W88 casino security payments, in control, mobile phone and quick payment

Optimal DE W88 now provide you with China merchants bank and construction bank, the bank’s official website launched mobile banking, mobile banking, payment easily, safe and convenient!

In order to ensure the safety of your account, you need to bind mobile phones can only be for payment, every payment bank will send a verification code by mobile phone text messages, to ensure security of your account.The mobile phone immediately log on to m.w88top.com web experience.

How to deposit?

Please login first mobile phone websitePage, select “money management”, select the deposit later, choose “quick pay” way.

Select merchants bank or construction bank 】 【 】.

After enter your deposit amount, click confirm to submit deposit 】 【, page will jump to your mobile phone bank payment page.

In order to ensure the security of your account, it is suggested that go to the mobile version of the client to pay page.

Enter your account information can be paid to the account.The

China merchants bank opened mobile phone bank

Click login website page, China merchants bank 】 【 the following figure, page at the bottom right choice “all-in-one-card application”.Operating under the orders of the page.

Please enter the relevant account information can be opened.

Construction bank opened mobile phone bank

Method a, the use of mobile phonesOpened

Spet1: download and install the client of China construction bank 】 【

The Iphone version

  1. Open the iTunes Store, apple’s iTunes software input mobile phone “CCB bank” in the search box in the search results.Click “CCB mobile banking”, detailed information into the interface.Click on the Free App button to start the download.
  2. I use a mobile phone to scan qr code directly open the links below to download

The android version of

1. After login website, click to download the installation files download APK 】 【 transmission to the mobile phone.

2. The use of mobile phones scan qr code directly open the links below to download.

Mobile web version: visit wap.ccb.com

The Spet 2:11 21998871111219982387Download the installation is complete, enter the construction bank mobile client, click login and enter your bank card number, binding to open the bank on the phone.

Click open

Accept the agreement of

Personal information input, select the default “premium”.

Enter phone verification code, bank card account password after next.

Mode 2, the computer opening

Enter the construction bank’s official website: http://www.ccb.com–Click on the “electronic banking”.

Find mobile banking page – click open


The following steps like mobile phones, agree to a deal!

Enter personal information, the next step,

The input message authentication code, the next step

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