will be strictly in accordance with the official results for proofreading.When the following situations occurs, the management will reserve the right to void and the impact of nper:

If long time don’t have access to official results;
If official results before the system shutdown.

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88 awarding euro – special club

Awarding euro club of preferential come!On a large number of new one you liking, using your points balance for a big hurry!

To exchange gifts: The be fond of according to you can choose gifts catalog wide variety of gifts, each free gift or betting displays how many points can exchange, as long as you is greater than the current integral points of the show, move the mouse to the picture on display exchange and details, you click on the exchange.

In your submitted successfullyAfter application, the optimal DE W88 awarding specialist contact you and check for you after checking.The postage is superior to DE W88 undertake.

Query points: Log in to your account, can click the top right corner or mouse floating balance/integral 】 【 main menu bar “bonus points” into the integral query page.Choose the date for the query and query.Specific operation please click on the How to query details bonus points 】Learn more about.


warm prompt: if you are not using any of the points in the exchange on (date), within the validity period for the integral of the failure will no longer use after expiration.Please be sure to remember at 6 months period in time for you to get points.

The validity of the sapphire loyalty points six (6) months.

Gold members integral is valid for twelve (12) months.

platinum diamond membership integral will be effective for a long time.

If you have any questions about integral rewards program, you are always welcome email to [email & # 160; protected] queries.

More preferential details, welcome you at any time consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, or login and then click the “integralRewards club] for details.

W88.com awarding club

Optimal DE W88, introducing leading online game loyalty benefit plan, let you can enjoy high return water, can enjoy the bonus points plan again.Awarding program leading the industry pioneer, optimal DE W88, give you unique distinguished experience.

Integral = rewards (innovation concept, luxury)

Starts from February 1, 2014, W a VIP membership grade sapphire, gold, platinum and diamond will be based on games Betting amount earn points, other members temporarily does not provide bonus points.

If the member in the use of the site and reward plan fraud or engaged in illegal activities, against optimal DE W88.com’s terms of use and optimal DE W88.com has the right to freeze or closed account accordingly.Members can attend all preferential in the incentive plan, unless in the terms of use of rewards programs have special instructions for qualifying.

1. Access to

Way 1: integral is registered as optimal DE W88 sapphire you success or above level member, when making real money games to earn points.

Enjoy free bets: For success, will be immediately sent to you at the center of the wallet.Only cash register you choose currency, otherwise your application will be considered invalid, free bets without water withdrawals.Other matters of withdrawals and is suitable for optimal DE W88 rules and provisions.

Small make up remind you oh ~As long as 278The integral can change 25Free betting amount about yuan~

To exchange gifts: The be fond of according to you can choose gifts catalog wide variety of gifts, each free gift or betting displaysTo how many points can exchange, as long as you is greater than the current integral points of the show, move the mouse to the picture will show to exchange and details, you click on the exchange.

After you successfully submit petitions, optimal DE W88 awarding specialist contact you and check for you after checking.The postage is superior to DE W88 undertake.

6. Lucky to rotate for

All registered members record of at least once a week deposit to conform to participate in “lucky” spin free of charge.Logged in click on the “lucky spin”Query the specific operation details.

Members get preferential after rotation, customer service will be in in 24 hoursGet in touch with you, members agreed to this offer immediately after processing.

Club membership rotation after winning the prize, integral will contact with you, discuss the details related to the prize, members agreed requirements and provide the mailing address after for 15 daysTo deal with.

Lucky rotation will be free at the end of the day per week 23:59:59 points (Beijing time)Next week, you will get free spin again.

You took part in the return water activities, can also attend the integral activities, optimal DE W88 double honour enjoy preferential to you!

More discount details, you can consult online customer service 24 hours a day, or click on the “awarding club” after login for details.

If you have any questions about integral rewards program, you are always welcome email to [email & # 160; protected] queries.

W88.com optimal DE W88 new mobile version

Optimal DE W88 mobile version has a comprehensive upgrade to adjust!User friendly interface, a client contains all the game: happy sports, reality, slot machines, color, etc.Simple installation, no need to escape or flash.Security and frequently updated to ensure that your game is smooth.More clear and simple interface, rich interesting mobile game in hand, immediately download experience!

You can according to their own mobile phone system [scan qr code] or click on the “download” to download the client.


android client

Four unity android mobile, provide casino slot machines, and happy four colour and sports products, new version does not need to discharge, you can directly install the game!New circulation desk, deposits, withdrawals, transfers and history hand, relaxed entertainment!More explosive optimal DE W88 exclusive WeChat step deposits, unique, alone!Optimal DE W88 help you master the betting anytime and anywhere, gain points minutes!Four unity chang to play games, the second mention them all in the palm!

Download and install

if your phone has been installed CLUB W client, without having to uninstall, can be installed.If you do not install, small make up to help you to easily download installation.

Login optimal DE W88 website to scan the qr code to download mobile pages 】 【.At this point you can use the qr code scanner 】 【 scan qr code to download accordingly, the following steps:

Download the installation, then the game.The diagram below:

Dang dang dang dang!New feature, the reported, hand!All use feeling and web version is!


