Archive for 2015/07/30 focuses on optimal DE W88 】 【 : Portuguese final is a big ball

Portuguese football super league finish Porto VS Pena phil

Optimal DE ,W88 western sportsPortuguese finish perspective: Beijing time on May 23, 2015 at 3 a.m. on Saturday, the Portuguese final finish, home match against Porto pena phil, the home team could easily win?Everything that makes optimal DE W88 show you!Portuguese last round without war at the same time, because the league situation all have been confirmed.Porto 2 years for the league title in a row, three points behind their benfica, and for the record and most all weak, while local rivals pena phil is at the bottom from relegation.Both sides mentality easy, Porto victory over the difficultyHave not.Wheel on benfica was draw guimaraes, Porto but not seize the opportunity, and than lenny Seth after the draw at Porto has the title.The game for Porto is a purely to thank the fans.In contrast, pena phil is three-point banker forces, they nearly five away harvest only 1 lost four positions.They first cycle face Porto, however, is 3 to 1, return calculate can.Pena phil currently bottom of 23 points, has been set down.

1 the recent meetings, Porto 3-1 away victory.

The optimal DE W88Western sports, Asian dishes out: Porto home make 3 ball high water location

Optimal DE ,W88The recent : Two teams power dominant fundamentals Porto, fighting spirit is alive, the visiting team strength disadvantage, plus isBefore the drop, the fighting spirit, so was the home team get three will surely win the ball.

W88 casino kanaike slot tournament strategy (11)

Teamed up with GPI platform, create new concept 3 d slots championships, countries to compete, a period of seven days, participating zero threshold, exceeds ten thousand yuan bonus etc. You win!Join the championship!This game beach bikini!Small make up warm prompt this tournament every single bets on 4.5 yuan for 1 minute, you need to value higher than 0.9 above, can only be for 1 minute.

Rules of interpretation:

Activity time: Wednesday 00:00:00 (Beijing time), ends at 23:59:59 next Tuesday (Beijing time).This time period for a period.

Championship activities page use: click on the “slot tournament” entered the game page.

Each entry in the game, you can be in the home page click 【 immediately games 】 or 【 】 for more information.

Championship status: 【 over 】 for past games, 【 in 】 for this game.

Jump information pageSurface below:

Information page: mainly provide this game related information for you.

Play the game: if you have more than one slot machine game, you can choose any.

List: keep update for you game, 50 points to qualify for the list!Scores for rankings ranking basis, lowest 4.5 yuan per single bets for a score, if you devote to 5 yuan, the single for a score;You bet is 2.5 yuan, the single no score.


Small make up warm heart tip: kanaike slot machines in the game, as the chart, each game of the bottom of the page, 1 = 5 yuan coin, devote to COINS refers to, according to the rules of the game, you bet at least 0.6 COINS, to achieve at least 3 yuan for every single bets, for 1 minute.

Function: such as free rotation, bonus games without effective betting.

Rules and clause: you can refer to the corresponding place prize.Bonus to up to 10 times more water in the kanaike club before withdrawal.


Competition rules:

  1. Kanaike club championships slot machinesStarted in a week00:00:00 (Beijing time), and ends at 23:59:59 next Tuesday (Beijing time).
  2. This activity is suitable for the yuan, dong, Indonesian rupiah and the Thai baht, Malaysian ringgit, south Korean won $registered members.
  3. Each selected slot machinesThe play each are not identical, Specific please refer to the current championship events page.
  4. Entry details and bonus allocation, please refer to each tournament “rules and terms.
  5. Participating member may at any time to refresh the view “list” rankings, by the end of the game’s ranking ranking for bonus distribution.
  6. Tournament based on each single injection effectively betting conversion ranking score are instant, every single score 1 only.For example: the game requires each minimum bet $4.5 for a score, you game betting is 5 yuan, the single for a score, every single only one score.
  7. Match winnings to be up to 10 times more water in the kanaike slot machines club before withdrawal.
  8. Bonuses will be in each issue within 2 working days after the end of the game.
  9. Slot machines in the bonus game, free rotation is made valid by means of the function such as game without betting.
  10. The same tournaments, if many people get the same rank will share share the corresponding bonus.
  11. This activity is bonus by GPI platform and optimal DE project.it8 co-sponsored.
  12. Optimal DE W88 shall have the right at any time to break the rules, qualifying member to cancel, we enjoy the sole and absolute discretion.
  13. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

