2016年10月18日03:00 双方预计首发:利物浦:卡利乌斯、克莱因、马蒂普、洛夫伦、米尔纳、埃姆雷-詹、亨德森、菲尔米诺、马内、斯图里奇、库蒂尼奥;曼联:德赫亚、瓦伦西亚、拜利、斯莫林、布林德、埃雷拉、博格巴、林加德、马塔、拉什福德、伊布

优德西方体育初盘:利物浦- 0-0.5球。

这是历史上第197次Double Red Cross, Liverpool and Manchester united last season was between four times, including two in the premier league, two games in the champions league cup, 2 win 1 draw 1 negative results Manchester united have the upper hand.New season 2 team has good momentum, Liverpool in 7 round the back in serie a, 4 united have 3 points behind in the league, 6 the double Red Cross evenly on both sides, also let us look forward to a wonderful game.

All of Liverpool’s last five games to win, status is very good, now the team ranked 4, 16 points and only 2 points, the league this season and they are the biggest advantage of not playing in Europe to fight in the fa cup始之前,他们可以将精力集中在联赛和联赛杯当中。克洛普刚刚荣膺英超9月最佳教练,本场比赛也是克洛普与穆里尼奥之间的对决,过往的交手中,克洛普3胜1平1负占优。

曼联近两轮联赛1胜1平,近4场比赛拿到了3胜1平的不败战绩,状态稍有回升,虽然下周中还有欧联杯的比赛,但是穆里尼奥肯定会以联赛为重,下周他们还要做客斯坦福桥迎战切尔西。本赛季获得联赛前四拿到欧冠资格肯定是球队保底的目标,穆氏曼联Has gradually on the right track, at least the team’s defence has stable gradually, morin and worship of the defensive pair go better and better, although captain rooney is now replace has been gradually marginalized, but with the team is the most convincing things.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend the game Manchester united the transferee flat side wins.

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