W88 casino2016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 11 matches

Beijing standard time on October 30, 2016 0 0 points and re-scheduled week 11 rounds of bologna vs fiorentina.This challenge slouches bologna, must be full of thorns.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/30 (Sunday)00:00bolognaVirginiaFlorence 2016/10/30 (Sunday)02:45JuventusNaples 2016/10/30 (Sunday)7:30 p.m.Atlanta,Genoa 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00Within the g’schievo 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00empoliThe Roman 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00lazioMr Solow 2016/10/30 (Sunday)22:00AC milanpescara 2016/10/31 (Monday)03:45sampInter milan 2016/11/01 (Tuesday)2:00udineseTurin, 2016/11/01 (Tuesday)04:00cagliariPalermo

Bologna VS.Florence in

Los Virginia last round did well against chievo, but as a substitute, ‘since the boy carelessly, eventually 1-1 draw with rivals, the loss of good innings.Team despite recent state is pretty good, but the circle of their third consecutive 0-0 draw, has five league games, at present for the middle and lower reaches of the league, a good home record this season in all six home four wins a draws, averaging only 0.5 during sheet, home defense firm;While fiorentina last home game against a buoyant g’s performance is disappointing, just rely on astor last-minute goal in difficultRival, two wins the competition was over.Middle at present for the league, averaging only 1.11 goal tied for the second, less solid defense.But the team this season, away to achievement general, all competitions six away to get two wins and two draws two negative.This challenge slouches bologna, must be full of thorns.

Position analysis:

The four meetings over the past couple of seasons bologna three wins a flat, but bologna, nearly six times at home to fiorentina only one negative, home court advantage;’s advantage, given the visitors will get more attention, the move or intentionally resistance, this battle fiorentina are expected to take points away from home.

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