W88 cookie free competition

Free game totaling $30000 per month!

  1. Activity time on January 1 00:00:00 began in 2017, the deadlineOn January 31 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
  2. Collect 10 lucky cookies, can attend every Sunday night 20 points (Beijing time) cookie free competition.
  3. The more cookies to collect, the more you can receive more free game starting chip.
Terms and conditions:
  1. spins the players gathered 10 cookies, cookies can be automatically logged in to free competition.
  2. Cookie free game is 20 points on every Sunday night (Beijing time) for three championships, free of charge.
  3. Through $1 lucky guy, can enter $300 cookie free competition.
  4. By $5 a lucky guy, can enter $2000 cookie free competition.
  5. Through the $15 a lucky guy, can enter $5000 cookie free competition.
  6. Players collected 10 cookies,Can be automatically registered to free competition.
  7. Cookies during the cumulative for late 20 points from last week Sunday (Beijing time) to 19 point and 59 minutes later this week Sunday (Beijing time).
  8. Collected for each cookie, the player can receive 100 starting chip.
    Example: if the

    collection this week

    • $1 lucky guy 50 cookies ➜ cookies in the $300 free game starting chips from 5000.
    • $5 spins the 20 cookies ➜ at $2000 cookie free game starting chips from 2000.
    • Below $15 lucky wheel 10 cookies ➜ can’t attend.
  9. A cookie is the promotion of the sustained for free.
  10. GGNetwork platform has the right to modify or terminate this activity at any time at any time.
The how to check my collection cookie
  1. The computer version: “my dividend” click gift boxes, can view your cookies.
  2. Mobile version: “my dividend” click “account”, and can view your cookies.

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