W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 18 matches

3:45 in the morning Beijing time on December 21, 18 serie a matches, Atlanta, the season before the gap between four only five points, the wheel is at the SAN siro unscathed, play a very hale and hearty.This season league is quite high, nearly four home win seven games, averaging can bomb scored 3.1, firepower fierce, please look!

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 12/21/2016 (Wednesday)03:45Atlanta,empoli 12/22/2016 (Thursday)03:45Inter milanlazio 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45cagliariMr Solow 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45FlorenceThat’s not le’ 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45Palermopescara 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45The Romanchievo 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45sampudinese 12/23/2016 (on Friday)03:45Turin,Genoa

Atlanta v empoli

Atlanta, the performance of the first half of the season is very grab an eye, the team at the end of September to the end of November in the two months schedule, made a wave of eight wins and a draw unbeaten record, but after entering in December, Atlanta has faded, the performance of AC milan away over the weekend, after the team recently three rounds of league one and negative two outings, during a total of six goals, compared to earlier, the team’s defense had a sharp drop in quality, but it’s important to note that the recent successively with Juventus and AC milan team missed, Atlanta achievement landslide is understandable, in the face of the game strength weak empoli, the team welcomedThe best recovery time.

Empoli last round of primary wins completely lit the morale of the team, but empoli is a typical road, team besides beat pescara, either flat or negative, and the rest of the face various teams currently 17 home-country crowd round of league team with 3-5-9 for the 17th championship, beat cagliari, over the weekend at home in the team in time to stop the recent 2 minus 3 be flagging, but want to quickly get rid of the threat, empoli will still need to get points, but the battle against the recent state down in Atlanta, trip to empoli have the confidence to continue the recent goodMovements.

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