Recommend west re-scheduled week 17, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on January 7, 2016, 00 PM, 2016/17 season in la liga 17 rounds will be launched, real Madrid at home against granada, this is real Madrid in 2017, the Spanish league opener, zinedine zidane team three points for a confident, if real Madrid to win, they will be played a game more, temporarily nine points ahead of Barcelona.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/7 (Saturday)03:45The Spanishdeportivo 2017/1/7 (Saturday)00 PMReal Madridgranada 2017/1/7 (Saturday)Hands onMr AnwarAtletico Madrid 2017/1/8 (Sunday)01:30Las palmasgijon 2017/1/8 (weeksDay)03:45The royal societysevilla 2017/1/8 (Sunday)At 19:00bilbaoAllah’s 2017/1/8 (Sunday)Hands onbetisHe in 2017/1/9 (Monday)01:30celtamalaga 2017/1/9 (Monday)03:45villarrealBarcelona 2017/1/10 (weeks2)03:45osasunavalencia

Real Madrid VS granada

Real Madrid game against granada nearly 14 times only minus one field, at home against granada 22 times in the history of the league also only lost one game in 1974, the rest of the 21 scored 19 wins and two draws.Especially the 2014/15 season, real Madrid at home has 9-1 massacre granada, that crazy cristiano ronaldo has scored five goals.Therefore, real Madrid to granada has obvious psychological advantage.

Match analysis:

Last season, wolfsburg in the champions league home defeat to real Madrid, but eventually eliminated.Real Madrid unbeaten so far this season, before the winter break, they just harvested the club World Cup championship, league real Madrid last eight games made seven wins and a draw.2017 is another year, real Madrid posture in doubt after a winter break, but the overall strength is still well above granada.

Real Madrid is a leader and granada ranked second, at present only 16 war 1-6-9, avoid relegation pressure is very big.Once they start unbeaten in 13, last 3 gamesGame, granada get 4 points, strength slightly rebounded.But a friendly against real Madrid, granada want to get one point is not easy.

Look out for:

Cristiano ronaldo harvest in 2016, 2017, who turns 32 cristiano ronaldo, for the Portuguese, this is the beginning of the new challenges.In 2017 in la liga opener, ronaldo’s goal is to score, continue to help real Madrid to win.In la liga, top scorer cristiano ronaldo behind macy’s two goals, and more easily to chase.

In addition, real Madrid array of people have been revealed in this may leave in January, including defender pepe and midfielder J, it, these players can get playing opportunities also noteworthy.In addition, real Madrid before kick-off time in Barcelona, if real Madrid win it, will be under the condition of the game more round Barcelona nine point lead, this is a huge psychological advantage.

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