China vs Syria w88 events recommended – World Cup qualifiers

On October 6, 2016 capacity, the two sides are expected to start: China’s : ali, hai-feng ding, zhang linpeng, Ren Hang, Zhao Mingjian, bowen huang, yu, lei, zhang zhe, junmin hao, yuning zhang;Syria, : horse, omar al – m dani, ali abdullah saleh, ORR, ayatollahs greetings, hussein, mo valle DE, meters, horse gas, Carl, Cali bin

Optimal DE western sports datakeeping: China – 1 ball.

Primary 2018 World CupThe 12 strong group to the third round of competition will unfold in Asia, the Chinese national men’s soccer against Syria at xi ‘an.Syria is recognized as the weakest teams in group A of China with the help of home is also looking forward to get the first win of 12 strong matches, but also for the first 2 rounds 1 draw 1 negative China, it is only to win this one goal, otherwise the group before 3 will become extravagant hopes.Two teams in recent 6 times, the Chinese team with 4 win 1 draw, scoring 12 goals, losing five goals.

Top 2 rounds of 12 “, China’s first 2-3 defeat to South Korea on the road, then come back to home 0-0 draw against ranked first in AsiaLang.Only 1 points, 2 rounds before also to hope to get the team the first 3 of China with the great pressure, with Syria in xi ‘an, China only get three points, can alleviate the pressure of the current line.Group 2 round before the team’s are out of the five guard against South Korea and Iran, and the team’s weakest Syria, China tried five defenders before the game and 4 defender formation, the defender xue-peng li and Jiang Zhipeng affected by the injury cases, the defender of choose and employ persons don’t have much choice.

Syria 12 strong before the 2 flat 1 negative record, just a minute, the team in the rankings

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