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Recommend w882016-2017 bundesliga 21 matches

03:30 Beijing time on February 18, the morning, the bundesliga round 21 first game will be in the city of augsburg west Gerry arena was the first to start, by the augsburg sat at home against “pharma” bayer leverkusen.The home team augsburg average play this season, currently ranked 13th in the league, distance from the relegation zone has the advantage of eight points.

Date of Time The The visiting team 2017/2/18 (Saturday)03:30augsburgBayer leverkusen 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30mainzWerder Bremen 2017/2/ 18 (Saturday)22:30Borussia DortmundWolfsburg, 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30FrankfurtBecause of the gore Tuesday 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30Hertha BerlinBayern Munich 2017/2/18 (Saturday)22:30hoffenheimdarmstadt 2017/2/19 (Sunday)01:30Hamburgfreiburg 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:30The door is popularRB leipzig 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:30cologneSchalke 04

augsburg VS bayer leverkusen

Both sides in augsburg 3-3 draw at home last season, game, scored 3 goals with south Korean foreign aid augsburg zi zhe, help the team 3-0 lead early, and that is the only team of 3 ball advantage in a bundesliga games.

Augsburg goalkeeper as Mr, bundling the ball home in two years ago against pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical factory goalkeeper Lionel against augsburg in October 2015 when shot into the career the only goal.

twoTeam in the past 11 times in Munich in the bundesliga, augsburg not one win, after suffering to 7 in a row, the last four games ended in a draw.

Lars. Bend over the past six times on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry to play, the team won 4 of these victories, while, in the absence of the captain, the team’s winning games clearly weakening.

Nearly four times the two sides met all guild wars, and is close.Pharmaceutical companies play erratic this season, the biggest problem is that the team’s defensive end mangled, manager need to take to improve this problem.Fortunately, hernandez recovery will greatly improve the pharmaceutical factory’s offensive firepower, match against the ballTeams will want to take three points.Augsburg face teams this season is always out of puff, strength flat they find it hard to cause too much of a threat to pharmaceutical companies.

Augsburg league performance.On a game on the road, the score 2-0 loss to mainz, they ended their winning streak.Now only ranked 13th in the league.But augsburg not avoid relegation pressure, they can leisurely play in their own home.And their defense is better.Now they only have 24 goals conceded, belong to medium level.Augsburg put main energy on the defensiveOn, of course, will affect the offensive.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended augsburg refusal under 0-0.5 – the game ball.

Recommend w882016 re-scheduled week 26-2017 method matches

On February 18, 2017, Beijing time at 3 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points, a 2016-2017 method currently sit round focal point fights in 26 Almaden, surrey compete on the pitch.The 19th league ranked bastia against ranked first in Monaco.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/18 (Saturday)03:45bastiaMonaco 2017/2/19 (Sunday)00:00marseilleRyan 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00angersNancy 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00caenlille 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00lorientnice 2017/2/19 (Sunday)03:00macenantes 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00bordeauxguingamp 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:00LyonDijon 2017/2/20 (Monday)00:00Montpellier,St. dean 2017/2/20 (weeksA)04:00St germainToulouse,

Bastia VS Monaco

Battle history:

Bastia nearly eight times in the French league against to Monaco, are clearly in the side, only have to bear, have 1-7.Though this battle at home also is doomed, I’m afraid.

The home side are:

At Toulouse on round of league, bastia to is to lose one array, and the team 4-1 swept away by rivals, the leagueTime extended to the six games and lost the ball in every game, defensive performance was disappointing.They are currently in the league game round, 22 points by the penultimate league table by goal difference advantage, zone 4 points behind, avoid relegation pressure is quite serious.Fortunately striker striker enzo condition is not bad, but also difficult to save the power of the Lord.

The visitors are:

Monaco’s overall performance has been pretty hot this season, the league has 58 league held the top, leading the Paris saint day, three points behind.The recent round of French league, the team welcomed homeBattle mace, falcao scored twice, and admire more a hat-trick, strike state unstoppable, final with a 5-0 slaughtered, harvest 11 games, keep 3 successive premiership matches unbeaten.The entire league no rival seems to be able to resist the Monaco wheel, even the ligue 1 giants Paris holy man is not to stop at home to Monaco to rob.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend Monaco let the game 1 ball games.

Recommend re-scheduled week 25 matches w882016-2017

Beijing time at 3 o ‘clock on February 18, 45, re-scheduled week 25 rounds, Juventus home game against Palermo, the bianconeri are expected to complete the Sicilian club league even kill 10, di barak would knock on the old city, the Lord god Macedonia feng ernesto could rove, broken again strongmen goal, is worthy of attention.

