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W882017-2018 premier league second round competition is recommended

Beijing time on August 19, 2017 7:30 points, 2017/2018 season in the premier league second round Swansea VS Manchester united will go to war, Swansea will be free at home stadium against Manchester united after the first round for the first championship.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team
2017/8/19 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.SwanseaManchester united 2017/8/19 (Saturday)22:00bournemouthwatford 2017/8/19 (Saturday)22:00burnleyWest brom 2017/8/19 (Saturday)22:00leicesterBrighton 2017/8/19 (Saturday)22:00LiverpoolThe crystal palace 2017/8/19 (Saturday)22:00SouthamptonWest ham 2017/8/20 (Sunday)00:30Stoke cityArsenal 2017/8/20 (Sunday)Manner ofHa,Newcastle 2017/8/20 (Sunday)23:00spursChelsea 2017/8/20 (Sunday)03:00Manchester cityeverton

Swansea v Manchester united

Swansea to sell the team core woman,

Just before the game with Manchester united, Swansea officially announced the team’s midfield Iceland big being woman we will move to everton, the transaction fee of up to 45 million pounds.Woman’s pine away may have disastrous effects on Swansea, last season he was excellent play to help Swansea’s serie a.

Swansea first-choice striker still injury plagued

Swansea’s main striker,Spanish slightly trent last month when a bike accident hurt his arm, he has in his rehabilitation, there is a lot of may he was still unable to attend the game.Playing against Southampton, no slightly trent Swansea always unable to score, it also reflects the side he is important for the team.

Manchester united in the first round of 4 ball over the top

Manchester united is the first round of the league to face west ham at home, facing the strength not weak opponents, they showed domination on the match completely, ended with four goals, zero opponent’s record back on top of the standings.

mannTwo new signings are outstanding

Manchester united in the two big new signing luka libraries and matic have performed well in the game, luca library debut is completed a brace, while matic is rated as the best player of the match.The two brought new vigor, new signing for Manchester united and Manchester united’s another new signing, linde rove in the round did not enter the team roster, against Swansea could usher in his premiership debut.

The two sides against the record

Swansea with Manchester united play a total of 17 times, Swansea in 5-3-9 disadvantage.Last season’s doubleTwo fixtures against the party, the Manchester united 1 win 1 draw unbeaten.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game Manchester united for 1 to 2 ball games.

W88 return water instant – the complete application

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How to enter the page of return water instant application?

Web page on how to apply computer?

After you log on optimal DE W88 account, click on the page to the upper right corner shows you the location of the user name (pictured), the pop-up window click on The return water/rescue gold 】 And then select the club you want to apply for.

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Product "The strong> total effective betting Return water percentage return water amount is Sports return water: you can click on the return water left page or apply for weeks return water 】 【 sports return of underwater for preferential 】 【 after entering select the sports you want to apply for, and then click on the "confirm" to submit.

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submit success tips: (pictured),

Mobile web and APP how to apply for?

Please use a mobile phone browser login optimal DE W88 mobi:

If you have download the optimal DE W88 APP client, can be directly to log in.

After entering the page, select “personal data” click [return water/rescue gold].The diagram below:

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Recommend w882017-2018 west re-scheduled week 1 matches

Beijing time on August 19 04:15 points, the first round of the 2017/2018 season in la liga valencia for upcoming VS las parma, valencia will be in a home game against parma.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/8/19 (Saturday)02:15He inAllah’s 2017/8/19 (Saturday)04:15valenciaLas parma 2017/8/20 (Sunday)00:15celtaThe royal society

The 2017/8/20 (Sunday)02:15groningenAtletico Madrid 2017/8/20 (Sunday)04:15sevillaThe Spanish 2017/8/21 (Monday)00:15bilbaogetafe

2017/8/21 (Monday)02:15Barcelonabetis 2017/8/21 (Monday)04:15deportivoReal Madrid 2017/8/22 (Tuesday)02:15levanteVilla, ray, 2017 /8/22 (Tuesday)04:00malagaMr Anwar

Valencia VS las parma is

Valencia in

This transfer window signed on loan last season of the amazing firm, in the substitute goalkeeper, celta winger fabio aurelio sales;Off the Matthew Ryan, gray number, diego. Daniel alves, players such as arch, considering he tied with aurelio donor had last season on loan in the team, the team still need to fill in the transfer market to continue strong, Arsenal centre-half gabrielIron waist hole with inter biya more are expected to join Barcelona midfielder denis suarez also will join the club from the rumors.Right back at the same time team camp arcelor goals are more teams as a footballer.