More favourable for details, please refer to the entry page, or consulting 24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88 focuses on optimal DE w88 】 【 : lebron’s garage The warriors tackled knight to borrow home match point

08:00 warrior VS knight on June 15,
Losing the NBA finals game 4 at home for the cavaliers, knight will visit tomorrow against the golden state warriors.The importance of the heavenly Kings mountain battle it goes without saying that the cavaliers to strive to overcome fatigue factors, lebron led to naturally, they strive to win this game 3-2 lead again.Warriors recover gradually, cole’s madrigal is quite successful, spray brothers at home tomorrow to led, the warriors fight for home win 3-2 finals match point.
Although the cavaliers in the previous three get a 2-1 lead, but the lack ofArmy major general predicament that they consume too much energy, as a result, they suffered a defeat in game 4, they are tied in the total score, home court advantage again go back into the hands of the warriors.Tomorrow’s facing the heavenly Kings mountain battle, the cavaliers have no retreat, they will strive for to win on the road again, lebron’s must take responsibility.
The warriors in the case of 1-2 backwardness actively madrigal, they put iguodala in the starting line-up, it received very good effect, as a result they win win in game 4, the offense also restored the original appearance.Cole after praised the performance of iguodala, believe he tomorrowWill continue to start.For the warriors, iguodala is a very important part of the defence, defence he can continuously put pressure on lebron offense he also can bring no small contribution to the team, tomorrow he wants to continue the play.
Optimal DE w88, western sports recommendation: the big 195.5

W88 casino congratulations to the winning member

Congratulations to member P * ND L Z * * *

The lucky guy win S6 Edge16GB a

all registered members a week has a record of successful deposit, once a week free rotation opportunities, to become the next big winner ~

New prizes ~ lucky spin on samsung latest S6 Edge16GB, as long as you have a successful deposit immediately participate in every week, please hurry, take the latest mobile phone ~

lucky spin on the new awards the air, the prize will continue to update, do please rotate to win your lucky prize!!!! crazy monsters – gold string club (CTXM)

Crocodiles in the underground pipeline of monster with huge gold hit!This is a 5 axis 20 line slot machines, rotary, modelling strange monster appeared from the pipeline, according to the order from left to right of claims, highest pay compensation.The game top 15 free rotation, a joker pattern, bonus game function such as game.Challenge the huge bonuses, gaming experience ~


A free demo

W88 casino focuses on optimal DE w88 】 【 : viola again defeated by war can be tallied

On June 1, 2:45 fiorentina vs. chievo serie a

Beijing time on June 1, 2 point 45 points, fiorentina will be in the home game against chievo.The viola next season’s champions league qualification is not ultimately come to hand, still need three points to consolidate the position, and the flying donkeys are significant lax after ashore in advance, have nearly four games.

The home side fiorentina after downturn, once encountered four straight league defeats, but adjust in a timely manner, and the recent opponents strength weak, only 4 were obtainedIn a row.In just the last round of league cases, 17 at fiorentina – 10-10 61 points 5 grades, only two points higher than the Genoa behind, next season’s champions league qualification has not yet come to hand.Florence cross, middle penetration of dozen is working, at the same time set pieces as well as the effective means of scoring.Defensive aspect, on the left often appear loophole, in addition its own mistakes and lost the ball a big reason.

The visitors chievo power co., LTD., have long been fighting to avoid relegation, only now 43 points in 10-13-14 grades in 14th, avoid relegationTask has been finished ahead of schedule.Chievo from 33 games at home after a 1-0 win over cagliari, nearly four wheel 1 negative, have 3 flat, obviously loose after ashore.Flying donkeys, deeply puzzled by “back to” 28 goals are scored at least team in the league, but defence firm, to concede only 38 grains.

Data analysis:

Fiorentina recently 11 home all official match against chievo have won nine games.Recently four serie a matches each at least 3 goals, six serie a games more than 2.5 in both party’s goals per game, the formal than three games against chievo”No matter what first half or full victory.

Chievo last 13 serie a games have 12 per’s goals are both below 2.5.

Optimal DE w88, western sports recommendation: Florence to 1, is as high as 0.38% uncapped week return water!

