W88.com’s euro 2016 group D match

After the regret to miss the last event, the Turkish euro eight years to return to the stage, they can also like eight years ago at this time in France leaves out the myth?

Date of the gametimeThe home teamThe visiting team 2016/6/12 (Sunday)At 21:00TurkeyCroatia 2016/6/13 (Monday)At 21:00SpainThe Czech republic 2016/6/18 (Saturday)00:00The Czech republicCroatia 2016/6/18 (Saturday)03:00SpainTurkey 2016/6/22 (Wednesday)03:00The Czech republicTurkey 2016/6/22 (Wednesday)03:00CroatiaSpain

Turkey versus Croatia


To evaluate the countries of eastern Europe, the team must be leading the way.The turan, child sweat oulu and il horse has a silver star team in Europe, such as playing with ability is very terror, but the play is not stable old trouble has not been able to eradicate, qualifying ups and downs is proof of that.In qualifying, Turkey’s extremely dramatic promotion process, their fantastic performance to the best team third euro identity directly into the stage of the race.The south, no matter who is al da turan and child sweat oulu Turkish player, can help his side to open the situation, but this time, the leaves, I’m afraid the bianconeri the best results, which is expected to performance better again group third score the knockout.In the one 8 finals, Turkey is very difficult to win.


Bianconeri Croatia said to the grid, is impression more fans at the World Cup golden boot davor suker s.This little-known team, however, but today have Kitty, luka modric and other top midfield, frontline mann Zhu Jiji also good, is an important force in the tournament.For a minimal understanding of the historical friends all know that this country is Croatia independence from Yugoslavia in 1991,Since that time, the Croatian football has become an international football very important force on the battlefield.Starts the first Croatian football team won the remarkable achievements.Football team in the future, Croatia became a regular international football competition, just don’t have participated in the 2000 European championship and the 2010 World Cup.But in the play of the battlefield, Croatian football team best result is reached the top 8.To participate in the European championship game, is the fourth consecutive Croatian football team reached the final stage.And in the battlefield of the European championship qualifier, Croatian football team and the Italian football team points in the same team, eventually Croatian football team is the identity of the second won promotion.

【 schedule analysis 】

There is no doubt that Turkey in group D was also a group of death, Turkey head face Croatia elected, although the crazy eight years ago do not need to go into the quarter finals of the wonderful degree, Sammy berger’s team to make croats easily.when penalties, but in fact the meetings between the two teams experience on grid corporation with 2 wins 4 flat (excluding penalty) was the upper hand, and in the arrayThe more top players, better Croatia undoubtedly on the strength of the moon and bianconeri will fight from the start.And after considering the more against the defending champion Spain and the group team the first Czech heats, turks opening to ensure that at least don’t hurt to keep qualification hopes.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: like Croatia won the game.

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