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On October 1, Beijing time at 23:00 on Saturday, French the eighth round of 2016-2017 season, Paris st germain VS bordeaux’s game will be held at prince park.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/10/1 (Saturday)02:45Ryanguingamp 2016/10/1 (Saturday)23:00St germainbordeaux 2016/10/2 (Sunday)2:00caenToulouse, 2016/10/2 (Sunday)2:00DijonMontpellier, 2016/10/2 (Sunday)2:00lilleNancy 2016/10/2 (Sunday)2:00maceMonaco 2016/10/2 (Sunday)2:00nantesbastia 2016/10/2 (Sunday)At 21:00angersmarseille 2016/10/2 (Sunday)23:00nicelorient 2016/10/3 (Monday)02:45LyonSt. dean

Paris saint germain vs bordeaux

The score data 】 【

1, Paris saint germain present 7 round 4 win 1 draw 2 negative 13 points ranked fourth, play is nice and Monaco, team challenge.This season continues ball control strategy, the ball is averaging 65% in the first place.

2, Paris saint germain on a champions league 3-1 win away at ludo goree, obtains the 3-1 in four games.Home is very stable, nearly five home with three wins and two draws.

3, bordeaux is currently ranked no. 5 in the 7 rounds of league 13 points, including six points in here anyway4.In third place in the league for set-pieces, free-kick 42 times, corner 22 times.

4, bordeaux round of league 0-0 draw against at home on caen, 1 win 1 draw in two games.Recent guest war in last two road to victory, scoring three goals every game.

5, the two sides nearly six meetings, Paris saint germain 3-2-1, 3 home victory 3 flat.Competition points, Paris saint germain three consecutive games without a win in the trailing (2, 1).

[dish analysis],

Paris fighting capacity decline in this season, especially the guestGame 4 is just lost 2 games seem to be unstable, and bordeaux nearly five wars to eat only one defeat, away from home but also gains the victory in a row, the last three times in the face of Paris also has 2-1 victory record, Paris was worthy of attention.

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