Of the main daily online rewards w88 casino fishing

Play optimal DE W88 mobile version of “fishing of the game,” to receive the daily online rewards!Daily highest total 56 minutes online, and receive 410 high gold awards.Fly over fishing, gold full screen.Immediately to participate in!

Rules and terms:
this offer from comes into effect on October 1, 2016, applies only to optimal DE W88 registered member of the yuan.
2. This offer is only applicable to mobile login “fishing of the game.”
3. The favourable activity day cycle, namely 00:00:00 to daily 23:59:59 daily for a period, overdue invalid.
4. Daily online time a total of five levels, members need to satisfy the current level of online time and get the gold award, can enter the next level of the online time for gold rewards.
5. WillPart of the daily online length and corresponding levels of the gold reward value is as follows:
The level of onlineReward gold COINS The first level3 minutes30 The second level6 minutes50

The third level12 minutes80 The fourth level15 minutes100 The fifth levelTwenty minutes150

6. To meet the current level of online time, will be prompted to receive gold awards, such as you failed to timely collect gold award, the online time will not be counted to the next level.
7. The only effective cumulative level of online, again the next dayBegin to calculate.
8. Optimal DE W88, cancellation of all or individual members shall have the right at any time the discount.
9. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

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