Landing pages to increase the function of “accounts”, mobile phone easily registered!Operation and web version!

Home page on the left side of the menu bar, updated as follows:

[the report] : select you need to query the start time and end time, click: magnifying glass icon, but the total query youNote the forehead and win/lose situation.

[rule] : drop-down menu to view all the rules of the game in the real casino game.

The cashier’s desk 】 : deposit, transfer, withdrawal, the circulation desk history, four payment function.

“Deposit”, now offers the easiest WeChat payments.Single limit 20.00 1000 yuan.

Small make up will give you a grand introduction, Mobile phone WeChat new depositsStep, the real deposit seconds to zhang!

[transfer] : function and site operation, you can show or hide balance, choose the purse money transfer immediately.

【 withdrawal 】 : enter your corresponding drawing information, click: submit.

To the account successfully!You can through the query to the cashier’s history 】 【 payment situation, as shown in the figure below.

“Online chat” : 7 x24 hours all year round quality online customer service team to serve you.

If “logout” :Do you want to exit this client, please click: to log out.

Mobile web version

HTML 5 mobile site, suitable for any kind of mobile phone can browse the web.Login immediately experience ~

Login optimal DE W88 website to scan qr code to enter mobile pages 】 【 mobile web version.At this point you can use the scan qr code scanner 】 【 corresponding qr code, the following steps:

After a successful login, the main page covers your personal information, games,Money management, favorable, and online customer service, meet all functional requirements of you!

You can use a mobile phone to deposit, transfer, withdrawal, history query, without second jump page, can complete all operations.

iphone client

5 step can be easily in the IOS iphone chang play sports, entertainment city, slot machines, and happy color.At your option, play you think!

【 scan qr code to download 】

After login optimal DE W88 website, click on the “mobile phone”, then the use of mobile phones qr code scanner to scan qr code, apple (IOS) 】 【 click “install”, check the “equipment management”.The diagram below:

Into the mobile phone in the “Settings” – “general” – “equipment management”, click “XingLong County KangXing Environmental Protection Co., Ltd” = & gt;Trust this application.The diagram below:

Has been set successfully.You can log in your “user name” and “password” after beginning IOS apple mobile phone games.The diagram below:

Unity iphone client four games at your choice: sports/real happy casino slot machines/color.The diagram below:

Use more details welcome consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Happy w88 casino accelerate new color

Happy new accelerated color, gain double your speed!Optimal DE W88, independent research and development platform, 25 seconds to speed up the lottery, style simple, easily bets!Immediately to join ~

Please choose “lottery” in the login state, click into the optimal DE happy color 】 【.The diagram below:

You can be happy in optimal color and color, select the betting market, accelerate the happy color 】 【 only view effect is different.You can click on the upper left corner, enter the website link query periods.The diagram below:

More games for details, please consult the 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88 casino DE w88 new desktop

Optimal DE W88 new PC desktop version provides you all wonderful game!You can by choosing the 】 【 download area you can use the version of the type.Easy steps, speed game, do not need to repeat input url waiting, give you a faster and more stable gaming experience.The impact of the speed and passion, all in optimal W88 desktop!

Download area location:

Move the mouse to the left side of the page after login website 】 【 download area, select the version you computer system (Windows or MAC) click on the corresponding icon can be downloaded.The diagram below:

Note : Recommend the use of more stable Google, Internet explorer or firefox browser to download.

Download the installation operation:

Step1:Google browser, for example, through the “download area”, please download and install.File will be on the lower left corner of your page to download folder after the download is complete.The diagram below:

Step 2:11 21998871311219982387Find after download folder, click run the setup.After the installation is complete, the icon will be automatically on your computer desktop to create shortcuts.Would you please according to the page.

Step 3:11 21998871311219982387Find a desktop shortcut, mouse, double-click to open after login.The diagram below:

Optimal DE W88 desktop version covers optimal DE all the game!All products and experience and the optimal DE W88 web version update, do not need to makeUse the browser login url, a key cheong play is so simple!Welcome to download experience optimal DE W88 new desktop –

More operation details welcome consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88.com to play happy, enjoy exciting, win cash prizes

Happy color championship will present on Thursday, immediate application, easy to take account, first come first served, quickly receive!

Championship content:

  1. Happy color championships on Thursday,Each conforms to the participating members, will use the game account number, password to match;Each account 5000 virtual currency, carried out in accordance with the total win the final game time ranking.
  2. In order to ensure a fair and just competition member may at any time to refresh the view rankings in a timely manner.
  3. This tournament is applicable to all the optimal DE W88, use of the renminbi, the dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, south Korean won and dollars to registered members.Each member may only have one W88 account, if the query to the account, will permanently disqualified and cancel bonuses and ranking!
  4. Happy colorHappy championship is suitable for the game.
Rules and terms:
  1. You only need a week before the opening, the W88 happy color or at least 200 yuan in the lottery (or equivalent) effectively betting record can apply for.Issue for all countries, a total of 288 valid entry, apply for and complete the running waterAnd they’ve entered places first!
  2. Instantly click “Preferential claims for “Button (after login) to apply for to participate in the tournament. Application time from every week on Friday to 18:00:00 end before the start of the second week of Thursday afternoon. Any bet bets will not be calculated within the return water bets on the forehead and betting
  3. invalid

