W88.com in the champions league final – real Madrid VS atletico Madrid

On May 29, Beijing time at 2 o ‘clock in the morning 45 points, 15 to 16 season’s champions league final will be launched, Madrid and real Madrid, this is the first time two years later, the Madrid masters and reach the champions league final again.History 11th European champions real Madrid team strive to seize and atletico Madrid are the top for the first time, zinedine zidane simone again PK, cristiano ronaldo can play the signs of the third champions league final goal?Attention please!

The starting

Real Madrid (4-3-3) : nawaz;Card oaxaca, pepe and sergio ramos, marcelo;Luka modric, card miro, cross;Bell, benzema, cristiano ronaldo.

Atletico Madrid in (4-4-2) : the black;Juan Francisco moreno fuertes godin, top in, felipe;Mr Ulrich, gaby, augusto fernandez, cork,Fernando torres, Glenn boltzmann.

【 injuries & amp; suspensions 】

Real Madrid: stop navarre internal injuries;Cristiano ronaldo injured.

Madrid racingTechnology: no.


In the two sides in the past six meetings, real Madrid 1-3-2.

The recent trends 】

Real Madrid: pingsheng wins victory –

Atletico Madrid: win – win –

“Data analysis”,

Real Madrid in the champions league over the past seven, six times.

Real Madrid all competitions in the past four clash with atletico Madrid, each goal number less than 2.5.

Real Madrid in the last 6 times in the champions league, there are five goal number less than 2.5.

Real Madrid over the past 13 in the champions league, there are 12 unbeaten.

Atletico Madrid all competitions in the past 12 times clash against real Madrid, there are 11 times.

【 event related 】

Atletico Madrid in the champions league final in 2014 after winning first, regret to see real Madrid win, now they want to revenge.Simone’s team during the 90 minutes this season civil war beat benfica, bayern Munich and BarcelonaThe enemy, they deserve finals.Whether trophy on Saturday we have to see whether they can seize the opportunity.

Real Madrid has eliminated the Rome, wolfsburg and Manchester city, battle field in milan, they in the customs for good luck.Real Madrid this season started badly, if finally can 11 times won the champions league will be a remarkable achievement.

Atletico Madrid in the champions league final two years ago on overtime, since then, they play with city rivals in as many as 10 unbeaten.The “sheet” legion has Europe’s most impenetrable line.althoughCristiano ronaldo goals is equivalent to atletico Madrid in the champions league team’s goals (both for 16), but zidane and his men in the title of the last process still face a severe test, shoulds not be too much sought after.

The competition will be fierce, but real Madrid to win.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended real Madrid game let the flat side wins.

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