Recommend the premiership 7 matches w88 casino2016-2017

03:00 on October 1, 2016, the two sides are expected to start: Everton : Shi Diji, Gao Liwen, airdrie at William James, bayern the dimensions, check product card, gul, wave with mikael, Ross buckley, rice with lars, Barry, luca ancient;The crystal palace in : when, d. wen di laney, Shang Jian, Martin, ZuErHe, MaiYaDu, bing jie an, card biederman, progenitor column trey, AnDu Tang Xin, bing di base

The date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/1 (Saturday)3:00evertonThe crystal palace 2016/10/1 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.SwanseaLiverpool 2016/10/1 (Saturday)22:00Hull cityChelsea 2016/10/1 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandWest brom 2016/10/1 (Saturday)22:00watfordbournemouth 2016/10/1 (Saturday)22:00West hammiddlesbrough 2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 19:00Manchester unitedStoke city 2016/10/2 (Sunday)whenspursManchester city 2016/10/2 (Sunday)whenLesterSouthampton 2016/10/2 (Sunday)23:30burnleyArsenal

Everton v crystal palace,

This is the 2016/17 premiership 7 rounds, everton at home against crystal palace.Recent 6 meetings on both sides, everton 1-3-2, scoring six goals lost 7 net negative 1 ball, slightly underdogs.In the face of crystal and the recent three consecutive homePalace 1 draw and didn’t win.

The best western sports datakeeping: everton – 0.5-1 ball.”

Everton belong to the middle level of the premiership, last season’s final ranking the 11th.The new season everton from crystal palace bought the Congo international yannick rasiej, can effectively enhance the team overall strength.The premier league 6 wheels home-country crowd, everton 4 win 1 draw 1 record, 13 points for the fifth, had earlier made a wave 4 wins in the league.But recent everton underachievement, first in actis cup 2-0 home defeat to the championshipNorwich team, then in the league’s 1-0 defeat at bournemouth, encounter a wave of two defeats, and two games haven’t scored a goal.Crystal palace belongs to the downstream of the premiership, fighting to avoid relegation, year after year last season won 15, avoid relegation success again.

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