  4. Each conforms to the participating members, we will use the best DE W88 station letter will match special account, password, links and rank link sent to you in time, using the account, each account 5000 virtual currency, gameTime according to the total winning the final ranking, 25 before eventually winning must be positive and at least 20 hands are betting.If total winning or losing is zero or negative, will not pay bonuses.
  5. 5000 virtual currency cannot transfer and withdrawal.
  6. In order to ensure a fair and just competition member may at any time to refresh the view rankings in a timely manner.
  7. Bonus distribution: (all bonuses only in happy color game 1 can apply for withdrawal)
    times more water
    Rank First place888 second388 Third,188 4 to 588 6 to 2538

  8. Participating members can only after each issue 19 PM for betting, time for a total of four hours, at any time at any time convenient to join in.23 PM every Thursday officially ended the game.19 points before betting as invalid.
  9. Bonuses will be sent within two business days after the end of the game to your W88 real accounts.
  10. Bet when found violation of the rules of the game, such as rankings and bonus qualification will be cancelled.
  11. You are always welcome login optimal DE W88, online customer service or view the optimal DE W88 official weibo, WeChatFor more details.
  12. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

W88.com chang shuang game master, first deposit of 100%

100% for the first deposit bonus of up to 300 yuan, sports, real casino, happy color, and play slot machines at your random chang.Limited number of stocks last, immediately!Minimum deposit can apply for 20 yuan, bonus of up to 300 yuan!Echocardiography, hurriedly to apply!


First stock dividends, 1.100% deposit how many, how much to send up to 300 heads of state of deposit bonus is waiting for you to pick up.
2. Activities began on January 1 2017 00:00:00 (Beijing time), as in the 20thOn January 31, 17 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
3. The activity is suitable for the dollar, the yuan, the Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, the dong, the south Korean won and the yen all newly registered member, is favorable for details, please consult local currency language.

Dividends and water requirements are as follows:

The game is game purseThe highest dividend amount water requirements Western sportsWestern sports300X (principal + bonus) Optimal DE real clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) PT Andy clubAndy (PT reality + slot machines)300X15 (principal + bonus) MG golden clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) GPI kanaike clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) PNG/ISB golden cup clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) .net spittor clubspittor300X15 (principal + bonus) TTG/QT gold emperor clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) The blessed one BS/GOS gold clubOptimal DE club + other slot machines300X15 (principal + bonus) Happy colorHappy color300X20 (principal + bonus)
How to apply for and use?
  1. After successful registration, minimum successful deposit 20 yuan for the first time (or other equivalent), click on the activities of the page “claim discount” button, select the club you want game, confirm the filing.
  2. System after receiving your application will be approved within 15 minutes, by SMS, E-mail, letter within the station (envelope) notice of audit results.Please make sure your registered email address and contact phone number real and effective.
  3. In either way after receiving the bonus code, in the interface to transfer money from the center of the purse money transfer to game the purse, dividend with the corresponding input in the bonus code bar code can obtain dividends.
    (how to use the bonus code)
  4. This offer bonus code is valid for 48 hours, overdue invalid.
Rules and terms:
  1. Each member to apply for a first deposit bonus only.
  2. Plus bonus dividend need to achieve in the above table corresponding deposits is rear can draw water, the following products do not count towards the requirements for water – click here.
  3. Discounts only can choose to apply for a game club: the westSports, happy color, superior DE – great hall and the optimal DE club or any slot club.
  4. The draw, bet, cancel, invalid single injection and the disc 1.5 odds or port plate 0.5 at the following list is not included in the flowing water of injection.
  5. If dividends have not reached double water within 30 days, we will have the right to cancel the dividend and profit.If apply for withdrawal corresponding requirement of the water has not been achieved, the dividend and profit will be charged.
  6. First deposit bonus if the application is the slot machine game, get bonuses only can play slot machine game, if discover the dividendBetting on other games, will be confiscated to abolish all the bonus amount.
  7. The first deposit bonus not with optimal DE other send, water rebates enjoy at the same time.
  8. Optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel any member or gang betting this privilege, optimal DE has sole and absolute discretion.
  9. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

W88 happy 0.8% ultra-high uncapped instant return water

Happy color, play is happy, win bonuses, return is 0.8% instant return water, no ceiling, withdrawals at any time!

gaugeWith clause:
  1. All optimal DE W88 active member shall be entitled to enjoy the color during weekly 0.8% return water activity according to the members in the optimal DE W88 happiness bet amount.
  2. The preferential minimum RMB 5 color, not the highest limit.Instant return water only in the week to apply for, if you forget to click on apply for return water last week, may contact customer service for online application (only) last week.
  3. Without water, return water withdrawals.
  4. After landing account, open the “personal information” page, pointClick “return water status”, query and explain get instant return water.
  5. This offer cannot be Shared with your existing offers.
  6. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.