W882016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 19 matches

Beijing time 8 is a wonderful event by the home team against the visiting team empoli Palermo.No. 17 home empoli for the current season, when the visitors Palermo currently ranked 18 serie a season.Two teams in the previous competition performance is good.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/1/8 (Sunday)01:00empoliPalermo 2017/1/8 (Sunday)03:45Naplessamp 2017/1/8 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.udineseInter milan 2017/1/8 (Sunday)22:00chievoAtlanta, 2017/1/8 (Sunday)22:00GenoaThe Roman

2017/1/8 (Sunday)22:00lazioWithin the g’s 2017/1/8 (Sunday)22:00pescaraFlorence 2017/1/8 (Sunday)22:00Mr SolowTurin, 2017/1/9 (Monday)01:00AC milancagliari 2017/1/9 (Monday)03:45Juventusbologna

The empoli VS Palermo,

2016/2017 re-scheduled week 19 round against empoli VS Palermo ensue, in which two teams battle that recent six empoli got 3 win 3 draw unbeaten, although empoli in serie a’s recent performance is not how much stronger than rivals, but the team with advantages of both sides before games victory is worth believe once again.

The home team empoli won serie b runner-up honor, the result seems not so ideal.Under the condition of the home, the players are always can’t get any show of strength, on dribbling and processing is not how good, it is easy to be rivals off the ball, under the condition of the road, the players are not enthusiasm.In short they in this season is very dangerous downgrading process.

The visiting team had won the Italian cup runners-up Palermo, the serie b title, etc. Honor.At the same time also are chasing serie a.Can be seen in the current game Palermo team not much progress, can only stay put.Floating on home is very big, and the players play also is very unstable, slightly in attackHave insufficient, defense is not doing enough, general is also firmly in place jump.At the same time the players with the ball forward and so on basic action is not smooth, can see luck to the game, and cooperation between the players is not enough in place, also is him look at the players on the pitch.Of course, each team has a brilliant moment, just look at the two teams in the game performance.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend empoli let the game 1 ball games.

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