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England’s premier league focus, Arsenal VSWest brom

Beijing time on May 24th the evening 22:00, 2014-15 premier league season in the 38th round of a war with focus, Arsenal at home against west bromwich albion.37 home-country crowd, before Arsenal 21-9-7 ranked thirdWest brom 11-11-15 ranks 13th.

Although only Arsenal over the last five games won a, but because the leading three points of Manchester united and goal difference advantage, lock the top three basic no problem.Match the gunners as long as get the draw will be able to secure a third, even if we lose, as long as it’s not big scoreline, or Manchester united, outscored seven goal difference advantage should be enough to help Arsenal locking the top three.

Arsenal have three consecutive home games failed to score in the league, this is the first time since February 2009 the team couldn’t find the net at home for three rounds, six recentlyOnly a round of league goals more than one.Luckily the Arsenal goal against west brom performance has been good in the past, the two teams 17 premier league clash, the gunners games can goals scored 35 goals in total.But the former stoke boss Tony pulis is arsene wenger’s friends for many years, after he replaced, “bloomers” five rounds are unbeaten in recently, and there are four games without conceding a goal.

Arsenal this season is 10 years in a row for the top two in the premiership, but finish in the league, Arsenal are always impress fans, the team over the past nine had never lost the final game of the season, seven wins and two draws is the premier leagueThe team finish longest unbeaten team.This as long as no accident at home, at the end of the Arsenal will unbeaten law extended to the first ten years of war.On both sides of 10 times, seven wins and two draws in Barcelona.

Two teams in the premier league over the past seven games, games Arsenal to win 6 draw 1, has never lost a game.West brom 8 times at Arsenal, only in 2010 won a 3-2.

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On May 31 00:30 Arsenal v aston villa in

Beijing time on May 31, 2015 00:30, Arsenal will with aston villa on winning the fa cup final, if Arsenal win, win the fa cup will be two years in a row.

Arsenal’s recent formMore general, fortunately, the previous round the 4-1 win at west brom, find the feeling of winning.But in the face of Swansea and sunderland, Arsenal have lost scores, Arsenal next few games or unstable performance.Aston villa less state, however, the final two rounds of the game lost, especially on the road against Southampton, were given five goals in the first half, the defence’s performance is very bad.But aston villa to play in the fa cup is very strong, all the way through to the finals, the semi-finals when they eliminated is Liverpool.Clash in the past, nearly 10 times, Arsenal 7 wins and 1Flat and 2 defeats, but in this season, Arsenal are big score double kill aston villa.In the 12 years in the fa cup, Arsenal’s 3-2 victory over aston villa.In the game, Arsenal full advantage.On the strength than villa.

Data analysis:

Arsenal’s premier league match this season’s third high, up to 57%.Arsenal’s premier league goals this season more than a third team, averaging 1.87 goalsIn recent 10 official games.Arsenal have only four games single-game scoring 1 ball.

Aston villa this season the premiership winning percentage by 26%.Aston villa is one of the premier league goals this season at least team, averaging 0.82 goals.In the last 10 games, aston villa have each at least be scored 2 goals in five games.

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British football super league 37 Chelsea v west brom
Optimal DE W88Western sports premiership finish class preview (Beijing time) on May 19, 2015, at 3 am on Saturday, premier league week 37, at west brom, Chelsea have won the blues can win, avoid relegation success of west brom can add a win?
Chelsea won three rounds, early in the last round in the 1-1 draw at Liverpool in the league, remy, Jacob zuma, felipe, mikel and 19 years old teenager’s figure – chick substituted, Liverpool players before the game the first admission lined the champions Chelsea players comes into play, the Chelsea squad rotation or close to a period of time will become the norm.This round of competition, the blues could drastically rotate players, young players will continue to absorb the experience, and the main force will also get a break.Believe that Chelsea will win in the end of the round to their strongest merit star petr cech give a wonderful performance.

West the broad 41 points in the league, the relegation zone, hull city more than 7 points, 2 rounds, remaining in the barclays premier league is relegation from the perspective of the trailing the conflicts of recent success, west, the past few seasons, both to the blues had not small.The performance of the main striker Bella bush’s recent weakness, but fortunately, team player able to more timely goal, help the team to ensure that the pressure on the opponent’s attack.West block should try the main road, because the central defensive is one of Chelsea’s defensive weakness.

The two sides at war nearly 10 times, Chelsea 6 wins and two draws and 2 defeats.

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On May 28th 09:00 warrior VS rocket

Houston rockets at home to save a match point success, May 28, the rockets will visit the golden state warriors.The rockets still stuck, they need the team to continue in good condition.Harden to stay aggressive, Howard to play a role in the paint, they must strive for the once again led to win the total score 3.Warriors have to miss a match point, garage nearly injured to cry, they rebounded to win at home to get the victory, they want to 4-1The rockets into the NBA finals.

Game 4 of the western conference finals, the rockets finally burst out of energy, they will set up more than 20 in the first quarter of the lead, harden attack completely broke out, they at home win over the warriors to save a match point.For the rockets, it is that they are following the western conference semifinals was again into disrepute, after 4 times facing elimination game they all get a victory, this also let terry elimination war rocket unbeaten rhetoric, he hope the team can win streak continue.Tomorrow, but the rockets players know the game at the warriors will be the most difficult to world war I, if you can win, the rockets will have very good chance.

Warriors missed a match point on the road, they in the first quarter.Like the warriors coach cole said, they are not ready in the first quarter, the rockets is much better in this respect.For the warriors, the game 4 more partners are still appear in the second quarter, when the Treasury fell heavily to the floor, all of the mighty heart, fortunately no matter in the Treasury, even the garage I recall the scene at that time, he also feel a little terror.

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