The America’s cup race w88 casino2015 years

In 2015 America’s cup will be organized by Chile, all games are arranged in the eight cities of Chile.Local time on June 12 evening of 20, will be used by the host in Santiago Chile and Ecuador national stadium for the opening.Messi, evolved the players will strive to mop up.You can choose the time according to the schedule.Four major sports platform to provide you with most complete the americas cup, immediately log in the game!

The America’s cup race:

thanThe date of Time Group 2015/6/12On Friday,At 8:30a.ChileEcuador 2015/6/13On Saturday,At 8:30a.MexicoBolivia 2015/6/14On Sunday,At 4BUruguayJamaica 2015/6/14On Sunday,At 6:30BArgentinaParaguay 2015/6/15On Monday,At 4CColombiavenezuela 2015/6/15On Monday,At 6:30CBrazilPerᄡ998871111219982387
2015/6/16On Tuesday,6 PMa.EcuadorBolivia 2015/6/16On Tuesday,At 8:30a.ChileMexico 2015/6/17On Wednesday,6 PMBParaguayJamaica 2015/6/17On Wednesday,At 8:30BArgentinaUruguay 2015/6/18On Thursday,9CBrazilColombia 2015/6/19On Friday,At 8:30CPeruvenezuela 2015/6/20On Saturday,6 PMa.MexicoEcuador 2015/6/20On Saturday,At 8:30a.ChileBolivia 2015/6/21On Sunday,At 4BUruguayParaguay 2015/6/21On Sunday,At 6:30BArgentinaJamaica 2015/6/22On Monday,At 4CColombiaPerᄡ998871111219982387
2015/6/22On Monday,At 6:30CBrazilvenezuela

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