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Recommend the premiership 10 matches w882016-2017

On October 29, 2016, Beijing time night 7:30, 2016-17 premier league season 10 rounds, sunderland, against Arsenal in the stadium of light.Arsenal hope to continue winning streak, while sunderland last look forward to the arrival of the first win of embarrassment.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/29 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.sunderlandArsenal 2016/10/29 (Saturday)22:00Manchester unitedburnley 2016/10/29 (Saturday)22:00middlesbroughbournemouth 2016/10/29 (Saturday)22:00spursLester 2016/10/29 (Saturday)22:00watfordHull city 2016/10/29 (Saturday)22:00West bromManchester city 2016/10/30 (Sunday)00:30The crystal palaceLiverpool 2016/10/30 (Sunday)At 21:30evertonWest ham 2016/10/31 (Monday)00:00SouthamptonChelsea 2016/11/01 (Tuesday)04:00Stoke citySwanseaThe

Sunderland vs Arsenal in

In the nearly 10 games against each other, in the face of the premiership giants Arsenal and sunderland obviously no chance, only wins 1 to 10 games, lost six games, three games.

In focus of a battle round 15 last season, Arsenal play against sunderland at home.Assists him in Campbell goal, giroux scored an own goal and then into a ball amends, Ramsey stoppage time also into a ball, Arsenal 3-1 win over sunderland, won nearly four-wheel first in the leagueThe victory.

Sunderland are

, in the premier league after a 1-0 win over west ham black cat sunderland, at the last minute of the game, the west ham defender Winston Reid stand out and help the team to beat sunderland.And sunderland 8 rounds at 2-0 defeat to stoke city, Joe Allen scored twice defeated the black cat, black cat new season eight league games, state continued downturn in

It is worth mentioning that sunderland boss Ellis short has been preparing for the sale of the club, he’s rightTeam of recent seasons are not satisfied, he said it was talks with Chinese consortium.

Arsenal are

Arsenal now state, but also with Manchester city and Liverpool.League last weekend at home by visiting the 0-0 draw at middlesbrough, ended after all competitions 7 wins in a row, the morale or have a big impact for Arsenal.But wenger when attend pre-match conference today announced the good news, lack of long war giroux and Aaron Ramsey has returned from injury, French front bully more of them will play a friendly.

Giroux has not in the team starts this season, Arsenal in the champions league group stage game 1-1 draw at Paris, giroux toe injury, which he would not have stable main force position by shake again.He just four appearances for Arsenal this season (3 in the premier league, 1 in the champions league games), and is a substitute, failure to start a total only 79 minutes of playing time.And four appearances, no highlight giroux, assists key pass 0 0 0 0 goal shot.But even so, arsene wenger is still full of trust for French compatriot.

At the same time, in Arsenal’s shareholder meeting, manager arsene wengerReceived from the boss g Luo Enke “instruction”, we want you to win this year.And winning, is likely to become one of the factor of whether to sign a new contract with arsene wenger.

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Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 bundesliga nine matches

Beijing time 02:30 on October 29, 2016, nine rounds of a tournament of the bundesliga, door xing will host the challenge of Frankfurt.The home side door and slide form this season, in the face of the menacing Frankfurt, they were able to defend home honor?

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/29 (Saturday)02:30The door is popularFrankfurt 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 21:30mainzBecause of the gore Tuesday 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 21:30augsburgBayern Munich 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 21:30darmstadtRB leipzig 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Werder Bremenfreiburg 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 21:30Wolfsburg,Bayer leverkusen 2016/10/30 (Sunday)00:30Borussia DortmundSchalke 04 2016/10/30 (Sunday)At 21:30hoffenheimHertha Berlin 2016/10/31 (Monday)23:30cologneHamburg

Door xing VS Frankfurt


In the past six meetings, the door with three wins and a draw two negative slightly dominant, two league games last season are big the score to win the opponent, two games at home is 1.

Profile door xing,

1. The fourth door xing at the bundesliga last season, the team has achieved in the champions league cup qualification;But this season dropped significantly, 8 just after the race in 3-2-3 ranked tenth place.

2. So far, the door of fire, averaging 1.25 goals don’t mistakeBall number is as high as 12, last round away to challenge bayern lost 2-0, team 3 games in a row.

