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Beijing time on December 26, 2016 at 20 premier league 18th round, watford at home for the challenges of the crystal palace.Watford have recently is to rely on home runs, while against the box, but recent situation but is too good for the visitors.And crystal palace this error, is now leading the relegation zone they only 1 minute, the next round to face Arsenal, it is sure to win points.

Date of Time The The visiting team 12/26/2016 (Monday)Manner ofwatfordThe crystal palace 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00ArsenalWest brom 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00burnleymiddlesbrough 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00Chelseabournemouth 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00Lestereverton 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00Manchester unitedsunderland 12/26/2016 (Monday)23:00SwanseaWest ham 12/27/2016 (Tuesday)01:15Hull cityManchester city 12/28/2016 (Wednesday)01:15LiverpoolStoke city 12/29/2016 (Thursday)3:45 a.m.Southamptonspurs

Watford versus crystal palace,

Premier league 18th round, 2016/17 season will continue to play at the end of the week, by watford at home against crystal palace.Watford recorded 17 rounds before the season 6 about 3 flat 8, ranked 12th place.
• watford on gamesGuest 1-0 defeat to sunderland, 2 in a row, a league team morale hit, the home is the opportunity to turn around.
Watford game quite hale, squad strength than the opponent crystal palace, from the point of trailing the conflicts, watford nearly six times get two wins and two draws against crystal palace and not tactically on the situation.

The crystal palace in
Crystal palace, the overall strength belongs to the middle level, but the state is quite weak, this season recorded 17 rounds before the season 4-3-10 rows4 to bottom of the premier league.
, the crystal palace in last round league 1-0 home defeat to Chelsea, a league 2 in a row, the team morale is low, the distance from the relegation zone only 1 points, avoid relegation pressure is huge.
, recently, the boss Alan pardew due to lead the poor who has been dismissed by the crystal palace, Alan pardew accordingly to be manager of the second class of the season, this time at watford will be made by new coach Sam allardyce, overall state in question.

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