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On the morning of June 28, Beijing time 0, 1/8 the euro 2016 finals in focal point war, Italy and Spain will be in st denis run-off.Forward to recreate history repeats itself, the last final Spain, Italy, the desire for revenge.

Italy VS Spain


Italy (343) : buffon/barzagli, Mr, chiellini/Florence, paro, daniele DE rossi, damian/Ed, pelle, jia Carey,

Spain (433) : DE gea/Juan Francisco moreno fuertes, Gerard pique, sergio ramos, alba/cesc fabregas, busquets, andres iniesta/silva, maura tower,,

Is nearing an end, while, 1/8 European cup final drama always ahead, however, as with all European World Cup champion team super squad partitions, half of its most striking the focal point of the war still falls on the Italy VS Spain tomorrow.

What to watch for

The last European cup final replay: twenty four years agoThe final 12 European cup final, Italy and Spain.When Spain 4-0 sweep the Italian championship winner.Players score, silva and alba still appear in the tournament matador legion array, but not for torres and mata.Four years later, the two teams met in the 1/8 final ahead of time.Repeat the previous final, Spain continue to battle or Italian revenge?This is the focus of the whole attention.

Three even kill Spain: consecutive European champions in 2008 and 2008, and both tournament they beat Italy.This time if I canEnough to realize the three even kill the azzurri, claim to an unprecedented three-peat solid step.Group at the end of the round, Spain defeat to Croatia, while their European championship race stage clean sheets record also stopped in 734 minutes.This time hope back in Spain, a group round defeat at the end of the haze.

Threat of war of contradictions: the Italian make people sit up and take notice performance since the tournament, although the group at the end of the round defeat to Ireland, but that was in the first two rounds have all booked their promotion cases.Three games Italy just lost a ball, after a clean sheet of Germany and Poland,Italian football special magic weapon without losing the defense.Not surprisingly, the azzurri’s still offering a defensive strategy and Spain.A war of conflict is inevitable.

As the focal point of this war relatively weak side, Italy to win over the strong Spain, priority may be the Italian defender.As their own housekeeping skills, take charge of stunts in Italy against Belgium and Sweden developed to get incisively and vividly.Italy, on the other hand, need to keep in good shape and distance, to alert the Spanish omni-directional three-dimensional offensive formation, at the same time, on the basis of do a good job in defense of threateningBlow.Comparing four years ago, the gap between Italy and Spain have decreased significantly, the indications are that 28, close to meet friends is going to be a good war.

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Beijing time 00:00 vs wales Northern Ireland, on June 26, two teams meet with excellent play group success, is put on the English civil war.Both teams are easy to be fans underestimated, but they conquer the field with strong strength.Who is winning the fight everyone prefers?

VS Northern Ireland in wales

Look out for:

Threat of British Derby: Euro for the first time to participate in the race of wales, in the group stage performance let people sit up and take notice, although from England to beat, but they beat Slovakia and Russia respectively, finally lock group leaders.Northern Ireland though defeat to Germany and Poland, but they beat Ukraine, which makes its successful into the last 16.This Derby of England wales and Northern Ireland, who wants to create miracle historic again into eight strong.

Match analysis:

Two teams on the history of the competition in the international grade A, both sides has A total of 95 meetings44-24-27, wales have the upper hand, conceding 190 goals in 132.The eight meetings, both wales 4 wins 4 flat unbeaten, most recently in March this year, in a friendly game 1 at that time shaking hands.

Group at the end of the round victory over Russia, wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey combine, break the national team goal drought for 451 days, becoming the fifth single-game scoring and assists in the euro.Bell for three rounds of small group match, become after baros 2004, euro first 3 consecutive scoring player, nearly nine national official games has scored eight goals,Welsh players the most goals has become a competition (3), national team into the ball at 22 grain, tied sanders, tied for fourth welsh history scorers.

Old trafford Germany in the final round of group, Northern Ireland boss o ‘neill continue after 1 round victory over Ukraine’s starting line-up.The match, Germany has hit the post twice, Northern Ireland did not defeat was really lucky.In the end, the Northern Ireland on goal difference in group of 4 with 3 points in third ball stand out among the 16.

The British Isles team of civil war.History of the two sides met 58 times, 27 wins in wales17 14 negative, position 1.

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W882016 1/8 European cup semi-final

Then there is 1/8 of the tension/final, Beijing time on June 25 at 21:00 on Saturday, for the first time in Switzerland will against Poland, who will win?Let’s wait and see!

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe home team 2016/6/25 (Saturday)At 21:00The SwissPoland 2016/6/26 (Sunday)00:00walesNorthern Ireland 2016/6/26(Sunday)03:00CroatiaPortugal 2016/6/26 (Sunday)At 21:00The FrenchThe Irish 2016/6/27 (Monday)00:00GermanySlovakia 2016/6/27 (Monday)03:00In Hungary,Belgium 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)00:00ItalySpain 2016/6/28 (Tuesday)03:00EnglandIceland

Swiss VS in Poland

In the first game will be in 1/8 final strength close to between Switzerland and Poland.Which team if you speak more, then, with the German golden boot mili gram of lai and ajax waist front of Poland on the offensive end clearly will be more sharp.

