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Incoming virtual sports sports “V” strong!Break through the conventional mode of entertainment, the use of the latest 3 d virtual reality technology of sports.Virtual events give you different visual sense, bring you to enjoy the game experience.Log on to try their luck at once.

On the new sports belong to the “virtual sports”, for Betaland platform.The sports provides five events, for all the players have more choice devote space.Football, basketball, tennis, horse racing and meet your needs a variety of betting on the dogs.Come on and small make up together and have a look!

“The strong> virtual football: based on the real data, the high frequency of sports betting 24 hours a day without clearance!

Betting page detailed annotations have break, the game is on time, in the first half/half, betting, I bet the details, live scores, instant, real-time table, and you can manually choose information such as the event day.

The league consists of 16 teams and season.A total of 30 day every season (away game).You may at any time bets in a season!

A season for141 minutes, including “pre-season,” “regular” and “in the playoffs.”Pre-season in season first,” lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds.”Regular” collected all day event, lasting 137 minutes 30 seconds, the end of the season and “series” 60 seconds.

Betting page displays have events/team name, betting the dish options and details.

“The end result:” the match result, “1″ for “the home team win,” or “2″ for “the visiting team win,” or “X” to “draw”.

“Score” for the first time: betting firstScore of the team, “1″ for “the home team win,” or “2″ for “the visiting team win,” or “X” to “draw”.

“Half” : for the first half as a result of the “home” to win “the visitors win” or “draw”.Click on the “odds” to bet.


Match details: Every day for four minutes and 35 seconds, including “before”, “first half” and “break” and “second half”, “game”, and “game” in the future.”Before the” first in the game, for 60 seconds.”The upperField “and” second half “lasted 1 minute 30 seconds,” break “10 seconds, 10 seconds after each game the” game “and 15 seconds of” game “in the future.”

Bets: Each virtual football betting until 10 seconds, before the start of the season all other upcoming events remain open bets.The upcoming match can break through in the bottom of the “selection” button to select, the odds on the day of the event will display at the bottom of the day.

Virtual basketball: more than $3300 a dayMatter, quick betting, single injection string of arbitrary choice.

Betting page shows a betting position, team, grades, different, bets, I bet the details.
The teams play logo can be directly to check the video playback.
“A”, “2″, “three”, “four” is the one, two, three, four.
“Full” is full of “scores”.
“Race to the X” is to how many minutes for the match.
Bet bets on the page below to view “countdown”, “day”, “gameInformation “, etc. (pictured) note: betting the countdown for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

How the game: To provide all-weather basketball real money bets virtual basketball experience.By 16 teams run continuously and season.Each season including 30 day (away game).Any time can bet & # 8211;Even in a season.

Details of the season: A season lasted 105 minutes in total is divided into “pre-season,” “Regular season “, and “series”. “pre-season” first, at 2:30 minutes. All the day be summed up as “regular” total duration of 137 minutes and 30 seconds. At the end of each season with 60 seconds “in the playoffs.”

Match details: One day last 3:00 minutes.Including the “before”, “section 1″, “” in the second quarter,” half time “, “the third quarter,” “& # 8217; the fourth quarter and overtime (if the game after a score draw 4″ overtime “). The “before” startYou can free switch between available in eight games day or just choose your favorite game.The game is simulated by artificial intelligence and the combination of independent random number generator.At the same time, the virtual basketball player performance parameters is based on the professional basketball player (such as score, physical quality, continuous game statistics, quantity, etc).

Virtual tennis: 3.5 minutes per betting, the highest frequency of sports betting experience!

Betting page has instant sports scores, upcoming events, betting single and my betsGet the first prize.
“Betting is not the first time” refers to the horse you bet is not the first name.
“Spots (3)” refers to the horse you selected in the top three, do not need to be the correct order.
“Direct prediction (3)” refers to the horse you choose ranked in the top three.

Bets on page
(pictured) for details

Violent “predict” bets are divided into: “forecast” and “double”.
“Direct prediction” refers to the first or by single forecasting betsThe correct order.
“Double” means you can bet double forecast, as long as you choose two horses for the top two, don’t need the correct order.

Bets on page

(pictured) for details

“Three heavy variety” betting is divided into: “three heavy variety” and “double three heavy variety”.
“Three straight heavy variety” refers to the betting must choose three horses, what do you think the correct order of first, second and third.
“Double three heavy variety” refers to the three horses as long as you choose to get the top three, do not need to be the correct order.< / p

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