Enjoy western sports 0.38% per week, X/Oriental sports and enjoy 0.2% love sports.Return water withdrawals without betting!

Rules and terms:

  1. Water rebates will end on Sunday 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
  2. This special offer for all optimal DE W88 member activities.
  3. The preferential minimum color 1 yuan, there is no limit to the highest sent the color.
  4. Discount during the effective of various sports betting amount according to the corresponding proportion get return water.Western sports betting amount 0.38% of return water from east enjoys a 0.2% return water sports and love sports.
  5. Effective betting only calculate the plate more than 1.5 (0.5) or Hong Kong dish dish betting;All the draw, invalidation, cancellation or to bet, and horse racing will not be calculated in the return water bets on the forehead.
  6. Return water needs you in preferential discount application page by clicking on “claim, we will be at the end of the activity of two work Days for you automatically.
  7. If you forget to apply for this offer, please click contact usOnline customer service.But this activity’s application for re-issue time limit within 72 hours after the discount.
  8. This offer is the first deposit bonus sharing with new registered members, but demands the corresponding water multiples of betting is not calculated in sports betting in the total return water bets.Members in the same preferential period can apply for a number of water rebates.
  9. You are always welcome login optimal DE W88, online customer service or view the optimal DE W88 official weibo, WeChat for more details.
  10. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.

W88 goose eggs – kanaike club (GPI)

Kanaike club (GPI) on the new “golden goose egg” slot machine game, this is a 5 axis 25 line slot machine game.Design games have joker pattern, indiana, double play.Indiana pattern and 3 or more, will get eight free rotation and double bonus, enter the bonus game will win extra free double rotation and/or random.More game play, immediately log in the game!

A free demo

The mobile version upgrade w88 optimal DE club

Optimal DE W88 android client upgrade!You can play sports at the same time, real casino, slot machine game, easily download, game anytime and anywhere, mastering endless wealth, horizontal version version of the two kinds of views, and whatever you choose, optimal DE W88, satisfy all your needs, download and install the game immediately ~

If you have previously installed the best club mobile client, please phone now discharged, install again.

Download and install:

1. The mouse floating on the left side of the page”Download area”, as the chart, click the optimal DE club The android version of the download.

2. Click on the below after page jump to the download page.The download is complete import mobile phone to install the game.

Installation is complete, click mobile client, games, client update data needs to be a few minutes, please wait patiently, after entering game you can choose according to his be fond of, small make up take you a sneak peek!

[Sports betting 】

"The strong> [five slots]

The real casino 】

More details welcome consultation 24 hours online customer service game, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

W88 casino, how to download the optimal DE w88 android client

Android mobile, chang to play anytime, anywhere, relaxed and safe bets, convenient mobile client, luxury enjoy exclusive acme gaming experience!

Android client download links:

Method one: Sweep out cell phone WeChat, click 【 】, scanning the box on the qr code scanning, you can also use other qr code scanning software, scanning after enter the download page.

2.Method 2:Mobile phone’s official website to download

  • Android & amp;IOS mobile:
  • The blackberry & amp;Other phone:

Download operation steps:


Qr code scanning downloads

  1. Open the WeChat, click on the top left corner “+” sign, choosing, sweep out 【 】 please ensure that the qr code scanning frame;
  2. Scan success page display content, select the top right corner, open in a browser, mobile phone background began to download.

Mobile phone’s official website link to download:

  1. Open the phone browser, enter the url, enter the website page
  2. Mobile home page, click on the “the best club (GPI) 】 & amp;”Golden club (the MGS)” can be directly to the download page.Select [Andy real casino club] & amp;[Andy club slot machines] after the jump page, click “download now” to the download page.

Installation steps: in the best club, for example,

  1. After selecting, the download is completeDownload entry, click the installation;
  2. Depending on your Internet connection, the installation may take a few minutes, please wait patiently;
  3. Installed, click open to go into the game page.

The client update: As shown in the figure below situation for the client to update, you click on the “UPGRADE” waiting for the update to complete the game.

You can also use the computer click on the following link, delivered to the mobile phone in installation:

The best club golden real casino 】 【 】

[Andy real casino club] [Andy club slot machines]

And demand for more details, welcome your consultation 24 hours online customer service, we will wholeheartedly for youService.