Recommend west re-scheduled week 8, 2016-2017 matches

02:45 on Saturday (Beijing time) on October 15th, 2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 8 rounds, las palmas will be at home then the stadium against the spaniards.The home team is very strong at home, this will give a lot of quizzes to confidence.Clean, who can top let’s wait and see!

Date of Time The home team The the visiting team 2016/10/15 (Saturday)02:45Las palmasThe Spanish 2016/10/15 (Saturday)At 19:00He insevilla 2016/10/15 (Saturday)”Barcelonadeportivo 2016/10/16 (Sunday)00:30Atletico Madridgranada 2016/10/ 16 (Sunday)02:45betisReal Madrid 2016/10/16 (Sunday)18:00Allah’smalaga 2016/10/16 (Sunday)”bilbaoThe royal society 2016/10/17 (Monday)00:30gijonvalencia 2016/10/17 (Monday)02:45villarrealcelta 2016/10/18 (Tuesday)02:45Mr Anwarosasuna

men of las palmas VS Spain

After 6 meetings recently recorded on both sides, each 3 win 3 defeats, including home all three wins record, spaniards, las palmas home some home-court advantage.

Las palmas now ranks seventh in the league, the Spaniard ranking on the 18th.Las palmas after the start of the season after stopping, recent performance dropped significantly,Round at osasuna 2-0 away in the face of newly-promoted doggedly after a 2-2 draw, under the condition of defence teams in the match is still flawed, nearly three rounds of league has lost 8 ball, but continue to highlight on the offensive end, scored 2.29 this season tied for the league’s second.This season is also very strong at home, the first three home league two wins a flat, including the galaxy warships will only reap a minute;But disappointing performance this season in Spain, after seven rounds of just one league win, no fourth last column, tied for third in the league, averaging two goals conceded bad is underachievement main team defenseTo reason.The game las palmas is expected to be back on track.

Each two fixtures against last season at home to split in to the overall performance is much better than the visiting the home of the season, the confidence in the home is gradually enhanced, this battle las palmas is worthy of support.

The game has its particularity.The home team is very strong at home, this will definitely give a lot of investors with confidence.It should be said that everything is good for the home team while right now.

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