W88.com’s euro 2016 group C match

If you only look at the FIFA rankings, I’m afraid the euro group C 6 team compete for one of the most intense.Germany FIFA ranking fifth, outshine others, no doubt.And then is Ukraine, FIFA ranking 22, the third is the Northern Ireland, 26, and Poland in the end, is only 27.

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/13 (Monday)00:00PolandNorthern Ireland 2016/6/13 (weeksA)03:00GermanyUkraine 2016/6/17 (on Friday)00:00UkraineNorthern Ireland 2016/6/17 (on Friday)03:00GermanyPoland 2016/6/22 (Wednesday)00:00UkrainePoland 2016/6/22 (Wednesday)00:00Northern IrelandGermany

Polish V S in Northern Ireland


History of euro entry: 3 times 6 war 3 negative total goal 3:3-7

The qualifier: 6-3-1 the total goal: 33-10

World rank: 27

(19) in Europe

Promotion road

Compared with Brazil’s World Cup qualifier, Poland’s European championship qualifiers again fall into a difficult team, before the World Cup in Germany, and Ireland, Scotland, after could not taken wrong againContest finals.Opening at 7-0 victory over Gibraltar a matter of routine, and the second battle a shock 2-0 defeat World Cup champions Germany to this “eastern white eagle” team morale and confidence to get severe inflation, with the main rivals Scotland Ireland’s four direct dialogue, they win 3 draw 1 unbeaten, eventually to push Ireland, 3 points in group second promotion finals directly.Since Poland in a lot of personal ability outstanding players, they are very confident for the ball in the game, but the lack of creativity in midfield, has also led to pass at the end of the split opponents defence of the linkWay to less.But the Poland do very well on the counter-attack, the group home 2-0 victory over Germany in the classic examples, the battle is the counter them only 38% of the ball game.

Northern Ireland in

Northern Ireland particularly in qualifying group after finish, of course, thanks to their points in a three-point banker group, group, Finland and Hungary Romania power is not strong.The euro is also the first time they enter the race for them is to complete the task, the team can be economical to run.Shock to qualify to Northern Ireland may not be so reality, they alsoAbility in Poland and Ukraine points, thus affect the second, three seating role.

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