3 weeks in the German cup, door xing DE b, the only home 2-0 team in Stuttgart, the team finally stopped with a win successive be awkward situation.

4. The door and have a certain strength of home, four league games of the season unbeaten home record three wins and a draw, scored eight goals conceded two goals, did well on both ends, and guest performance form bright contrast.


1. Frankfurt only last seasonRanking 16 bits of the bundesliga, the team through the playoffs to complete avoid relegation;New season 8 round to 4 win 2 draw 2 negative ranking seventh place.

2 rounds of the league at Hamburg, Frankfurt, successful team not only freeze, and scored three goals, the final away to usher in a 3-0 win, the team morale greatly encouraged.

3. The German cup second round of competition, Frankfurt in normal time tied with rivals, four goals in Frankfurt on overtime, finally obtain qualification.

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Recommend 2016-2017 method currently sit 11 matches

The 11th round ligue 1, 2016-2017 season time on October 29 (Saturday) at 02 am 45, the venue: boni ace ball field.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/29 (Saturday)02:45lilleSt germain 2016/10/29 (Saturday)23:00Toulouse,Lyon 2016/10/30 (Sunday)2:00bastiaDijon 2016/10/30 (Sunday)2:00guingampangers 2016/10/30 (Sunday)2:00lorientMontpellier, 2016/10/30 (Sunday)2:00Nancycaen 2016/10/30 (Sunday)2:00St. deanMonaco 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00nicenantes 2016/10/31 (Monday)00:00Ryanmace 2016/10/31 (Monday)03:45marseillebordeaux

Lille VS saint-germain


1. In Paris a game at home on the score of the 0-0 draw with marseille.

2. Paris is a recent 3-1 on the road, there is a match is 2 to 1 victory over south tin, and there’s a 6-0 victory over caen.Now is 20 points in Paris, they ranked in the third.

3. Lille at home 1-0 win over south tin recently, there is a is 2 to 1 victory over bastia.Before a 1-0 victory Dijon.

4. Although lille at home over three teams, but their opponents power is weak.

thisGame is the existence of a shock factor.Away from the state, Paris has a loss.And they also have the game next week.Select the visiting team better.

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W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 11 matches

Beijing standard time on October 30, 2016 0 0 points and re-scheduled week 11 rounds of bologna vs fiorentina.This challenge slouches bologna, must be full of thorns.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/30 (Sunday)00:00bolognaVirginiaFlorence 2016/10/30 (Sunday)02:45JuventusNaples 2016/10/30 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Atlanta,Genoa 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00Within the g’schievo 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00empoliThe Roman 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00lazioMr Solow 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00AC milanpescara 2016/10/31 (Monday)03:45sampInter milan 2016/11/01 (Tuesday)2:00udineseTurin, 2016/11/01 (Tuesday)04:00cagliariPalermo

Bologna VS.Florence in

Los Virginia last round did well against chievo, but as a substitute, ‘since the boy carelessly, eventually 1-1 draw with rivals, the loss of good innings.Team despite recent state is pretty good, but the circle of their third consecutive 0-0 draw, has five league games, at present for the middle and lower reaches of the league, a good home record this season in all six home four wins a draws, averaging only 0.5 during sheet, home defense firm;While fiorentina last home game against a buoyant g’s performance is disappointing, just rely on astor last-minute goal in difficultRival, two wins the competition was over.Middle at present for the league, averaging only 1.11 goal tied for the second, less solid defense.But the team this season, away to achievement general, all competitions six away to get two wins and two draws two negative.This challenge slouches bologna, must be full of thorns.

Position analysis:

The four meetings over the past couple of seasons bologna three wins a flat, but bologna, nearly six times at home to fiorentina only one negative, home court advantage;’s advantage, given the visitors will get more attention, the move or intentionally resistance, this battle fiorentina are expected to take points away from home.

