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Asia to let the ball plate for sports betting has high reference value, can improve the accuracy of prediction, but dish analysis involves some terms, the small make up today to tell you about, so you better bets on games.

Let the ball plate profile:

To set the ball is also called alone win, can be understood as betting winning team in the specified game.If match with the ball for a draw, then the player bet the amount will be fully refunded, commonly known as “plate”.

Let the ballPlate is composed of three parts, in the competition of two teams, let the count (commonly known as dish) and the water level.

Let the ball plate including single ticket again and the package two kinds, namely, the betting page can see make the difference between a ball or 0.25.Single ticket refers to the games team have opened a ball, for example: inter milan side roma, the amount of the punters will all bets in the ball dish on plate.Packages refers to a game team have opened two let the ball, for example: lightning hemisphere/ball Juventus.So, punters average amount will be divided into two, namely half bets in lightningLet the hemisphere dish on, and the other half is betting on the lightning, let a dish on the ball.

Dish winning or losing the calculation:

Such as South Korea south guangzhou evergrande 0.5 a refusal, devote to guangdong evergrande win, (Hong Kong) odds is 1.03, the principal of 100 yuan, the result of the match for a 1-0, predict success, will win the 100 * 1.09 = 109 yuan.

The following figure, guangzhou evergrande, 0 or 0.5 off bets of 100 yuan, on behalf of 50 yuan bets to 0, 50 yuan bets to 0.5.This is half half win or lose, calculation methods: win half, (odds + 1) / 2 * principal, lost half, principal / 2.

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  1. 此活动适用于人民币注册的所有新会员。会员只可申请一种首存红利。
  2. 此活动开始于2015年07月01日00:00:00(北京时间),截止到2015年07月31日23:59:59(北京时间)
  3. 最低存款50RMB并转至您喜欢的老虎机钱包。每位会员仅限于首次存款及转账到老虎机钱包(金池,金殿,金弦,金梵,金銮)时可申请红利。请注意真人娱乐城流水不计入老虎机游戏。
  1. 流水要求:
    转账到金池俱乐部RMB 50
    100%存款红利=100% X RMB 50 = RMB 50
    需要投注金额=(RMB 50 + RMB 50) X 20 = RMB 2,000
  2. 请您在转账到老虎机某一游戏钱包时输入下列相应红利代码获得红利
    RMB 2,888
    RMB 2,888
    RMB 2,888
    RMB 2,888
    RMB 2,888
  3. 如何使用红利代码,您可以参照这里
  4. 若会员未通过此优惠的资格核实,无需流水即可提款。会员可参加其他优惠,请联系在线客服咨询其他优惠。
  5. 此优惠适用于下列游戏钱包。会员只可申领老虎机游戏中的任一种首存红利。
    *下列产品不计入流水要求 – 点击这里
  6. 优德W88有权在任何时间取消任何会员或者团伙投注会员,我们享有唯一及绝对决定权。
  7. 首存红利如果申请的是老虎机游戏,获取的红利只可以玩老虎机游戏,若发现红利投注与真人娱乐城游戏,将没收废除所有的红利金额。
  8. 备注:流水要求不计算俱乐部中的真人荷官游戏
  9. 如果红利在30天内未达到1倍流水,我们将有权取消红利及其盈利。若申请提款时未达到相应流水要求,红利及其盈利将被扣除。
  10. 首存红利投注流水不计入返水有效流水中。
  11. 优德W88有权在任何时间取消优惠,对所有玩家或者个别玩家。
  12. 优德W88一般条款与规则适用于此优惠。

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How to download:

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1. The horizontal version of the vertical version instructions.

2. The best club android mobile phone version of the function of

Rules of interpretation:

1. This activity begins at 00:00:00 July 06, 2015 (Beijing time), as of July 12, 2015, 23:59:59 (Beijing time).

2. The android client the best club in all human desktop can participate in this activity.The

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W88 casino focuses on: optimal DE w88 】 【 warrior VS cavs Finally clean?

