W88.com western sports “cash in” function

Optimal DE W88 strongest western sports function surprise – “cash in” online!New experience, new features after the bet for your loss, can be in cash before the end of the game to get your prize!A new function not to be missed, immediately login try ~

“Cash in advance” is optimal DE GPI independent platform for players with exclusive warranty win loss close game, is only a “regret medicine” that simple?Let small make up for you.

One hundred percent sport rapidly changing, no one can predict the final result is what?Successful escape in “black”Luckily no joy also won the “red”, small make up believe that this is the charm of “cash in advance”.But players celebrate the results at the same time may also ignore the function of “cash in” another big advantage – instant cash settlement single injection, short cycle, then the next bet!

Compared to baccarat or slot machine game, sports games relatively long cycle for limited funding punters can’t more than bets in the short term.And “cash in” instantaneous settlement greatly shorten the cycle bets, lets players at the same time, with the same principal for more gamesSports betting.

“Cash in”
Function is suitable for the optimal DE W88, western sports (Asia) and betting (European version).

Small make up to football just simple explain for everybody, how to use the “cash in” function.

First choose the position you are interested in, click on the odds to bet.As shown in the figure below:

Display your voteNote the page and then click the confirmation note note 】 【 finish bets – 【 confirm 】.As shown in the figure below:

After confirmation note single page automatically displays “cash in” window, you can click on the image below arrow labeled to cash.

1. The amount of cash in advance is not return the original amount, the specific amount system according to the corresponding proportion calculation on its own.(e.g., competition situation, goal, the game time etc.) is the amount of floating up and down, you can consider to cash.
2.The cash in function, the system will automatically according to [open] and [closed].
3. The betting amount will not be calculated water and return water.

As shown in the figure below are delivering 】 【 :

Cash in complete cash 】 【 note sheet after the completion of your balance will be automatically increases, can check immediately.You can also click betting most at the top of the page view this betting history 】 【 note sheet for details.As shown in the figure below:

Special case:

enjoy this feature betting types: for example: strung together, string together 1 close 3 series 1, 4, etc.

Don’t have this function of betting type: let the ball plate in Asia, champion, system series.

Cash in the note sheet is needed at the time it was on the dish.(for example: member devote whole is more than three balls, if the number of page size changes, becomes greater than 4 ball, the member is unable to deliver. If after back to more than three balls, note of the single can be fulfilled, and so on),

Analysis of so many, I believe you for the work “cash in advance”Can have a deeper understanding!Want a shot of the great god to login to western sports to play the game ~

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