W88 casino super three rules of play and introduction (new)

The best club – great hall new “super three” game, original brand new game concept, win bonuses!

Real casino 】 【 close interaction, stimulating experience, fun to poor, in three fairs!

Optimal real club this update, add the “super three games”.Based on the conventional three rules of the game, in terms of gameplay, play more!

Super thereof in the rules of the original three, three sent home by size, comparison with a banker to become with baccarat the same idle a comparison of zhuangType.Also raised the speed of the licensing, save time in the game, without any changes in terms of special bet.The diagram below:

Please login website, choose the optimal DE club – great hall 】.The diagram below:

Please choose according to their own needs, betting cap into the game room.The diagram below:

In the aspect of special compensation or continuation of the original three rules, as follows:

Thereof is a deck of CARDS, all K, Q, J (called token) and 10 calculated at zero(10 not to calculate brand), the player can be banker or idle bet, winning or losing depends on the banker three CARDS and sent home three CARDS surface points.

Thereof do not collect fees, throw to lose/win win prizes is 1 to 1;In addition to the following special case 2-1 pay (i.e., water 50%, to 1, 0.5) in

Betting “idle”, spare any combination to win

to 6

Bets “, “zhuang, zhuang in any combination to win at 6,

For example: double male 6, single male 6, 6

high card

bets on winning or losing a draw back the principal

“Draw” side note 1 compensate 18. “three fairs” 36-1.

(than the size of three, first points, more than public card, for example: spare with zhuang is 9 points, double and 9 is more than single and 9, three games regardless of size) of design and color of

“Idle house For more than And The Banker for more than Odds and rules are as follows:

Type and size (from big to small)

1. Three J, Q, K any three

2. Double male 9 J, Q, K any two + 9,

3. The single male 9 J, Q, K arbitraryThe sum of a + the remaining two points = 9,

4. High card three CARDS at 9 points = 9, the sum of the J, Q, K except for

5. Double male 8 J, Q, K arbitrary two + 8,

6. Single male 8 J, Q, K any + the sum of the remaining two points =

at 8 o ‘clock

7. High card three CARDS at 8 points = 8, the sum of the J, Q, K except for

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in 7 x24 hoursLine customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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