W88 new deposit – point card to pay

Point card payment easy, optimal DE W88 support now17 kinds of main point card to pay for your choice!You need to confirm the deposit amount is the same as the amount of the selected point card, otherwise the amount will be lost or delay into account.Following the small make up together and see it ~


1. Use the quick charge point card deposit need to pay fees, because top-up CARDS/game card third party need to charge a fee, the actual top-up to zhang proportion refer to”Point card name “the selected card class.

2. Please make sure to use with the same would you selected the point card to pay, otherwise will cause failure or loss of value.

3. The amount of the transaction failed to add to the center of the wallet before, you are advised to keep point card card information.

Step1:Logged in, select “money management” into the “deposit”, click on the select [quick charge point card].The diagram below:

Single limit: $20 – $1000

Step2:Please would you choose the right point card name and then click the “deposit” for payment.The diagram below:

Warm prompt: point card payment, ping island’s will charge a certain amount of fees.Prepaid phone card type is not the same as the proportion of actual top-up to account will also be different.Please select deposit, lest cause unnecessary trouble to you!

Please select a choice depending on the type of point card [point card name】.

Prepaid phone card payments: mobile, unicom, telecom card.

The game card payments: grand, journey, QQ COINS, perfect, netease, sheng tenpay, jun, sohu net, longitudinal days macro, gyu, the world, the world is special, long swim.

Step3:How to make the deposit?(

cases) to move the shenzhou behavior

Please select point card name – the input point card denomination 】 【 】 – fill in chargeValue the serial 】 and 【 password 】 and click on “deposit”.The diagram below:

Note: please make sure that the actual amount of deposit, point card name and your account page point card name the same as the amount submitted.

Step4:After the deposit will display your prepaid phone directly the success or failure.The diagram below:

Top-up successful state 】 【 after the success, you can go to check your wallet center 】 【 amount whether to account.

The original “failed state” top-up failureDue to:

1, if you have used this card prepaid phone, will not be able to continue to use again.

2, if you input the wrong card information, will prompt error.

Note: the deposit but please keep the card information, to ensure the payment to the account success.

Warm prompt: the mobile version temporarily does not support this deposit, it is recommended that you use web version for deposit operation, thank you!

More details, welcome to consulting 7X24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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