W88 mobile fishing of main upgrade awards

Mobile version of “fishing” Lord cute, game experience can be completed online upgrade, upgrade gold award.Carefree fishing anytime and anywhere, unlimited gold COINS in your pocket!

Preferential rules and terms:
1. This offer from comes into effect on October 1, 2016, applies only to optimal DE W88 registered member of the yuan.
2. This offer is only applicable to mobile login “fishing of the main” games effectively.
3. Scan the qr code to install “fishing of primary” android mobile version.

4. According to different experience value will increase the game level, the higher the level required to achieve the higher the experience value.
5. After landing at 500 for the first time experience value can be upgraded to level 2, and 10 gold award.
6. From the beginning of the second grade, game level for each level, upgrade will get 5 gold award.
7. Meet after upgrade experience value, the system will automatically prompt “upgrade” reward, click on the get gold COINS can be obtained.
8. Optimal DE W88, cancellation of all or individual members shall have the right at any time the discount.
9. Optimal DE W88, general terms and conditions and rules apply to this offer.

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