W88 Rio Olympics: China’s army to practice out gold domineering

On July 18, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games the Chinese delegation at the great hall of the people in Beijing, the Chinese delegation for a total of 711 people, including 416 athletes, is China’s largest overseas to take part in the Olympic Games of the delegation.In the run-up to the Olympic Games, the Chinese army is Rio to final adaptive training, based on practice as soon as possible, force the fight for the gold medal in the body of the domineering.

The ping practice encounter rivals The forward in response to “challenges” in Germany

Rio’s time on August 2, the Chinese table tennis team in Rio conference and exhibition center before the training.Coincidentally, the Chinese team’s main rival Germany also the pavilion in the day, the team coach rostov in training and do not forget to watch the Chinese team’s performance.Rostov had made it clear that, at present not in the best state Zhang Jike, is expected to become a “breach” of Germany.

In the face of Germany’s aggressive, able to shrug off the ping head coach liu guoliang, “they are one of the strongest team, but there are still many as Germany level team. Regardless of the difficultiesAgain big, the Chinese team is currently the overall strength of the strongest in all teams, any opponent to beat the Chinese team, is not an easy thing.”

At present, by Karl Malone, Zhang Jike, ding, li xiaoxia people of “China’s most unstable link” is in the final sprint to prepare.From the point of presence, the quality of the players are receiving high, whole fewer errors, showed a good state of mind.

Players said the ping-pong gymnasium has adapted to Rio compact overall layout, only to be in earnest.

The China’s first gold “sharpshooter” target

The Chinese shooting team has always been the first gold “profession”.Rio Olympics, China will send Athens Olympic champion du li and London Olympic champion silingyi “double insurance”, to the gold medal in the women’s 10 m air rifle.

Than Du Lizao silingyi has been to a few days to adapt to the time difference, shoulder the pressure of shock first gold let her a little nervous.At the end of the daily training silingyi felt I had happily to an hour and a half to find.

And the fourth time to take part in the Olympic GamesDu Lize appear relaxed many, after three sets of shooting, she gradually adapted to the field.In April this year, she is here, and win the women’s 10 m air rifle Olympic test event champion.

The Chinese swimming team arrived in Rio was training at the beginning of

The Chinese swimming team arrived in Rio was almost non-stop to pitch for the first time the training at the venue.

Sun Yang Gang just appeared after the competition venues, then went straight to the training venue to warm up.Sun manager explained that he doesn’t have to early to enter the war footing, before the gameTo adapt to field a day or two.

And NingZeTao is directly to the competition area for the training, and with the national team hired Australia teacher chat very deep brown.After launching the warm-up, NingZeTao also take photos with the pavilion, “the first step into the venue feel especially excited, away from the game and for a period of time, you will slowly adjust state, prepared for the game.”

Gymnastics “flower” Rio is looking forward to

Rio time 2 days afternoon, Chinese women’s gymnastics team in accordance with the planCross training in temporary gym for more than three hours, the five players, in turn, to complete the balance beam, the floor exercise, vault, uneven bars four projects.

Due to time difference, the environment, diet and other reasons, women’s gymnastics team coach wang policy group specially reduces the training time and intensity, but some players or muscle reaction, but the impact is not big.

Near the contest, the coaching staff in order to better take care of the daily life of the “flower”, can be said to be.The players Fan Yilin imposed bans on greed get fat by the coach.In addition, the nets also brought from home on the big, playerCan from mosquito bites, have a good sleep.

“Dream team” training “cold” case

Also went to the field training is just arrived in Rio, the Chinese diving “dream team” has encountered a little twists and turns.

Because the diving competition was conducted in outdoor, plus local is winter, it makes in Rio to attend the first session of the players feel “cold”, even seasoned veteran wu minxia said, “wind”.

However, in the face of only one and a half hours to group trainingBetween the players have to take off clothes wrapped in a body, a training.

“No wind is a little better, a windy we will feel like another world.”Lost in paradise, said “the weather is so bad, we can’t go to change it, so can only change yourself, let yourself from the inside of the heart don’t fear the cold.”

As lost in paradise said, now that the game will be full of complex and unknown, then the players should be prepared ahead of time, reduce the uncertainty of the game.

Game is approaching, I wish the representative of ChinaGroup’s Olympic athletes on the field can get good grades!!!!!!

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