Valencia poor performance in recent years, the manager change frequently, the operation of the valencia President Peter lim was denounced by the fans, the ray, candy plug such as core players still in transfer vortex, and cited progress also not make fans happy, it is said that he will be watching the game, you can imagine his fans crazy boos.

Las palmas,

This turnMain window is pretty bleak, mesa, main striker kevin-prince boateng leave become a free agent, and integrated into the team last season to elude the former real Madrid winger Hector plug has leave, 28 appearances last season, scoring 10 goals of boateng leave a great influence on the team, the team signings aspects in addition to the transfer ban from atletico Madrid on loan to the lapa locals than outside, there is no creditable operation, also only with the barca B team young Sam’s spread rumors.

Las palmas new coach rafael marquez 48 years old, this is the first time he served as the new season la liga level of the team’s coach, as oneRookie coach his prospects are difficult to watch, on a no top league coaching experience to the Spanish coach is last season at the helm of granada Arsenal legend Adams, he led the team after creation team losing streak record were demoted, ranking to pursue unceasingly, many without any window.Valencia vs las palmas, he can use the game to prove himself?

The two sides against the record

Valencia fight with the las palmas, 10 times in valencia to five wins and two draws three negative gained the upper hand.Three parties on the la liga season, valencia, 3 suffered a gameA fiasco.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend las parma to the game 1 ball games.

W88 casino2017-2018 recommended re-scheduled week 1 matches

On August 20, Beijing time 00:00, 2017/2018 season the first round of the serie a Juventus VS cagliari game for upcoming, Juventus will be at home against cagliari.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/8/19 (Saturday)23:59Juventuscagliari 2017/8/20 (Sunday)02:45veronaNaples 2017/8/20 (Sunday)23:59Atlanta,The Roman 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45Within the g’sAC milan 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45lazioferrara 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45udinesechievo 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45Inter milanFlorence 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45sampMr Text Joe 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45Mr SolowGenoa 2017/8/21 (Monday)02:45bolognaTurin,

Juventus VS cagliari,

Juventus in

Face yourself have been defeated by lazio, not many people think that Juventus will throw away the Italian super cup, but it has become a living reality, team’s first in the super cup against lazio was even under 2 city, after the team scored free-kick and tenacious rely on Mr Barak penalty equaliser for the team, the team were in stoppage time winner, joseHe was holding a late goal help lazio team 3-2 win.


Overall basic retain cagliari striker combination the new season and defense personnel changes, but level and still maintain the same level last season, and need more bond at the beginning of the season and could see the team is still to avoid relegation battle.

Coach PK

1. The cagliari scored 47 points ranked 11th in the league, last season the team have set the best record since the 2012-13 season, coach rastelli as before led to upgrade the exploits of a seasonCoaches get wildly popular media, can maintain performance this season not rise is a huge test for him.

2. Juventus coach allegri while failing to stop Juventus in the champions league final last season by easing the bit in real Madrid, but to lead Juventus in the champions league final and to get the league cup double enough for he received many high praise, he for his career against cagliari grades 9-2-1, 2 times directly against cagliari coach rastelli has won.Juventus vs cagliari, he can continue wins record?

Opening achievement

1. The serie a debut against Juventus in the past 10 season 2 negative result is 6 win 2 draw, only 1 ball games could win opponent 2 +.

2. The serie a debut against cagliari past 10 season won 3 3 draws and 4 defeats, losing three games in four games to lose two or more opponents.

bet analysis

Juventus VS cagliari considering battle Juventus lazio play a bad game, the departure of Mr Great influence to the team, coupled with cagliari is not without the strength to do and predict Juventus win at most 2 ball.The

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the match Juventus let two goals wins.

W882017 recommended – 2018-1 of the bundesliga matches

Beijing time on August 19, and the owner of the Volkswagen arena wolfsburg, will usher in “bumblebee” the challenge of borussia Dortmund, wolfsburg VS Dortmund game of the game than like a conference.The Wolf fort defence radical restructuring, last season’s rookie guard can alone problems this season.And borussia Dortmund after she lai was Barcelona on caring, watts grams of zor’s anger to team up and down.The game the Wolf fort and bumblebee who worse?