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 2017/2/18 (Saturday)03:45JuventusPalermo 2017/2/19 (Sunday)01:00Atlanta,Within the g’s 2017 /2/19 (Sunday)03:45empolilazio 2017/2/19 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.bolognaInter milan 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00chievoNaples 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00pescaraGenoa 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00sampcagliari 2017/2/19 (Sunday)22:00udineseMr Solow 2017/2/20 (Monday)01:00The RomanTurin,

The 2017/2/20 (Monday)03:45AC milanFlorence

Juventus VS Palermo,

“Data analysis”,

1, Juventus in serie a on the road 2 to 0 victory over cagliari, recent keep 6 wins in a row, six games only 1 grain of goal, has won eight games, nine home nearly 10 home nine wins and a draw.

2 front 12 league, JuventusAll at home, and scored 30 goals in total of 12 games, a total of only lose six goals.

3, Palermo home 1-3 shellacking in Atlanta, nearly 10 rounds of league two wins and two draws six negative, averaging only scored from 1.

[event] case

1, after the 2-0 win over cagliari, especially literary giant take 5 in a row in the league, it was the first time this season they do this, and it is also allegri coaching after juve’s entire 100th victory.

Round 2, higuain on the serie a brace, recently 8 round continuous dedicationOn scoring goals, scored 10 goals in total, to match the same scoring 18 goals of roma striker edin dzeko, rose to the top of the serie a top scorer.

3, central European champions league knockout next week will be away from the Portuguese giants Juventus fc Porto.

4, Palermo recently face Juventus to defeat all nine times.

[dish analysis],

Juventus is the advantage of the league table has established 7 points, almost unchallenged.Palermo is just ended a brief rebound momentum.Although the old lady schedule pressure, but in order toTheir main battle super strong position and super long streak, two fundamental image remains very wide gap.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the match Juventus to 0.5 1 ball games.

W88 casino2016-2017 recommended 26 of the premier league matches

Beijing time late 23:00 on February 25, 2017 points, 2016-17 rounds of 26 of the season in the premier league game at Stamford bridge, game against Swansea by Chelsea.Premiership top 25 home-country crowd, Chelsea won 19 3 record, 3-1 60 points in the championship.Swansea made 7 about 3 flat 15, 24 points ranked 15th championship.

Match dayIssue Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00ChelseaSwansea 2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00The crystal palacemiddlesbrough

2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00evertonsunderland 2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00Hull cityburnley 2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00SouthamptonArsenal 2017/2/25 (Saturday)23:00West brombournemouth 2017/2/26 (Sunday)01:30watfordWest ham 2017/2/26 (Sunday)At 21:30spursStoke city 2017/ 2/26 (Sunday)”Manchester cityManchester united 2017/2/28 (Tuesday)04:00LesterLiverpool

Chelsea VS Swansea.

exchange history

History and Swansea Chelsea 32 games, Chelsea 14-11-7 prevail, 55 goals in 34 goals conceded.The two teams in the premier league only 11 times in history6-4-1, Chelsea occupy absolute advantage.The two teams last encounter in the premier league this season 4 rounds, at that time, in the free field, Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with rivals.

Chelsea are looking forward to a point is tied team history record in

In 2008-09 season, 2009-10 season, and 2014-15, Chelsea have done home winning streak and now Chelsea in all competitions, 11 straight home has done if you can beat Swansea at Stamford bridge, the blues will be tied team history record, also be refreshedHistorical records made the premise.

Point 2: old will turn one’s weapon around Chelsea

Swansea manager now is clement, actually he has deep roots, with Chelsea since 2005, he had worked in the Chelsea youth system, then guus hiddink will he promoted to the first team in 2009, carlo ancelotti, clement’s position was fixed.Now he is Swansea manager, for the past four rounds of league, clement his teams have won 3, the obvious rebound of Swansea, Chelsea want to win is not easy.

The optimal DE W88, western sports remind: 1.5 2 ball games recommend the game for Chelsea.

Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 24 matches

Beijing time 03:45 a.m on February 25, 2017, west re-scheduled week 24 round the first battle.Las palmas at home in the face of the royal society.Las palmas in the la liga middle position at present, the overall performance of the season and is quite good, now ranked 12th in the league, did not avoid relegation pressure, so the team’s recent overall performance is relatively general.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)03:45Las palmasThe royal society 2017/2/25 (Saturday)00 PMAllah’svalencia

2017/2/25 (Saturday)Hands onbetissevilla 2017/2/26 (Sunday)01:30He indeportivo 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:45Mr Anwarmalaga 2017/2/26 (Sunday)At 19:00The Spanishosasuna 2017/2/26 (Sunday)Hands onAtletico MadridBarcelona 2017/2/27 (Monday)01:30bilbaogranada 2017/2/27 (Monday)01:30gijoncelta 2017/2/27 (Monday)03:45villarrealReal Madrid

Las palmas VS royal society

Two close, the royal society a round ball was negative end straight heart has unwilling, but las palmas league more than half and so far only 1 league defeat of bullish spread into fighting and you today.

