W88 how to identify optimal DE w88 authenticity?

Recently, there are criminals counterfeiting optimal DE W88 website, watch the phishing site, secure access to the Internet, small make up teach you glance to identify authenticity.In addition, all the terms of payment, please contact through the website and deposit!Do not through other ways to deposit, lest be deceived, resulting in loss of you!

Website url: it is recommended that you use speed smoother alternate url.

  • https://www.w88125.com/.
  • https://www.w88club.com/;
  • https://www.w88my.com/;

Mainstream deposit process link: click to view the

The new deposit – point card payment of

Pay treasure to transfer

WeChat pay

Existing some counterfeit optimal DE w88 website, the fake phishing web site will get the user after the large amount of personal information, such as bank account and information, through extortion, reveal the user personality information profit, bring you a very serious harm.Small make up parsing fake website for you, and if correct to identify optimal DE W88 website.

Site security,

You use any browser to open the optimal DE w88 website, can see us in site where SSL encryption, Logo, to ensure the safety of you use, also be the basis of your site authenticity.

Step 1:11 21998871211219982387Click the labeled green green SSL encryption 】 【 lock locks, as shown in figure click “link”, and click the certificate information 】 【 wait for pop-up Windows.


Step 2:Pop-up window below, click the “detailed information”, the article sliding rolling choose [Subject], as you can see the diagram below safe site certificate.

fake web siteIs not security: link encryption, is also no certificate information.

【 certificate information 】 isFormal license of the company to use, optimum DE the lower right corner of the website home page, click to view about optimal DE W88 】 【 license information.

Optimal DE W88 website: The picture is clear, has eight national market, a variety of entertainment products, large entertainment flagship brand in Asia.Name of website of The optimal DE w88.com 】 .

Fake website: Page is poorly made, the picture is not clear, font fuzzy.

Menu option

Optimal DE W88 website: The page is clear, direct convenient option.

Fake website: Page font fuzzy, don’t have website guidance function.

Website page bottom links, can jump, the figure on the right side of the platform, license, the third party impartial supervision, such as links, all can complete page jump query, fake sites have no this function.The

Please alert the following phishing site, are imitating optimal DE W88, please beware deceived:


http://www.w88 * 11. net/

http://www.w88 * 33 in co /

http://www.w88 * 22. Co

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