W88.com golden cup club (PNG & # 038; ISB) – mobile version

Golden cup club mobile version is now synchronous online!Clear and simple, high bonuses, win more!Cheong fun game anytime and anywhere, with high up to

Mobile phone betting way a:

1. Please professional qr code scanning software, mobile phone use in website page scan mobile phone 】 【 qr code.The diagram below:
(the mobile web version is applicable to any a phone)

2. After scanning the qr code, the system will automatically pop up aA jump links.The diagram below:

3. Click on the links to jump into optimal mobile version of the page, select the slot machine game 】 after login.The diagram below:

4. Select the “golden cup club” in the game hall into the game page, select your favorite game chang win!!!!The diagram below:

Mobile phone betting way 2:

1. Please use mobile phones browser directly input url: m.w88club.com The diagram below:

2. After logging in.Click on the “earth” icon, switch the language for the [Chinese].Select “slot machine”, find the golden cup club 】.The diagram below:

3. Select your favorite slot machine game board games or CARDS to enter, immediately start the game carnival journey ~

If you have any question, welcome you contact 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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