The data analysis

1, las palmas is the team strength of medium in la liga, before they are basically in the downstream position.

2, the game before las palmas ranking on the 12th.Their integral is 28 points and 12 points more than the back of the relegation zone.Basic no relegation.

3, las palmas last three matches, all lose.And that they only scored one goal in three games.

4, the visiting team is now ranked fifth in the league.They and the back of the team only two points difference,So if you want to keep the European qualification requires hard work.

5, the royal society on the road only lost to real Madrid, etc. The stronger team, this is a good news.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended to draw the game.

W88 screenshots tools tutorial visitors

In our work and life, often without some screenshots or screenshots.Not only can transmit information simple and intuitive, and very convenient!So, today small make up to you some convenient screenshots tools, get new skills together ~

Method one: computer native screenshots tools

First of all, would you please open the computer.Click desktop left “start” and select “attachments”, can see the screenshots tools 】 【.

You can also in the “search programs and files”, manual input “capture”, can appear “screenshots tools”.The diagram below:

The selected “screenshots tools”, click “new”.The diagram below:

Hold and drag the left mouse button, select the screenshot area can complete screenshots.Click on the “chat” to save the screenshot 】 【 save screenshots to your desktop.The diagram below:

Method 2: QQ screenshots shortcut function key The

Please open and login QQ, at the same time press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + A 】 【, hold and drag the left mouse button, the selected screenshots area.(can be hidden in the QQ on the computer desk operated cases!)

You can also open a chat window screenshot.Click on the “small scissors” – a screenshot.The diagram below:

QQ screenshots tools is also very rich diversity, set up of different functions.The diagram below:

After cutting the figure in the chat window, move the mouse to click the right pictureKey, click the “save as” to save to your computer desktop picture.The diagram below:

Method 3: computer screen

Please choose you need screenshot of the page, to put on the computer desktop.And then lightly press the keyboard directly F12 right 【 Prtscn SysRq 】 button, the computer will automatically screenshots.The diagram below:

Open a document, Word and Excel.Then hold down the keyboard at the same time [Ctrl + V] paste the picture the articleProfile page.Click the “save” to your desktop.The diagram below:

This method can only capture page full screen computer, unable to capture part of the area.If you need a high definition screen screenshots, you can try this shortcut.

Other: third-party screenshot software

In addition to commonly used screenshots tools mentioned above, there are third party software screenshots.Small make up not to introduce one by one here.You can baidu search screenshots tools name, download to try.The diagram below./ p >

If you have other questions, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Recommend w882016 22-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time on February 25, 2017 at 03:30 points, bundesliga 2016/17 season 22nd round will be launched, wolfsburg in home match against werder Bremen.For both sides, the priority is avoid relegation, so this is a game worth 6 points.League meetings for the first time this season, the Wolf fort away defeat, it aims to revenge.The Wolf fort it is expected to take all three points.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)03:30Wolfsburg,Werder Bremen 2017/2/25 (Saturday)22:30Bayer leverkusenmainz 2017/2/25 (Saturday)22:30Bayern MunichHamburg 2017/2/25 (Saturday)22:30RB leipzigcologne 2017/2/25 (Saturday)22:30darmstadtaugsburg 2017/2/25 (Saturday)22:30freiburgBorussia Dortmund 2017/2/26 (Sunday)01:30Hertha BerlinFrankfurt 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:30Because of the gore TuesdayThe door is popular 2017/2/27 (Monday)00:30Schalke 04hoffenheim

Wolfsburg vs. werder Bremen


The two sides has 45 meetings records in history, the Wolf fort 17-8-20 underdogs.But in recent years, both sides of the meetings, the Wolf fort – much less.Hutchison in pay attention to the analysis of the events forward last five league games, the Wolf fort win three games, including last season, the Wolf fort 6-0 once home to annihilate werder Bremen, but 2-3 defeat away from home.But thisSeason both sides in the league for the first time, the Wolf fort away 2-1 defeat to werder Bremen.

State resolution:

The two teams were the bundesliga champions, but this season is, wolfsburg, currently ranked 14th, 22 points, Bremen ranked 16th, 19 points, in the relegation zone.The Wolf fort suffered the injury crisis at present, DE jia and right leg calf a hamstring strain, he had to injury absence three to four weeks.Also need to have a rest is segou cause, he was injured in the game against Dortmund on Saturday, against werder Bremen can play is still unknown.In addition,Dida peacekeeping rodriguez also have minor injuries, but should not affect the appearance.

