W88.com win cash and tickets for the finals (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

Every four semifinal game, win $588 cash + GPI tickets for the finals on Sunday.

Rules and terms:

1. To qualify for the championships, member must register every Monday to Saturday from 18:00 to 24:00 GPI semi-final (Beijing time),

to meet the following requirementsThe productThe yuantickets GPI daily semi-final game7.211

* If you are free tournament win a ticket can be free to enter the game.

2. Members can free championships or full open championships by daily LV3 earn free to participate in this tournament.

3. Up to 80 people participating in all currencies.The competing informationFollow the principle of first come first served.

4. Members must be registered before the game, starting virtual chips for 5000.

5. Virtual chips not cash withdrawal.

6. All awards provided by the GPI.

7. List of real-time updates, in order to make sure championship events are open and fair.

ranking2-910-2728-3637 to 4546-50 165%GPI finals on Sunday50%GPI finals on Sunday45%GPI finals on Sunday40%GPI finals on Sunday37%GPI finals on Sunday 235%GPI finals on Sunday30%GPI finals on Sunday30%GPI finals on Sunday27%GPI finals on Sunday25%GPI finals on Sunday 30%The semi-finals20%GPI finals on Sunday15%GPI finals on Sunday15%GPI finals on Sunday15%GPI finals on Sunday 40%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals10%GPI finals on Sunday10%GPI finals on Sunday10%GGPI finals on Sunday 50%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals8%GPIOn Sunday the finals7.5%GPI finals on Sunday 60%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals5.5% 70%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals 80%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals 90%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals 100%The semi-finals0%The semi-finals 110%The semi-finals 120%The semi-finals

8. At the end of the game, the top 12 members, depending on the number of game earn bonuses.Award for details, pleaseRefer to the bonus structure.

9. After the game will provide a cash reward for the winners to Texas mahjong accounts.

10. GPI shall have the right to cancel the activity at any time, or cancel the individual member qualification.

11. GPI general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

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