Yet w88 casino2016-2017 method recommended 2 matches

On August 20, Beijing time, in the morning method yet two take the lead, in home game against Lyon caen.Morale soared after the former round victory, combined with the team last season’s league home and away double caen, the home side Lyon, which is expected to impact in a row.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2016/8/20 (Saturday)02:45Lyoncaen 2016/8/20 (Saturday)23:00nantesMonaco 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2:00angersnice 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2:00lilleDijon 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2:00lorientbastia 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2:00RyanNancy 2016/8/21 (Sunday)2:00Toulouse,bordeaux 2016/8/21 (Sunday)At 21:00guingampmarseille 2016/8/21 (Sunday)23:00St. deanMontpellier, 2016/8/22 (Monday)02:45St germainmace

Lyon VS caen,

The score data,

1. Lyon got the second in the league last season.Though they and Paris gap is too big, but it is a good season.

2. In the first game Lyon 3-0 team’s 4-1 victory over south tin.Pull one card zett was arranged three goals.As Lyon player, he can stay in the team has been a huge success.

3. Lyon this season only took a uriDeedee, other main all stay, they also new season worthy of attention.

4. Caen won the league last season 7th, this is a good result.

5. Caen trade not a lot of players this season, they should be able to keep last year’s results.

6. The first round of the competition at caen 3-2 score draw lorient.

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