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W88 Quito Catholic university south ball cup 】 【 VS pater le loro

Beijing time on May 31, 2017 at 06:15, south the ball cup will usher in a heavyweight battle, giants Quito, Ecuador Catholic university, against pater le loro at home.

Quito VS pater le loro Catholic university

event analysis

Quito Catholic university in South American club cup first round first leg away to a 3-1 victory over pater le loro.Tomorrow morning, the two teams playing the second leg to Quito.Before the game, Quito Catholic university in its recent four roundsEcuador’s serie a encounter in a row, the team need to get rid of the weakness with a victory, and against quiverful oil is a godsend, Quito, the Catholic university of dominant strength, and high altitude home of blessings, the home team to win.

Pater le loro club in South America cup first round first leg 3-1 home defeat to Quito Catholic university, and in the second leg ahead, pater le loro played eight games Bolivia’s serie a, record of 2-3, 3 home 5-0 win over the weekend the royal potosi, at present the whole team morale began to recover, but the team to qualify or somewhat difficult.

History of war.

Fighting nearly 1 times, Quito Catholic university 1-0-0, 3 goals, 1 ball, ball, ball zero.

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W88 casino kashima antlers VS afc champions 】 【 Evergrande in guangzhou

Beijing time on May 30, 2017, 18:00, kashima antlers VS Evergrande in guangzhou.Today’s popular events, welcome quiz!

Kashima antlers VS Evergrande in guangzhoᄡ998871211219982387

event analysis

Kashima antlers loss to Evergrande in round three losses suffered all competitions.In order to let Japan team play the champions league, J league last weekend and has the task of afc champions team has been postponed to July, kashima also obtained the full rest of the week.Personnel, defender planting field through,West wu can return, but the midfielder silva, winger endo kang is still missing.

Guangzhou Evergrande extended their winning streak to the situation, the team’s condition is very stable.Although on Friday played a round of league, but played three home games in a row, on the wheel is made more than half of the rotation, luiz felipe scolari want to physical impact to a minimum, playing a full game in the past two games were only goalkeeper Ceng Cheng and two central defender.Evergrande personnel situation has improved, MeiFang, China and others come back, afc champions league suspended zhang linpeng can also devote to prepare.

Kashima after losing the first round, the gameOffensive tactics will take the initiative, but the team’s offensive line is not neat.Evergrande such team, playing counter-attack is very dangerous, as long as you can get away goal, can let the home team to qualify the difficulty of up several times.The champions league knockout, Evergrande experience more rich, and they can accept that a draw or even lose the result of a ball.Small make up think Evergrande unbeaten trustworthy.

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Brazil’s serie a – corinthians VS cruzeiro

The morning session on June 15, 2017, Beijing time points, corinthians VS cruzeiro.Over two defeats in the league, but in the face of this season’s majestic corinthians, team is doomed to be doomed.Over two defeats in the league, but in the face of this season’s majestic corinthians, team is doomed to be doomed.

Corinthians VS cruzeiro,

Thursday morning brasileiro league drama is connected, corinthians is brasileiro play the most stable in recent yearsOne of the team, failed the title last season, was killed by mellars Pal league titles, and the team hope to come back, topped the brasileiro trophy.

Start to the season corinthians will show a strong momentum, the contribution of the striker had a, he in the league this season, team good and close relationship with him.Round of league on their 3-2 win over at home in Sao Paulo, unbeaten start to the season 5 wins and a draw, strong team won five straight recent put on “yellow LingQiShan”.Corinthians, of course, if you want to win, they also need to pay more efforts.

As for cruzeiro aspects, they are the latest brasileiro champion has 2013 season, but since then the team a little gone, first team was to dig fragmented.Now the cruzeiro had only one name, the overall strength is.Team games 2-0 win at the stadium goiania, competitive, and the end of the league two defeats, but facing the majestic corinthians this season, the team is doomed to be doomed.

The game is brasileiro giants to touch.To corinthians, current estimates they streak will continue for a period of time, might as well continue to watch the gameThe home team to win.

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How w88 casino forced to destroy refresh the page to hijack?

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4. Click on the browser below the “three” icon, click on the “refresh”.

Apple mobile phone

1. Open the safari browser.

2. Click on the address barOpen the web page.

3. Pull up the page, in the address bar, find the circular direction arrow, click refresh.

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W88 casino optimal DE w88, western sports World Cup qualifier cheer for China!

On June 13, 2017, 21 PM 45 points, the foot will visit Syria’s temporary home city of malacca, Malaysia welcomed with Syria’s World Cup qualifier in 2018 Asia championship round 8 12.

World Cup Asian game master – South Korea, the guest in Iran’s achievement must not bad, but now hope to qualify the situation, can only say that the team’s first half cycle of too much debt.If you still want to continue qualification hopes, the priority field is scored 3 points.

12 “and then there were three rounds, only 5 pointsOf the team’s if you still want to catch up with 12 points ranked third uzbekistan in order to get a play-off qualifications, then the last three games, all nine points is required to complete tasks.

Pre-match press conference, when it comes to the Chinese team head coach hakim said: “since last October, lippi arrives, some changes have taken place in China, but in tomorrow’s game we are not too many consider the technique features of the Chinese team, but play to its own characteristics. The Chinese team captain, because lack of war injuries, but anyway, we hope to win the game.”And for the “home” in MalaysiaWhether have fans support problem, the manager said: “we haven’t lost in this, we have to fight for the fans, but where is the play are the same.”

The starting

The team’s (433) : 1 – Ceng Cheng;4 – to peng, 6 – Feng Xiaoting ginger, 2 – Ren Hang, 5 – zhang linpeng;16 – bowen huang, 15 – Wu Xi, 11 – junmin hao;14 – Mrs Wang, 9 – yuning zhang, 7 – lei.
Syria (451) : 1 – ibrahim – al horse;Saleh, 3-2Jg, 5 – m o dani, 6 – zegna.9 – horse gas, 14 – tower MEL haji, 20 — khalid jose valle DE, 12 – and Mr. Dooney, 18 – al the nano;19 – Marty g – omar Chianti


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