Wolf fort state is not stable, last eight matches, the Wolf fort record is 4-4 negative.Recently four at home, the Wolf fort scored three victories, at home doing well.And Bremen recent road performance also be salvaged, 7 away before the season once they can’t win, but the last four road scored 2 win 1 draw 1 negative.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended wolfsburg, let the hemisphere. method recommended re-scheduled week 27 matches. 2016-2017

Beijing time of 2:00 a.m on February 25, 2017, 2016-2017 France’s serie a round will be 27 nantes vs Dijon, nantes nearly six matches get 1-2-3 grades, teams in the league back in.Dijon 2-4 success nearly six matches, the team in the league – less, more fighting history nearly six times the neck with two wins and two draws and 2 defeats.

Date of Time the home team, The visiting team 2017/2/25 (Saturday)2:00nantesDijon 2017/2/25 (Saturday)03:45niceMontpellier, 2017/2/26 (Sunday)00:00guingampMonaco 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00angersbastia 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00lillebordeaux 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00NancyToulouse, 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:00Ryanlorient 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00St. deancaen 2017/2/27 (Monday)00:00Lyonmace 2017/2 /27 (Monday)04:00marseilleSt germain

Nantes VS Dijon,

Both teams were not in the best shape, nantes index backed, porous Dijon attack but not common defense.Nantes is currently ranked 13th in the ligue 1 with 30 points, and the best overall performance.Round trip on team play well in the near future, with 1-1 draw, nearly 2 rounds of league wins a flat, a state upward trend is obvious.Dijon, currently ranked 17th in the ligue 1 with 27 points, and avoid relegation is the primary problem.No team in recent progressSmooth, round trip on 2-4 big defeat to Lyon, nearly 5 game 1, ball up to 11 grain, the defensive end needs to be strengthened.

【 strength fighting spirit 】

1. The middle and lower reaches of the team nantes ligue 1 25 war 30 points ranked 13th, three points with a game ahead of the relegation zone.

2. Dijon away game 2 balls 3 loss, while on the road loss rate is much higher than 61.5% failure rate of 23.1% of the home team.

3. The French championship Dijon 27 points from 26 games by goal difference advantage among the relegation zone, no. 17.

4.Nearly six times the competition the two sides met Dijon two wins and two draws two unbeaten negative rate was 66.7%.

“Data analysis”,

1, nantes now eight about 6-11 ranked 13th in the league, 4-3-6 in home league performance, scoring just 0.62, compared with 1.46 in goals conceded a league more than 3.

2, Dijon now have six about 9-11 ranking league 17th has stepped into the degradation area, during which the guest war 1-4 flat 8 is not good, is averaging 1.15 goals, goals conceded is highUp to 2.

3, both sides in the recent 10 meetings, nantes made 5-3-2 advantage, break up even if meet again in ligue 1 and 3 years nantes could still 1-0 win on the road to rivals.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended nantes let the hemisphere – 1 ball games.

W88 awards and enjoy yourself in the casino, optimal DE to send $66 prize

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W882016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 26 matches

Beijing time on February 26, 2017 at 01:00 points and re-scheduled week 26 rounds will usher in the battle for the champions league qualification is the key.SAN paolo stadium in Naples against Atlanta!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/2/26 (Sunday)01:00NaplesAtlanta, 2017/2/26 (Sunday)03:45Juventusempoli 2017/2/26 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Palermosamp

2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00chievopescara 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00Within the g’scagliari 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00Genoabologna 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00lazioudinese 2017/2/26 (Sunday)22:00Mr SolowAC milan 2017/2/27 (Monday)03:45Inter milanThe Roman 2017/2/28 (On Tuesday)03:45FlorenceTurin,

Naples versus Atlanta

【 match analysis 】

1, the home team at chievo last weekend league to Naples team full-court pressing opponents, 3:1 resounding victory finally, hao league win, nearly 14 games unbeaten and win 10 games, the momentum in the premier league is very strong.

2, the team events in recent eight unbeaten home and win seven games, fighting fiercely.Now for the third in the league, fieldTo score 2.4 goals, most damage serie a champions.

3, the visiting team home game against Atlanta last weekend league crow beat opponent 1-0 in the inside, by taking the league row unbeaten and foot four wins in five games, the momentum of fairly well.Conte two rounds of league scoring goals in a row, state well.

4, but the team recently seven on the road just two wins, visit performance is not stable, in the face of strong teams either flat or negative.Now for the fifth in the league, averaging only 1.04 goal first SiShao, solid defense.

5, play, the first timeGame of Atlanta at home to a 1-0 victory over napoli.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended Atlanta refusal under 1 ball games.