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/8/19 (Saturday)02:30Bayern MunichBayer leverkusen 2017/8/19 (Saturday)21: 30mainzHannover 96 2017/8/19 (Saturday)At 21:30Hamburgaugsburg 2017/8/19 (Saturday)At 21:30Hertha BerlinStuttgart, 2017/8/19 (Saturday)At 21:30hoffenheimWerder Bremen 2017/8/19 (Saturday)At 21:30Wolf fortBorussia Dortmund 2017/8/20 (Sunday)00:30Schalke 04Lai red bull 2017/8/20 (Sunday)At 21:30freiburgFrankfurt

2017/8/20 (Sunday)23:59The door is popularcologne

Wolfsburg VS Dortmund in

Borussia Dortmund injury disastrous

Dortmund injury list is almost can discharge a decent starting line-up.Captain meltzer set an example to enter ward, guerrero (first-choice right-back), erik durm (reserve right-back), Helene weigel main (lower back), the second-best, Royce, latticeCe (team winger trident, now officially changed its name ward three brothers), rod (lower back).Plus be watts grams have suspended the Ottoman – Mr Lai, borussia Dortmund the value of this injury squad almost reached more than half the total price of the team, perhaps at this time, can only silently in the heart circle.

Bos: who don’t also want to above the interests of Dortmund.

Recently to borussia Dortmund fans would be the most disturbing of Mr Lai phase by Barcelona then make a series of moth.In wolfsburg VS Dortmund’s pre-match press conference, borussia Dortmund bald head coach, is noQuestion was asked about the problem.The main used in ajax times has been the poacher’s coach is still appear very hard: “who don’t want to can stay in the team’s interests, Mr Lai now want to go back in time.If he was possessed, let him spend a season in the stands is also a good choice.”

bet analysis

The wolfsburg VS Dortmund game, not just in a football match, or a more miserable.Two ambitions in the summer but reality beat teams meet, although the bumblebee more has the upper hand in terms of strength, butThe absence or make the main body of a too much bald head coach, is also fast long head sent, he can rely on only one biden Mr Lai heart slightly fixed-point Obama MeiYang.And wolfsburg coach let Kerr seems to continue attacking play by comrade gomez last season, but that for a top, and huang he so that tall strong degree and defender seems to be no x, the game, small make up good hornet “fly out of the Wolf fort, stung the wolves”, the visiting team to victory.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended borussia Dortmund for the game 1 ball games.< / STR非政府组织


W88 casino Banks online trading order capture method (visitors)

When you encounter any deposits off the single, you can query in the following way Banks online trading order information.Will provide you full deposit information to our online customer service, will help you to follow up with the processing of your payment in time to the account.

Icbc payment order number how to query the Internet?

Note: icbc to open the bank on the net functions to query log on to online banking.

Query path: log on to personal Internet banking – click [icbc e - order payment details enquiry - select a date period - query 】

Click on the transaction serial number or the receipt, can query to the order number.

Agricultural bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

1, log on to the agricultural bank of China Internet banking, select the personal Internet banking login 】.

2, choose "expends pay," "online payment transaction query";

3, start date and deadline, "input", "ok";

4, the order no. Here is the bank order number.

How to query the bank of China online payment order number?

1, the bank of China website: HTTP: / /, the electronic payment -- - online payment 】 【 】 【 online payment record 】, can according to you enter start and end dates of online payment record query, can inquire within a year of online payment record 】 【, submit the query time span no more than three months.

If you need to check the bank card all transaction payment details (such as transaction refund, etc.),Please inquire on the entrance to the bank account, transaction details 】 【.

2, click on the "query", according to online payment record query results page, including the payment time, order number, currency, amount of trading and transaction status.

After 3, clicks on an order number, according to the online payment record detailed information.Including thePay date, order number and transaction number, name of merchants, account alias, payment account number, currency, amount of trading and transaction status.

4. Click on the [back], can return to the search results page.

The construction bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

1. Login中国建设银行——点击左上角【登录网上银行】——【个人网上银行】——点击【客户服务】——【日志查询】;


Traffic bankHow to query online payment order number?

1, login traffic bank web site,, select “personal online banking login”.

2, choose according to net silver version “SMS user login password (the original mobile phone registered users)”, “certificate user login” to log in.

3, select “transfer” – electronic payment queries, adjust the query time, click on the query.Can see the order number.

Shanghai bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

1, click here to login Shanghai bank individual net silver;

2, click on the “on-line payment” — – online payment management 】 【 【 trading records query 】, select query date section, click the “submit”.

