W88.com a fan-tan game rules and introduction (new)

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Due to Shared with a fan-tan and three games, three update the coma card number from 12 at the six on solid fan-tan game points are also adjusted, from 12 CARDS total points 144, six CARDS total points 76 instead.The diagram below:

Change after super fan-tan, because of the reduced points and so on big/small, draw on the computing of changing it, there is no any change on other rules of the game, the following figure:

Please login website, choose the optimal DE club – great hall 】.The diagram below:

Please choose according to their own needs, betting cap into the game room.The diagram below:

“The new super fan-tan” 6 card points out, in reality the super three tables for the lottery basis.Each card represents a certain numerical value, 6 CARDS combined results divided by 4, the remainder is only 1, 2, 3, 4 one.Other rules of the game without any change.

“bonus bureau” function

Pot, open card before the system will randomly throwing 12 dice.Results such as roll or eight to nine points, the bureau will be regarded as “bonus”, individual project bonus bureau odds rise in

Betting that:

1. The betting

Time. 2. The betting 1, the last of the calculation results of 1, win, and the rest to lose.1 2.85 (do not include the principal)

2.Devote to read

Devote two number, the front of the number to win, and back as.1 1.90 (do not include the principal)

Example: betting reads 1

As the result of 3, is to win.Results for times for 1 and (draw back the principal)

3. The betting Angle of

Angle of betting two number, for any one to win, the rest is lost.1 1.95 (including principal) of



Three side betsNumber, for any one to win, and the rest to lose.(after betting system will deduct the betting chips escort, for example: betting edge 1.4.3 options, spend 5 yuan, after the success of the betting system will deduct $15, is betting game three times, 2.85-1 shot)

5. The betting


1, 3 for the single, to win out, the rest to lose, 1 1.95 (including principal) of

6. The betting pairs of

Is 2, 4, and will to win, the rest is lose, 1 1.95 (including the principal)

7. Bets small

Numerical total 6 CARDS in 8 to 41, 1-1 (do not include the principal), when the six card Numbers total 42, bet lose half.

8. Betting big

Numerical total 6 CARDS in 43-76, 1-1 (do not include the principal), when the six card Numbers total 42, bet lose half.

9. The betting, and

When six CARDS numerical total 42, 1 pay 19 (do not include the principal)

* About the number of calculation as before

If poker after leave comments for the final result is 87, how can we direct judgment is a few of times?

With calculated by dividing the number of times we only 4 digits after the decimal point

If there is no remainder is divisible (The remainder of 0) is 4, such as 88/4 = 22


if you are in addition to The remainder of 0.75Is 3, such as 87/4 = 21.75

If you are in addition to The remainder of 0.5It is 2, such as 86/4 = 21.5

If you are in addition to The remainder of 0.25It is 1, 85, for example/ 4 = 21.25

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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