On June 17, 09:00 the Cleveland cavaliers of the golden state warriors VS

Beijing time 2015-06-17 GMT on Wednesday morning, the sixth round of the NBA finals will be moving to Cleveland, knight at home loan center against the warriors.Knight on a 91-104 loss to the warriors on the road, after losing it, a big score 2-3, already push yourself to the edge of the cliff.Knights of the former two section at the end of the behind only 1 minute, but in the second half of the mutation, 3Section 17 to 22 lose 5 points, while section 4 lost 7 points, lost a total of 13 points, only a lebron’s cavs failed to resist stress.Star lebron, continues to 44 minutes had 40 points, 14 rebounds and 11 rebounds, this terrible three pairs of data, become the west after 1969, the only one cut 40 + three pairs of player in the NBA finals.Warriors now easier, the next game, a win as long as you won the championship.Game database data is no less the G5 lebron, he scored 37 points, seven rebounds and 4 assists, including 3-pointers7 for 13, is most was thrown into three players.Warriors in addition to garage did well, was replaced as described in the G4 starting iguodala, also played 42 minutes 5 of 11, 14 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, three pairs of the data is very comprehensive, and can also limit zhan emperor play on the defensive end players who can don’t like it.After the clay – Thompson said: “we will reduce the G6 as game 7 in game to play, we don’t want to come back to home (7).”The final outcome, remains to be seen.

Finals played at this stage, spellingIs the willpower and physical strength, the additional skills really affect too much.Knight took out the game 2 against the warriors, undersized team, but obviously a fast-paced, now the knight on the offensive end of the squad did much worse, if it weren’t for JR 4 remember three points in the first half, the warriors would have pulled away.But the relaxation of the warriors are routinely full 16 error nearly destroyed the good innings, if all men can take out the fourth quarter of attitude, then, the warriors are close to the title is very close.In contrast, knight, you really can’t ask James to do more, large triple-double almost single-handedly and warriors fightEquilibrium.Knight abandoned the game season’s fee – he gove, rebounding was lost to the warriors, the knights of the next boss would adjust again?

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W88 casino optimal DE club android mobile version (GPI) horizontal vertical version at your turn

The best club android mobile phone version of the two kinds of views as you flip, horizontal version view with beautiful lotus officer at close range, vertical version click view betting more convenient, screen rotation, gravity sensing technology feels dye-in-the-wood, give you more choice, small make up take you a sneak peek.

Vertical view page:

Vertical version may view one hand hold the fuselage, devote more convenient, unique design page, you can according to their own habits, adjust the chip and the function keys on both sides of the order, below “L” function keys on the left, the “R” function keyWill be in the right.

The following figure, when the poor network speed, you can switch to video mode, enable the game to fluency.

Horizontal version view page, Beautiful lotus officer of screen body, let you and beautiful lotus officer face to face.

Two kinds of views, each century, what kind of view you heavier in love?Login immediately superior DE club ~

mobile experience

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W88 casino focuses on optimal DE w88 】 【 : defense again good doesn’t the sharpest spear

The European champions league final of Barcelona VS Juventus in

Optimal DE ,W88 Western sports, The 6In ,7At 2Point 45 points,The annual grandly held at the champions league final will.As is known to all, led by MSN barca called cosmos, power all rivals Juventus, this year’s championsChampions league any suspense? & # 8230;

This season’s champions league final in Berlin, against the two sides is super overlord Barcelona and Juventus in the serie a class, in terms of strength and degree of starlight, significantly better than Barcelona with MSN.Lionel messi will be led by MSN to impact of buffon, led Juventus defence, whether the italians really find defensive measures, is worth looking forward to.As the highest level of competition in the world, the extent of attention put on the champions league final, various gambling bet amount is huge, gaming companies opened also very cautious.Generally speaking, the mainstream gambling company opened a number of plate to compensateAccording to the very real.According to statistics, since the champions league final in 2003, there have been only two times price advantage party lose in 90 minutes: 2005 Monaco and Manchester united in 2009, and the people on both sides of the two final power is very close.