3, can inquire the time trade record details, including: the order number, the trading dayPeriod, the order amount, transaction status, etc.

China merchants bank, how to query online payment order number?

Bank online payment order number queries from the public edition, professional edition.

, A popular version: personal bank public version, IC card, online payment, online payment transaction query – select period – queries.

B, professional edition: personal banking pro – online payment – one card payment transaction query – select period – queries.

Safe deposit payment order number how to query the Internet?

1, a user login account through online banking.

2, click on the “bank”, online payment, online payment query, select a date later, click “query”, see the bank order number.

Minsheng bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

A, the public version: the minsheng bank public version of the individual net silver (click here to enterQuery), the query service, online payment order queries – select query time.

B, VIP version: login minsheng bank VIP version of personal online banking – query service – online payment order query – select query time.

Citic bank how to query the order number?

1, log in citic bank transfer payment, online payment, online bank, ordersFine query;

2, enter a start date and deadline query;

3, query the order number.

Everbright bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

1, click here to login, China everbright bank online banking – “individual user login”;

2, click “more”, “electronic payment”, “payment detailed query”-” by number query 】, select query time.

Shanghai pudong development individual net silver trading order number how to query the Internet?

Digital certificates and dynamic password query path: payment and payment – online payment 】 【 】, select query time click on the “submit”.

Guangdong development bank, such as何查询网上支付订单号?



登录兴业银行 (点此进入查询)—个人网上银行—网上支付—网上支付明细查询。


登陆个人网上银行 (点此进入查询),选择【网上支付】—【支付明细查询】—【订单编号】


1, the professional version of

Enter the ningbo bank home page (, select the personal online banking login zone, into the professional version – pay expends, online payment, online payment transaction query, select payment account – choose a date – sure.

2, fast-track
Enter the ningbo bank home page (, chooseChoose the personal online banking login zone, into the fast lanes, pay pay cost, online payment, online payment transaction query – select payment account – choose a date – sure.

Rich yunnan bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

Rich yunnan Banks provide only the last three months of the online payment order number, if you need to query the records before 3 months, the query can take id card to the bank counter.

1, online payment – >Pay deal query – > select query time range, select query card number.

2, click on the query, can see the e-currency order number.

Beijing agricultural business bank how to query the online payment order number ?

1, enter Beijing agri-businesses bank (homepage:, select “login” golden phoenix net silver zone, into the “online支付”—“支付交易日志查询”—“选择账号”—“选择起始日期”—“确定”。



登录中国邮政储蓄个人网银 (点此进入查询),点击【网上支付】——【网上支付交易查询】查询网上支付订单号,可根据付款账户、付款日期进行查询。Can check询6个月内的交易。


1、登录北京银行网上银行 (点此进入查询),选择“我的账户—本行账户查询—查询网上购物记录”查询订单号。


您可以登录温州银行个人网银专业版( 点此进入查询),查询服务菜单下的查询网上支付订单信息。如下图所示:




3, in a query, click on the “according to the card number query”, select “card number”, start date and end date 】 【 】 in the query, can inquire online payment details within a year, submit the query time span no more than three months, and can download the query results.

Chengdu bank how to query online payment orderSingle number?

To enter chengdu bank home page (, select the personal online banking login, click on the “capture expends pay” — – payment transaction query 】 【 】 【 select payment account, select a specific date, click on the “query”.

Ping an bank payment order number how to query the Internet?

用户登录一账通网银 ;点击【银行】—网上支付—网上支付查询,选择日期后,点击【查询】即可看到银行订单号。


w88 casino如何设置常用浏览器允许弹出窗口?

When you are using a browser will encounter new window can’t pop up?This kind of situation you are in the optimal DE W88 】 third-party payment will also meet?Below small make up hold you solve each browser Settings, you don’t have to worry about the deposit operation ~

Internet explorer

Step1:Open the ie browser, click the Settings button, click Internet options command.

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387Click the privacy TAB, click remove check enable pop-up blockers, click ok.

Firefox browser,

step 1:在浏览器菜单栏(如果菜单栏没有出现,点击键盘“Alt”键调出菜单栏)上选择“工具”→点击“选项”。

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387在弹出的“选项”小窗口中点击“内容”选项→去掉“阻止弹出窗口”→点击“确定”按钮。

Google browser,

Step 1:11 21998871111219982387Open a browser, use Google Chrome menu on the toolbar.Click on the located in the top right-hand corner of the browser toolbar [menu].Select “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871111219982387In the most low-end Settings page, click the “show advanced Settings” below, in the “privacy Settings” section, click the “set”.

