W88.com’s euro scoring big battle (activity has been successfully completed, thank you!)

at euro 2016DE to fight for you big blockbuster goal, every during the activity, betting the European championship tournament tally of conform to the requirements of the activity, can get extra rich Mosaic gold, also at etc. What, quick to participate!

  1. Activities began in 201On June 10, 6 years 00:00:00 (Beijing time), ending on July 11 23:59:59 (Beijing time).
  2. This activity is only applicable to optimal DE western sports platform.
  3. Only the former 100 eligible members receive discount.
  4. During the activity, betting European championship tournament, the race is greater than the following scoring goals, can get the corresponding bonus.
Bets on the forehead, yuan)The game’s goalsBonus ( yuan) P 100> 2.518 > 3.536 > 4.554 > 5.572 >6.590 > 7.5108

Example: betting VS France Romania, such as the final score of 3-2, so a to 5 goals, then you can get extra $54 bonuses.

How to apply:

Send email to [email & # 160;Protected].Title: indicated big operational goals.Content: your user name, note order no.
Please click the following format:
Member account: * * * * * * * *
Betting on a single number: * * * * * * * * *

Rules and terms of
  1. Each person only apply once a day.
  2. Bonus will be distributed within 48 hours after the application to your account, complete eight times water withdrawals.
  3. Application time ending on the same day, Beijing time 23:59:59 (only application on the day of the event, overdue invalid).
  4. This offer is only applicable to western sports betting platform, any draw, bet, invalid, cancel the note sheet and sports events below Hong Kong plate of 0.75 (1.75) European plate note sheet will not be calculated in the activity effective betting the forehead.
  5. This offer is not at the same time enjoy with optimal DE other offers.
  6. Optimal DE W88, provide the offer only applies to entertaining players, optimal DE W88, shall have the right at any time cancel this offer for all members, or members.
  7. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules applied to this offer.
  8. This offer is only applicable to optimal DE yuan players.

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