Recommend re-scheduled week 7, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing standard time on October 2, 2016 0 0 points and re-scheduled week 7 rounds of pescara vs. chievo.First, the situation how, welcome quizzes ~

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/2 (Sunday)00:00pescarachievo 2016/10/2 (Sunday)02:45udineselazio 2016/10/2 (Sunday)18:30empoliJuventus 2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 21:00Atlanta,Naples 2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 21:00bolognaGenoa 2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 21:00cagliariWithin the g’s
2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 21:00sampPalermo 2016/10/3 (Monday)00:00AC milanMr Solow 2016/10/3 (Monday)00:00Turin,Florence 2016/10/3 (Monday)02:45The RomanInter milan

Pescara vs. chievo. “

【 the score


1. Pescara is championship this season, they didn’t come into class a is through the play-offs.So their strength is relatively weak.In the previous game pescara only won game 1 victory.That is because Mr Solow using the offending player.

2. Pescara match against torino.The game they have the advantage of 2 people, but with the 1-1 draw at his rivals.Against Genoa last match was sent off two of them, they still 1 1 draw with rivals.

3. The chievo the last four league games have a goal.But considerThe opponent is Naples and the strength of solow such strong team.So loss is normal.

4. The chievo last away game 2 of the loss, but against napoli and fiorentina, is a normal situation.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended pescara refusal under 1 ball games.

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