W88.com exclusive to the summer time, tickets only 5 yuan!(activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

Only 5 yuan or have the opportunity to participate in the GPI summer tournament 688 yuan, do not miss the opportunity!

Rules and terms:

GPI summer time here is 288 yuan tournament details and time arrangement:

Time Registration fee of The management fee of The number of at least The number at mostThe blinds set Starting chip 15:00:00 every afternoon (Beijing time)5 yuan02805 minutesStarting 5000 chip288 yuan

GPI summer tournament is open to all players happy time 288 yuan, and top 3 players will qualify to the GPI 688 yuan summer tournament.

    1. GPI summer happy hour $288 tournament, in addition to pay 5 yuanThe registration fee, players can through the following ways:
      • In GPI summer kam speed LV5 second.
    2. Tournament number is limited, carried out on first come first served basis.
    3. Players need to register before kick-off championships.
    4. Virtual chips is not cash, can’t draw.
    5. The prize money provided by the GPI sponsorship.
    6. The match list updates.
ranking2-910-2728-3637 to 4546-5455-63.64-64.73-73. 165%SFT68850%SFT68845%SFT68840%SFT68837%SFT68835%SFT68832.5%SFT68830%SFT688 = lass防空系统”235%SFT68830%SFT68830%SFT68827%SFT68825%SFT68822.5%SFT68821%SFT68820%SFT688 3员额SFT68820%SFT68815%SFT68815%SFT68815%SFT68815%SFT68815%SFT68815%SFT688 410%10%10%10%10%10% 58%7.5%7.5%7.5%7.5% 65.5%5.5%5.5%5.5% 74.5%4.5%45%. 84%4% 93.5%

GPI in the summer of 688 tickets for

yuan championship

  1. Players are eligible for cash prizes.
  2. Players must had placed at the end of the tournament, to qualify for a cash prize.Please refer to the bonus structure table wins.

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