Step 3:11 21998871411219982387In the pop-up window section, select the “allow all website displays pop-up window”.All the operation is complete.

360 browsers

Step 1:11 21998871411219982387Open the “tools” menu in the “options”.

The step no. 21998871111219982387Find the “filter” advertisement, interceptor pattern is now “open bar”, if you want to open all popup window, can be removed the hook, if just open some web page pop-up window, a “management exception website” button above.

Step 3:11 21998871111219982387In order to safety, I by adding exception way to implement, open the “exception management web site” button.

steP 4:11 21998871111219982387Make a copy to text box, enter directly, the mouse moved to have added website will appear on the right “delete” button, you can delete.

Sogou browser

Step 1:11 21998871111219982387Click the sogou browser in the top right corner of the “tools” to choose “advertising filtering”, will “enable pop-up window blocking” front “tick away,Refresh.

Baidu browser,

Step 1:11 21998871611219982387Open the baidu browser, in the address bar input bdbrowser: / / Settings press the return key to open.

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387左侧点击高级设置。

step 3:在高级设置页面中找到“广告过滤”,将所在的模块拉到最低位置,即不拦截。

The step 4:关闭浏览器重新打开即可。






step 1:打开UC浏览器,Click on the upper right corner of the three horizontal lines button, enter the “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871611219982387In the open window in the switch to “advertisement interception” TAB.

The step 21998871111219982387Uncheck the “intercept pop-up window”, can be lifted to the interception of all website pop-up window operations.

cheetahs browsers

Step 1: open the cheetah browser, enter to set to allow pop-up Windows.

Step 2:11 21998871411219982387In the address bar on the right side click advertising filtering 】 【 small icon.

Step 3:11 21998871411219982387In the display window, click the “pop-up window blocking” on the right side of the switch, the switch is grey.

Step 4, 21998871411219982387Can also be displayed in the window, click the “intercept this no longerSite, so also in this site allow pop-up Windows.

Browser window of the world

Step 1:11 21998871611219982387Window of the world browser pop-up window is advertising filtering capabilities, please open the “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871511219982387Find advertising filter. If you don’t want to stop play a window, can choose not to filter any advertising.

More details, please consult 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly! WeChat pay more than the merchant credit limit?

WeChat top-up limits, the reason is after all your WeChat account was WeChat limit to pay.Limited amount may be because you do not have the WeChat platform for identity authentication.As long as you submitted in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding identity authentication can solve this problem.

In you encounter WeChat “more than the same day in the merchants WeChat scan code top-up limits” when?Now introduce you to how to solve the problem of WeChat quota.

Step1:We search in WeChat and firstFocus on the public “tencent customer service”.Note that this step is called path to remove limits.

Step2:After entering the “tencent’s customer service,” the public, and click on the lower left corner “service guide” dialog menu, and then select the first “” I’m going to counseling.Click next, carries on the related operations.

Step3:The next step to disclose the information audit account page.


Step4:Input name, commonly used QQ, commonly used WeChat, cancel the limit can be submitted.

WeChat currently has established a risk control department, the national service telephone: 95017.(if you encounter problems in the process of WeChat pay, also can call consulting)

If you have any question on its website, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

W88 spittor club – GNS platform

GNS spittor club new platform, hot on the new 40 super fuel explosive slot machine game.Web pages, the mobile version update, chang play unlimited anytime and anywhere, let you feel the unprecedented speed experience, login immediately win bonuses!

Genesis gaming(捷思游戏科技有限公司)即GNS平台,捷思为电子机率产品的主要供应商,合作对象包含业界知名的实体娱乐场及线上运营商。

Jie, flexible to adapt to different city场需求,提供量身打造的机率游戏,满足在线玩家的喜好而闻名。捷思每月皆有新品上线,游戏累积至今已200余款,拥有为各式平台开发游戏的丰富经验,并坐拥世界级工作室。



Into spittor club drop-down menu, select “all games” click [GNS] platform, can find GNS platform for all new game.You can also in the “search” bar type game name fast lookup.The diagram below:

GNS spittor club on the new platform 40 super fuel explosive slots game, there is always a is your love!

全新平台,畅爽体验。Log rotation win awards ~


If you have any questions, please contact us 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!