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Recommend w882016-2017 west re-scheduled week 10 matches

Beijing standard time on October 29, 2016 when 02:45 was added in vs real sociedad to bring you a wonderful game, welcome to quiz!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/29 (Saturday)02:45He inThe royal society 2016/10/29 (Saturday)At 19:00gijonsevilla 2016/10/29 (Saturday)”Allah’sReal Madrid 2016/10/30 (Sunday)00:30Atletico Madridmalaga 2016/10/30 (Sunday)02:45Barcelonagranada 2016/10/30 (Sunday)At 19:00Mr AnwarthanLeah real 2016/10/30 (Sunday)Hands onbilbaoosasuna 2016/10/31 (Monday)01:30betisThe Spanish 2016/10/31 (Monday)03:45Las palmascelta 2016/11/01 (Monday)03:45deportivovalencia

He royal club in VSWill be

1. He is in la liga underdogs.They are the championship this season.Now add in ranking in the 14th, look good rankings, but now only 10 points.

Within 2. He is now the number of sheets is 17, ranked last in sixth place.They are at home in recent 2 to 3 lost to add in, and 1 in 5 defeat to Barcelona.

3. The royal society now is 13 points, they ranked seventh in the league.The present result is 4-1 and 4.Recent basic all on the road.

4. The royal society on the road also is bigger, the recent defensive 3-2 defeat to bilbao, and 2-0 loss to Mr Anwar, there are two sheets.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend full size number greater than 2.5 the game ball.

Recommend re-scheduled week 9, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing standard time on October 23, 2016 at 00:00 Re-scheduled week 9 rounds, sampdoria VS Genoa.Sampdoria the recent downturn in the movements of the league and Genoa are much more stable;But on the whole positioning is still two a confrontation between the same level than the team.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/10/23 (Sunday)00:00sampGenoa 2016/10/23 (Sunday)02:45AC milanJuventus 2016/10/23 (Sunday)18:30udinesepescara 2016/10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00Atlanta,Inter milan 2016/10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00cagliariFlorence 2016/10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00Within the g’sNaples 2016 /10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00empolichievo 2016/10/23 (Sunday)At 21:00Turin,lazio 2016/10/24 (Monday)00:00bolognaMr Solow 2016/10/24 (Monday)02:45The RomanPalermo

Sampdoria VS Genoa

1, sampdoria nearly two rounds in a 1 – in a row1 the score 1-1 with Palermo and pescara, nearly six rounds of league 2 draws and 4 defeats are continuously.

2, sampdoria nearly 7 rounds of serie a have conceded each round.

3, Genoa last round 0-0 at home stuffy empoli, nearly four rounds of league 1-3, 4 games only 1 sheet, nearly 5 rounds only in serie a win at bologna.

4, Genoa nearly three road 2.

5, nearly 5 times face sampdoria Genoa 1 win 1 draw and 3 negative.

Sampdoria the recent downturn in the movements of the league and GenoaSet much;But on the whole positioning is still between two same level than the team a confrontation, the home side sampdoria don’t have any advantage, even in a bad situation, I’m afraid I should not be overestimated.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended Genoa let the hemisphere wins the game.

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W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 10 matches

Beijing standard time on October 26 at 2 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points, serie a 10th round, AC milan are ready to go to trip to Genoa, the rossoneri to 4 in a row.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/26 (Wednesday)02:45GenoaAC milan 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45chievobologna 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45FlorenceWithin the g’s 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45Inter milanTurin, 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45Juventussamp 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45lazioCaliArizona 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45Naplesempoli 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45pescaraAtlanta, 2016/10/27 (Thursday)02:45Mr SolowThe Roman 2016/10/28 (on Friday)02:45Palermoudinese

The score data 】 【

1, the home team heat thatIs serie a middle strength team, serie a last season ranked 10th, ranked 12th in serie a this season.Team last ten games record of 5-3-2 negative, including home record for 2-3 flat.

2, the visiting team is AC milan serie a hierarchical power team, seventh in serie a last season, ranking second the serie a season.Team last ten games record of seven wins and a draw 2 negative, including road record is 4 wins and 1.

3, the two sides after the recent record 10 times, Genoa with three wins and a draw 6 record, itsIn 2-3 home record.At a recent meeting between both sides in serie a this season, Genoa away defeat to AC milan.

[dish analysis],

Berlusconi had previously in the case of the pinch, should pay attention to the team’s youth system, and now finally have the results, AC milan this season, relying on the youth, the current record is very good.Team in the recent wave of straight directly to the second place in the league, and just at home with the old lady, the team currently morale like a rainbow.

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