The Swiss group 1 win 2 draw, the team the second line.Conceding two goals in the group, 1, team offense.But the team can draw host 0:0The main French, also manifests the defensive ability.Polish group 2 win 1 draw, the team the second line.Two goals in the group clean sheets, defensive ability is stronger.From the point of two groups of opponents, level.

Switzerland VS Poland historical confrontation record:

The two teams have met 10 games in history, Switzerland 1-4 flat 5 at a disadvantage, lost 11 goals in 20 goals;No clash in two teams in the history of the record;Two teams have met eight games in the friendly, Switzerland 1-2-5 at a disadvantage, conceding 11 goals in 16.Two team strength.

rickEuro and team record: 1-2-0 Switzerland total goal: euro 2

Poland’s euro record: 2 win 1 draw 0 negative Poland for European cup goals: 2

Switzerland and Poland are the finish of second knockout, two team strength in equal, of course in terms of team name, lai wan, lead Poland or more than Switzerland.Game with no results, the possibility of Poland’s unbeaten is larger.

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Recommend – Hungary VS Portugal euro w88 casino games

00:00 on June 23, , 2016Hungary VS Portugal, The two sides are expected to start: Hungary: Kiraly, lang, especially haas, ancient mizpah, Qatar, klein hayes, granite, najib, DE seuss Isaac, pulis gold, and bell;Portugal: Patricia theo, vieri Virginia, pepe, ricardo carvalho, elie zerhouni, William – ricardo carvalho, muti mourinho, renato -Sanchez, quaresma, cristiano ronaldo, what.

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: Portugal – 1 ball.

Cristiano ronaldo can break demons: as one of the most eye-catching star in the European championship, ronaldo’s performance in the first two games, against Austria on cristiano ronaldo and even missed a penalty.Round at the end of the Portugal will usher in a fight, the Portuguese fans were put hope in cristiano ronaldo, real Madrid superstar in nearly a month ago to resist pressure led the merengues, lifting the champions league trophy this time he can break from demons led Portugal teamTo qualify?

Group two rounds of home-country crowd, was considered the most weak groups of Hungary before the top spot by 4 points, the game team as long as humans can ensure outlet.Team in the first two rounds can make a good record, rely on the remains of his defense, their two full-backs in assists, rarely with ZhongChangChuan is given priority to, the chances are in the frontcourt with fewer troops practical to cooperate to complete.Veteran goalkeeper kiraly although the play has a fatal error, but the other time or high pick up against many shot saved rivals, front RuDe zack height has a career, but in the team still plays a noThe role of the alternative.

Portugal two rounds of only 2 points, the game, that is, if a draw to qualify is not insurance, can only ensure outlet to get the three points.Just beyond the figo become caps record holder cristiano ronaldo is also under a lot of pressure, after all, his penalty miss, let the team failed to get the three points, and Lionel messi in the America’s cup performance is very good.Before the two games in front of the opponent play on the counter-attack, the team on the offensive end or lack of patience, although C Luo Nengli is very strong, and what can be better than the club, the national team but bordeaux legion or lack of one of rui- costa playmaker, defence older, at present although defensive haven’t suffered too much, but once in the knockout, the hidden trouble of the team is still a lot.

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Recommend – Sweden VS the Belgian euro w88 casino games

03:00 on June 23, , 2016Sweden VS in BelgiumThe two sides are expected to start: Sweden: Isaacson, olson, glen qwest, linde rove, Johnson, fox berry, up, ek dahl, larsson, ibrahimovic, keisuke DE;Belgium: Kurt tuva, senior, alder WeiLeiEr DE, vermaelen, Mr. Tong heng, because the golan, victor Selma, cardLasker, Germany in the brow, azar, luca library.

Optimal DE western sports starting grids, Belgium – 0.5 – the ball.

In the list of all-time scorers for the euro to 6 balls, zlatan ibrahimovic is in third place temporarily, from the first gap platini has three goals.Media supposed, the Swedish pop is expected in the group stages is data update their goals.But after the first two rounds, zlatan ibrahimovic particles without charge.By this time the Swedish pop can rate team escapes?This became the biggest attraction.And across the zlatan ibrahimovic, with 400 million hao arrayIn Belgium’s star-st�, DE brow, azar, luca libraries such as well as the colour of a golden generation, the game will be transformed into “lyu3 bu4″ three British war scenes.

Sweden is regarded as the ibrahimovic one team, the team all tactics is to expand around zlatan ibrahimovic, but in the front of the group 2 round, Sweden’s performance is disappointing, they first draw with Ireland, then was dead, Italy is currently only 1 points, team ranked at the bottom.If this time against Belgium, Sweden can beat an lock basic quota.And, once unable to beat his opponent, Sweden will be eliminated.Ibrahimovic 2 in front of the war game played very hard, but still not scoring goals for the team and with this war rivals Sweden on the overall strength or there is a big gap between Belgium.Under the condition of a fight, zlatan ibrahimovic can show how the performance is remarkable.

Belgium a 2-0 defeat to Italy, in the first round performance is disappointing.But fight the Belgian 3-0 romped to Ireland, the team’s performance is get, especially in Belgium on race under the condition of a one goal lead, Ireland has been unable to concentrate on defense, but fulfilled the Belgian super strong offensive ability, finally after a victory, greatlyUp the morale of the team in Belgium.Belgium three points currently ranked third in group a, this war team wins or draw with Sweden to the identity of the second group got the certificate of qualification and the team once lost, is likely to be eliminated.

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