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Asia’s best sports sites “optimal DE W88″ covered all the game industry and to provide the best online odds.First of all, want to be a ball skills, want to fully understand the optimal DE W88 sports platform advantages, then it must be understood by all odds.

Any player the first thing is to fully understand the odds of dish, mainstream sports odds are divided into 6 kinds of odds, which contains “decimal dish” “Hong Kong dish” “Malay dish” “Indonesia dish” “the disk” “British dish”.Now want toWe come to you to explain the various positions of different.

Odds converter Hong Kong plate: European plate/decimalPlate: Indonesia plate: The Malay dish: American plate/even odds plate: The disc/score plate: Chance to win:

Now see to the left, a professional at converter, can let you more clear, objective and rational learned that you are going to bet on a chance to win a negative game.It is convenient to use, all positions are based in Hong Kong as a benchmark, plate blanks to fill in you now see in Hong Kong, Hong Kong odds.Click on the transformation, other dish immediately converted to the corresponding odds, be clear at a glance.

In the bottom of conversion tool has a “chances for victory” commonly known as “win the negative probability”, intuitive to tell you the game how much is your odds

1. The decimal dish — commonly known as “European dish”

Decimal plate in mainland China was known as “Europe”, the plate is the European gaming company will adopt the odds, betting the object of all-inclusive, digg is not limited to football, of course, we only care aboutFootball betting this part, because every game is only three, namely, negative, and draws three possible, thus the result of the game with three kinds of odds.Here an example to illustrate:

Real Madrid champions league home game against atletico Madrid, for example, the plate for 2.25, 3.00, 3.00, the visitors a draw for the home team that is said: if you have real Madrid win bet $100, if the home team to win, gaming companies pay you 225 (including betting principal), you will win the profit of 125 yuan.
If you two teams draw with betting 100 yuan, if the home team to win, gambling companies pay you three00 (including betting principal), you will win the profit of 200 yuan.
If you Po atletico Madrid win bet 100 yuan, if the home team to win, gaming companies pay you 300 (including betting principal), you will win the profit of 200 yuan.
One thing to note: odds already contains a betting, the principal, so calculating profit when the number of the principal to remove it.

2. plate, Hong Kong

Hong Kong offer odds for mainland Chinese players is very easy to understand.Players do not need any and all conversionRate, the odds of digital direct said players can get profit report after bets and win.

Hong Kong plate 1.00, for example, if you spend 100 yuan, after the win we get profit is: 100 x1. 00 = 100. The profit of 100 is not include the principal.

3. The Malay plate of

This dish is common in Malaysia and Singapore.Malay dish water model is very popular, it to 1.00 as the boundary, when expressed as a Hong Kong trading level is greater than 1.00, he’ll showIn the negative.When Malay trays to positive form, it and Hong Kong plate is the same, its profit formula and Hong Kong as plate, too.When entered into a state of more than 1.00 water of high water, the Malay dish will take the form of a negative number, the meaning of what he said is to win every one unit chip, you need to how much leverage.Different places is that if you win, Malay dish will always give you compensate one enough water unit chip;And if you lose, you won’t lose all your chips and is only “water”, only to lose the Malay dish of the odds, as suggested by the “discount”.Malay dish – 0.90, for example, you bet. “100100 yuan, if win, will win;If lost, you just need to lose 100 x (0.90) = 90, then you “pay” 10 yuan banker will return your account.

Of course, when Hong Kong dish of water level is less than 1.00, the Malay odds = = 0.8 Hong Kong odds.Malay 0.8 also known as the odds to win less odds:
Because if the customer bets 100 RMB on the 0.8 odds, lost the game, customers lose the principal 100 yuan;If the game wins, so customers can win only 80 yuan, 80 yuan & lt;100 yuan.

4. Indonesia plate

For example: 1.26 odds (Hong Kong)
Odds odds odds from Hong Kong to Indonesia, if Hong Kong is greater than 1.00, then the odds of Indonesia = = 1.26 Hong Kong odds.Indonesia at 1.26 again called to win many odds: because if the customer spend 100 yuan on 1.26 odds of Indonesia, the game wins, customers can win 100 * 1.26 = 126;If lose, lose the principal for the customer 100, 126 pieces & gt;100 pieces.

Once again forExample: 0.9 odds (Hong Kong)
If Hong Kong odds is less than 1.00, then Indonesia odds = – (1 / Hong Kong odds) = 1.11.Indonesia odds – 1.11 – also known as to lose much odds: because if the customer spend 100 yuan on the 1.11 odds, lost the game, customers lose 100 * 1.11 = 111;If the game wins, customer can only win their principal 100 pieces, 111 pieces & gt;100 pieces.

5. The plate – also known as the “draw odds dish (Moneyline
The dish style relative to the Asian plate is a little different.

Example: 0.88 odds (Hong Kong)
Odds odds odds from Hong Kong to the United States, if Hong Kong is less than 1.00, the odds = – = – 113 (100 / Hong Kong odds).The odds – 113 is the meaning of: if the customer want to win 100 dollars, so customers have to bet $113.For example: the customer spend 200 yuan on – 113 odds, the game wins, customers won the 200 pieces of the principal, ifThe game, lost customers lose (113/100) * 200 = 226 blocks of 226

1.20 odds (Hong Kong)
If Hong Kong odds is greater than 1.00, the United States at odds = 120 = 100 * Hong Kong.Is the significance of the United States at 120: if the customer bets 100 pieces, so he can win the 120 pieces.For example: the customer spend $200 to odds on 120, the game wins, customer won (120/100) * 200 = 200;If we lost game, customers lose the principal 200 pieces of

“The strong> 6. British dish – also known as the “score dish”

This is a kind of expressed in score mode the odds format, it looks very complicated, really understand its principle is very simple.This is a very popular dish in the British banker.Such as “William hill” familiar “ladbrokes” players are very familiar with this kind of odds.It represents each unit of betting sent home will get much profit.The plate and standard plate is very easy to convert, you only need the number of plate in the UK with 1, you can get standard plate number.

For example: the British dish 4/5,Sent home spend 100 yuan, if you win, you’ll get 100 x (1 + 4/5) = 180 yuan (attached with the principal)

So whether explain very clearly?

Generally the higher the odds of Hong Kong, “chances for victory” the game is lower, the greater the risk.With more than winning.
The lower the price of Hong Kong, “chances for victory”, the higher the game.The smaller the risk, with less winning.Can be understood as “the risks and benefits is proportional to the” this truth.

Chance to win

The plate, Hong Kong

European plate

Indonesia plate

The Malay plate

The plate

The plate






+ 1900


Win more than lose

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> 50.00%





+ 100


Winning or losing









Less winning more than
























– 1900


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