W88.com android client latest WeChat, pay treasure to deposit

Optimal nickelodeon zhuo mobile version of the client, new [WeChat 】 and 【Pay treasure to Login 】 for saving, convenient and quick, immediate experience top-up –

Here small make up to you to introduce how to use a mobile phone client how to deposit!

First, please login the android mobile version of the client, his fingers sliding at the far right to left, from the pageNow after the navigation bar, please click on the “deposit” button in the navigation bar.

After clicking will jump to deposit page, will show “WeChat 】 and 【Pay treasure to 】 deposit button, then enter the amount you want to deposit, click on your choice of way of deposit.(warm prompt: use pay treasure to pay 1% handling charge oh ~, such as deposit 100 yuan to 99 yuan.)

WeChat deposit

After the click WeChat payment, just wait a few seconds later the page will automatically jump to WeChat page, and then under the “Immediate payment of “Oh ~

The pay treasure to deposit

Warm prompt: if this is your first payment, the page you will be prompted whether to open alipay, please select “Allowed


After click the “pay treasure” page will automatically jump to pay treasure, click on the below “Confirm the payment of “After a password can complete top-up!

Easy steps can deposit successfully!Whether very easy and convenient, the horseThe login attempt!

If you any problems encountered in the process of the deposit, please contact our 24 hours online customer service consulting, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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