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2016/2017 method currently sit 9 rounds against Toulouse VS Monaco was about to break, in the recent 6 times between the two sides against Toulouse didn’t even win a success, but in Toulouse in the home of the recent fighting ability is very strong, but with the club’s current ability to points from Monaco, difficulty is very big still.

Date of Time The home team”/ strong >The visiting team 2016/10/15 (Saturday)01:00Toulouse,Monaco 2016/10/15 (Saturday)02:45niceLyon 2016/10/15 (Saturday)23:00NancySt germain 2016/10/16 (Sunday)2:00bastiaangers 2016/10/16 (on Sunday)2:00guingamplille 2016/10/16 (Sunday)2:00lorientnantes 2016/10/16 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,caen 2016/10/16 (Sunday)At 21:00Ryanbordeaux 2016/10/16 (Sunday)23:00St. deanDijon 2016/ 10/17 (Monday)02:45marseillemace

Toulouse vs Monaco


In the two sides in the past six meetings, Toulouse, 2 draws and 4 defeats.

The recent trends 】
Toulouse: flat to negative –
winsMonaco: win win wins –

【 little data 】

Toulouse in the past with Monaco nine times in all competitions home, every timeGoal number less than 2.5.
Monaco over the past six ligue 1 match, each goal of more than 2.5.
Toulouse home game in the last eight ligue 1 and has won seven times.
Monaco ligue 1 game in the past seven, has won six.
Toulouse, eight times in the past French home game, there are seven goals of not less than 2.
Monaco all competitions in the past at 13 times clash against Toulouse, there are 12 times.
Monaco over the past six ligue 1 match, five goalsFor not less than 2.

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