Juve 352 is not set in stone, if necessary, the two wings of retraction, 532 formation, can also be transformed into 4132, 4132. Of course, the main or 3 DCS system, with three central defenders against Barcelona front three, two wings against alves, alba assists, perhaps it is difficult to find a space to Barcelona.Allegri will not give upMessi’s limit, if messi retreat, Mr Can withdraw from the defensive area, 1 midfielder back to the line, continue to form 3 DCS system.So, Juventus will counter in the stadium.

Optimal DE ,W88Western sports Asian dishes out: Barcelona 1The ball high water location

The optimal DE W88 this testimonials: Juventus defender is solid, but resist the focal point of Barcelona, I’m afraid I still have great difficulty, the overall performance of the season, Barcelona’s title should is more, there is no suspense Barcelona in the champions. reality offering mobile phase (19) negative profit return of 10% per week (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

All during the event, the use of mobile betting reality offering superior DE club, will automatically return the negative profit of 10% per week, bonus of up to 300 yuan, and only 15 times water withdrawals.


Rules and terms:

1. This activity began on April 27, 2015, 00:00:00 (Beijing time), by 23:59:59 on May 3, 2015 (Beijing time).

2. This offer is suitable for the dollar, the yuan, dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit and won optimal DE W88 registered members.

3. The android client the best club in All truePeople offering desktopAll can participate in this activity, including treasure, roulette, baccarat, longhu, dice 7-up baccarat and super color bucket roll.

4. The preferential period according to devote 10% of the total negative profit in the mobile version of automatic return a week, Bonus of up to 300 yuan, .

5. The bonus amount to complete 15 times more water withdrawals (except poker).

A week, for example, the total amount is RMB 300,
Get bonus: 300 * 10% = $30,
withdrawalsTo bet: 30 * 15 = $450,

6. This offer does not need to apply for, for a week from Monday to Sunday for a period, the bonus will be distributed within 2 working days from the end of the session.

7. This activity is not calculated members receive the first deposit bonus, return water and other bonuses for betting.

8. Don’t allow any bet bets, once found will be abolished to confiscate the corresponding amount of dividends and earnings.

9. Optimal DE W88, provide the offer only applies to recreational players.Optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.The

10. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

W88 focuses on optimal DE w88 】 【 : three key to fight Wayne rooney sorry miss

Beijing time on May 17, 23 00 p.m. on Sunday night, 2014/15 premiership week 37, Manchester united at old trafford against Arsenal.Despite the current premier league trend basically the dust settles, the duel between the two giants, however, will still be fierce collision sparks.

Both sides nearly 208 past meetings, united 88-46-74, the premier league record of 67-53 negative and negative.Last ten meetings between the two big rivals, Manchester united were 6 wins and two draws and whole keep advantage;While unitedIn recent 10 times against Arsenal at old trafford, record of eight wins and a draw, natural is one of the most classic 8-2 a bloodbath rivals in the 11/12 season.Both sides already had two meetings this season, Manchester united into 1-1, the 2-1 away win in the league, but then in the fa cup defeat at home 1-2 in the last eight, it is nearly 11 united home game against Arsenal’s first defeat.

Louis van gaal and a total of five led against arsene wenger past experience, in addition to the two fixtures against the league and the fa cup this season, including 99/00 uefa champions leagueTwo leg, Louis van gaal’s record of 2 wins and a draw and equal.Wenger recently Derby against Manchester united 10 times, record of 2 wins and two draws six negative, record is not ideal, Manchester united in the premier league once become a pain in the neck of Arsenal and Nemesis.

Optimal DE w88, western sports recommendation: Manchester united to 0-0.5